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Don't Starve

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Extra Slots (Shipwrecked)
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Dec 8, 2015 @ 1:45pm
Mar 7, 2016 @ 7:45pm
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Extra Slots (Shipwrecked)

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Adds extra equip slots to the game.
Shipwrecked compatible ([SW]).
Support of new backpacks: ThatchPack, BootyBag.

Support of future backpacks: Letter Carrier Bag (for Watricia character), Spice Satchel.
Support of items from some mods (Thunder Party, Sunny, Additional Equipment, Tiny Alchemy Powers).
Improved compatibility with all current and future DLC.
Proper API style. No replacing of files (i.e. component resurrectable).
Very simple and small mod.
Also nice aqua icon.

Based on the mod of my friend Afro1967 - "Backpack and Amulet Slot".
Plus other sources:
one (tehMugwump, Kiopho, alks, WrathOf, Fontonkonbonmon).
two (NubsPixel).
three (Rincewind) - single-slot BackPackPlus mod.

I know every single symbol in my code and I'm sure it's clean. So good luck. I hope it will work for YOU, dear user.
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仪水镜的冥想术 Jun 30 @ 9:26pm 
可惜不兼容 巨人之国
Just A happy Person :D Jun 26 @ 6:10pm 
@justice , bitch please , how the fuck and amule can be so heavy , why you cant wear a backpack with a log suit , (even if it has nothing) btw , if you think a normal man cant wear all of that (you are right) but we are talking about a fucking super-human (meh , i dnt know how its called) that can kill a dragon with a fly , the darkness itself , and a fucking bear that is 10000x times bigger than a normal one , how the fuck that cant wear all of that ! , btw good mod ! justice why the fuck you come here to see the mod then say that is crap , just go and fuck urself , its better...
stupid haters.
山哥 Jun 20 @ 4:25am 
Hello, author. I am working on an auxiliary collection module. I think your module will be added and uploaded to steam. can you please? I hope the author can agree, thank you.
sc_6636 Jun 16 @ 5:05am 
That's what I need.
Antedeguemon Jun 13 @ 6:58pm 
Im looking at you @Justice, you're by far the worst of them
Antedeguemon Jun 13 @ 6:55pm 
To all the cunts that come to this page just to mock other people who use this mod: please fuck off, it's not that hard. Let people have fun with the game they bought with their own money for chirst's sake. Do you guys have superiority complex or some shit?
WangDM May 21 @ 4:25pm 
BearraeB May 18 @ 12:10pm 
It's a mod Xanadu, why does it matter how people play the game they paid for? Unless you're going to go through any refund everyone's purchase of DS.
Xanadu May 16 @ 10:20pm 
Learn to play the game without this, it is a cheat. Its not that hard to switch to a log suit whenever you need to attack something.
AtiradorDeEliteGGHardcore Mar 9 @ 7:58am 
its compatible with reign of giants ?