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Swedish Army Mod 3
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Dec 2, 2015 @ 1:39am
Dec 2, 2015 @ 1:55am
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Swedish Army Mod 3

Project SAM is about recreating anything related to Swedish Armed Forces for the Arma-series, and is all done using private resources and free time. Currently a team of 5 developers, with skills and knowledge in various areas such as high-poly 3d-modeling, scripting, animations, character-rigging, sound recording, etc.

Our goals are to achieve realistic and immersive gameplay using high quality assets along with clever systems. Our previous releases for Arma 2 introduced several unique systems which later became core features in Arma 3. Now we are currently working on the third generation of SAM for Arma 3, which will bring many news and improvements to our content.


-CBA Community Base Addons

Recommended ADDONS:

-MRT Accessory Functions -
-RHS Escalation -


MRT Accessory Functions is required to be able to dismount the Aimpoint 3x sight with a hotkey and still be able to use the Aimpoint CS in front of it, which is very handy in combat. If you decide to not install this recommended mod, you will not receive any errors or glitches, but will simply lose the awesome possibility to manage the Aimpoint 3x. Your choice!

RHS Escalation is temporarily required to be able to use the optional HKP16 (Blackhawk) helicopters, as it currently is just a hiddentexture for the model that RHS Escalation uses. HKP16 is disabled by default and will therefore not require RHS Escalation. To enable it, you need to copy the "sam_hkp16.pbo" and "sam_hkp16.pbo.sam.0.1.0.bisign" from your \Arma3\@SAM\Optionals-folder into your \Arma3\@SAM\Addons-folder, and make sure you have RHS Escalation downloaded and activated as you start your game.



-AK5C (No Grip)
-AK5D (No Grip)

-AK4 GRT (Grenade Launcher)
-AK4 (Brasscatcher)
-AK4B (Brasscatcher)
-AK4B (sharpshooter)
-AK4B (sharpshooter) (Brasscatcher)
-AK4B GRT (Grenade Launcher)
-AK4B GRT (Grenade Launcher) (Brasscatcher)



-KSP90 (Placeholder)
-KSP90b (Placeholder)
-KSP90c (Placeholder)



-Carl Gustaf GRG M/86 ironsight


-HGR 90 (Hand grenade)
-HGR 56 (Hand grenade)
-CHGR 96 (Chock grenade)
-RHGR 5 (Smoke grenade)
-Strvmina 5 (Heavy mine)

Weapon attachments:

-Aimpoint CS
-Aimpoint 3x
-Kikarsikte 90B
-DBAL2 IR Designator
-Reflex Tr8 (Supressor)
-Scope M/86 (CG/GRG only)


-CG/GRG M/86 Backpack
-Assaultpack green reskin
-Assaultpack green reskin (Medic)
-Kitbag green reskin
-Kitbag green reskin (Medic)


-M90k Crye reskin
-M90k Crye reskin (Rolled up)
-M90 Crye reskin
-M90 Crye reskin (Rolled up)

-M90K cap & headset reskin
-M90 cap & headset reskin

-Helmet 90 M90 reskin
-Helmet 90 M90k reskin

-Helmet 100 green reskin
-Helmet 100 tan reskin
-Helmet 100 black reskin

-Boonie & headset black reskin
-Boonie & headset green reskin

-Platecarrier grey reskin

-Peltor Maxim Ballistic (Clear)
-Peltor Maxim Ballistic (Bronze)
-Peltor Maxim Ballistic (Yellow)

-SWEDEN modern armpatch
-SWEDEN old armpatch

Static objects:

-Target Practice full figure (popup)
-Target Practice full figure (static)

-Carl Gustaf GRG M/86 Weapon box
-Carl Gustaf GRG M/86 Ammunition box (Set)
-Carl Gustaf GRG M/86 Ammunition box (single)
-Carl Gustaf GRG M/86 Weapon & Ammunition (Combo)

-7.62 Ammunition box (Wood) (set)
-7.62 Ammunition box (Wood) (single)
-5.56 Ammunition box (Wood) (set)
-5.56 Ammunition box (Wood) (single)

-Container Green (single)
-Container Green (stacked)


-HKP16 Blackhawk Green (Optional. RHS required)
-HKP16 Blackhawk Grey (Optional. RHS required)


Special Weapon sounds LordJarhed, JSRS-Studios

Model.cfg: TeRp (BWMOD), Rock (RKSL Studios)

Testing and bug fixing: OOPz, UKF team, VOLCBAT
Jonny (UKF),

Model Christian.1987 & Fallschirmjäger

GRG m86
Model, textures The Sunn

AK5 /GRT/Aimpoint
Model, textures Gustav Embretsen

Help with animated AK5c magazine. HD Läppli from Switzerland Mod
Help with AK5c handgrip animations Norrin from Australians at War

Special thanks:

SSG Clan (
Rock (RKSL Studios)
Gordo (Accuracy International)
Tony Hoare (Plain Military)
Australians At War mod team
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Nav Nov 16, 2020 @ 8:43am 
Hello, would it be possible to get permission to repackage this for ones own modpack? Mainly just a few of the absolutely fantastic guns
Buccdan Jul 23, 2020 @ 11:25am 
Tokyo Monk Oct 11, 2019 @ 5:53am 
Can I use this mod for my Arma 3 unit? Namely the AK5s/attachments
Fjordo Jun 22, 2019 @ 7:55am 
vad finns de för bra server
Jorah Mar 14, 2019 @ 7:34am 
Det går tyvärr inte att spawna grupper i zeus, där ser jag att ni delat upp dem utifrån camo dock!
Jorah Mar 14, 2019 @ 7:33am 
Tjena! Kommer ni att göra en indelning mellan olika varianter av trupper, när man spawnar dem i zeus exempelvis. Just nu är det lite röriga när exempelvis alla combat medics heter samma sak och det inte skett någon indelning utifrån camoflauge. Är inte moddare men kan tänka mig att detta inte är jätte svårt ;)
[82ADr]SparkK Jun 26, 2018 @ 6:11pm 
Kan vi få kvistar osv att ha på våra hjälmar?
Ser Jaime Lannister May 16, 2018 @ 8:11am 
Good to hear you are still up and running. I will wait and see, what there will be ;)
Beast Of Prey Mar 12, 2018 @ 3:12pm 
Stiltman  [author] Mar 12, 2018 @ 11:33am 
Som svar till de flesta, :) SAM lär nog aldrig "dö" då det är ett hobby projekt för oss.
Men det har tyvärr inte gått så fort framåt men det går framåt!
i nuläget så är vi bara 2 personer som jobbar på detta och har tyvärr inte jätte mycket tid.
En uppdatering kommer att komma men vi kan inte säga när men vi vet att det är många som väntar.
Rekomendationen är att hålla utkik på Facebook sidan då det troligen är där alla nyheter kommer.

SAM Studios on Facebook []