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Nov 29, 2015 @ 1:15pm
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Here goes nothing...

Clifftop is set in a mountainous, deciduous forest and features a steep uphill battle for blue to push their cart to the top of the cliff, and into the missile silo, positioned beneath. The map is focused on balanced, vertical combat, with ample roof space to dominate, and plenty of headroom for jumping; but also plentiful flanks, ambushes and choke-points to counter.

The map has two elevators, one under the first point, and one under the third point. The run up to each point has one rollback zone. There are also forward spawns for both Red and Blue.

This was my entry into the (2012) dynamic payload competition, over at, where it won the player's choice award (it played really well, but was a buggy, ugly mess). I haven't worked on it for 2 years until now, but it seemed a shame to let it die, so, instead here it is, now go play it! thread: thread:

Big love to...
The folks at TF2Maps - for their time, resources and expertise
All the lovely peeps at playstuff - for testing, and testing, and testing...
A Boojum Snark - for his excellent Ultimate Mapping Resource Pack
grazr - for his excellent tutorials
The Construction Pack team - for their models and textures
The Bulletcrops team - for their models and textures
Equinoxo and Leminnes - for always being on call

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