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Advanced Sling Loading
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Feb 3, 2016 @ 5:39am
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Advanced Sling Loading

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SP & MP Compatible. Full replacement for in-game sling loading.

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Also check out my Advanced Towing and Advanced Rappelling
addons for more rope features!


- Ropes can no longer attach automatically! You need to either get out of your helicopter or have someone on the ground pick up your cargo ropes and attach them to an object.
- Helicopters support up to 3 sets of cargo ropes, depending on the size of the heli.
- Once cargo ropes are deployed, any player can go to the end of the rope and pick it up.
- Once the ropes are picked up by a player, they can be attached to pretty much every object in the game.
- Players can drop ropes if they're carrying them
- Players on the ground can detached ropes from an object
- Helicopters can lift heavy vehicles


1. Subscrive via steam or dowload latest release from
2. If installing this on a server, add the addon to the -serverMod command line option

Default Sling Loading Rules:

- Helicopters can sling load all objects
- You can't sling load locked vehicles (see settings below)
- You can't sling load in an exile safe zone (see settings below)

Notes for Mission Makers:

You can customize which classes of objects can "deploy" cargo ropes by overriding the ASL_SUPPORTED_VEHICLES_OVERRIDE variable in an init.sqf file.


This will only allow objects of class Air deploy cargo ropes.

You can customize what can and can't be sling loaded by defining the ASL_SLING_RULES_OVERRIDE variable in the init.sqf file.

[ ["Air", "CAN_SLING", "Ship"],
["Air", "CANT_SLING", "Air"]

In this example, all objects of class Air can sling load Ships but not Air.

You can allow sling loading of locked vehicles by defining ASL_LOCKED_VEHICLES_ENABLED in your init.sqf file. It defaults to false.


You can allow sling loading in an Exile safe zone by defining ASL_EXILE_SAFEZONE_ENABLED in your init.sqf file. It default to false.


**Not working on your server?**

Make sure you have the mod listed in the -mod or -serverMod command line option. Only -serverMod is required for this addon. If still not working, check your server log to make sure the addon is found.


This addon is only required on the server - is it going to slow down my server?

No - while this addon is server-side only, it installs itself on all clients without them downloading the addon. Most of the time, the towing code actually runs client-side, even though you installed the addon only on the server. Magic!

Battleye kicks me when I try to do xyz. What do I do?

You need to configure Battleye rules on your server. Below are the files you need to configure:


Add the following exclusions to the end of all lines starting with 4, 5, 6, or 7 if they contain "" (meaning applies to all values):

!="ASL_Ropes" !="ASL_Ropes_Vehicle" !="ASL_Ropes_Pick_Up_Helper" !="ASL_Cargo"


If you have any lines starting with 4, 5, 6, or 7 and they contain "" (meaning applies to all values) it's not going to work. Either remove the line or explicitly define the values you want to kick. Since the values of the variables above can vary, I don't know of a good way to define an exclusion rule.

Also, it's possible there are other battleye filter files that can cause issues. If you check your battleye logs you can figure out which file is causing a problem.

The sling actions appear when looking at a vehicle, but do nothing when I select them. How do I fix that?

Most likely your server is setup with a white list for remote executions. In order to fix this, you need to modify your mission's description.ext file, adding the following CfgRemoteExec rules. If using InfiStar you should edit your cfgremoteexec.hpp instead of the description.ext file. See for more details on CfgRemoteExec.

class CfgRemoteExec
class Functions
class ASL_Pickup_Ropes { allowedTargets=0; };
class ASL_Deploy_Ropes_Index { allowedTargets=0; };
class ASL_Rope_Set_Mass { allowedTargets=0; };
class ASL_Extend_Ropes { allowedTargets=0; };
class ASL_Shorten_Ropes { allowedTargets=0; };
class ASL_Release_Cargo { allowedTargets=0; };
class ASL_Retract_Ropes { allowedTargets=0; };
class ASL_Deploy_Ropes { allowedTargets=0; };
class ASL_Attach_Ropes { allowedTargets=0; };
class ASL_Drop_Ropes { allowedTargets=0; };
class ASL_Hint { allowedTargets=1; };
class ASL_Hide_Object_Global { allowedTargets=2; };

Issues & Feature Requests

If anyone wants to help fix any of these, please let me know. You can fork the repo and create a pull request.

Special Thanks for Testing & Support:

- Stay Alive Tactical Team (

Got Questions? Join my Discord channel:
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Äukia Jul 4 @ 8:48am 
Duda, as much as I love this script. I am having doubts. Players on my server are losing cargo they can't seem to go any faster than auto hover or the cargo goes flying off the ropes and drops to the ground. Any way I can put an override in that secures the cargo?
duda  [author] Jun 21 @ 5:49am 
You can add this to your init.sqf file, and change the values in the ASL_SLING_RULES_OVERRIDE to specify exactly which vehicle classes can or can't lift other classes.

[ ["Air", "CAN_SLING", "Ship"],
["Air", "CANT_SLING", "Air"]
*ZN Anhor Jun 21 @ 3:23am 
Hi Duda, just a Question: Is it possible to configure wich Vehicle can Slingload? Example: A UH1-D can lift max. 900 till 1000 Kg ......... a Ural Truck weight empty more than 8 Tons. So it´s bullshit that a Huey can lift a truck.
Same with the Little Bird ........ this Chopper can lift maybe a motorcycle, not more.
What I mean is, can I configure the exact class name of a chopper who can lift?
Jakes Jun 8 @ 11:41am 
Hi Duba, im busy making a South African NAtion Defence Force Mod and id like to ask permission to include this mod to my SANDF mod. You will offcourse be credited in the mod notes.
It would be greatly apprechiated if this is possbile
Äukia Jun 5 @ 5:14pm 
@Duda ~ Request for a Mod ~

So I am not sure if you have one out already or don't .. But about a 'load in vehicle' like RF3 but one that functions a bit better (and covers every crate type) on my Exile I have two different shipwreck scripts running (and well I'm about to tweak the second a bit more make it worth the effort to hunt the wreckage down) and the SDV? SVD? (that sub thingie) just can't do much in the way of hauling and personally I don't like RF3 (it was good for it's time but lets be honest)
Äukia Jun 5 @ 5:05pm 
And that was the issue, it was I had the command menu on False so it was hidding the options.Now if only I could find that other thread and thank him, can't find it :(
Äukia Jun 5 @ 5:01pm 
Someone pointed out in another thread that it might be the //command menu in the Desc (it was false moved it to true and testing it out now)
Äukia Jun 5 @ 4:50pm 
Yes, it's been like this since I started using it. Was kind of the a pain at first trying to figure out how many times to scroll the wheel, and click :P I manage. Thanks for the reply I have changed somethings in Infistar so maybe (fingers and toes crossed) it will be visable.
Pvt. Partz Jun 4 @ 5:06pm 
I'm not seeing anyone else having the same problem you. I hate to sound so 101 but are you in full screen (part of the menu off screen)? Proper aspect ratio, and all that?
duda  [author] Jun 4 @ 2:21pm 
Thats very odd - not sure what would be causing that!