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Achievement Maps
CS:GO Achievement Maps
Last Update: 07/13/16

These maps are a big help for getting most of the Steam Achievements for CS:GO and the ingame Gold Medals very quick and easy.
If I missed another achievement helper, please comment and I'll add it. :)

Important! Read the description of each map before you start it, many of them require specific console settings in order to work correctly!

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~ DaDoBaag
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[ACHIEVEMENT] All Weapons and Hostages Achievements
Created by lennyS
A small map I decided to make to receive all weapon and hostage achievements in a fair amount of time.

YouTube Video:

To start the achievement hunting you simply type the following two commands into your console...
[ACHIEVEMENT] King Of The Kill Map by TrilluXe
Created by lennyS
This is a map that I created to help people get the King Of The Kill Achievement in CS:GO in less than 2 1/2 hours. If you wanted to do this achievments regularly it would take you something between 400 and 850 hours.

I also made a video about this map ...
Achievement - Bomb Defuse [AFK-Support] [atm broken]
Created by bl4ze91
This map was created for the following achievements:
★ Rite of First Defusal - Win a round by defusing a bomb.
★ The Hurt Blocker - Defuse 100 bombs successfully. (~ 8-10 min.)

Achievement - Bomb Plant [AFK-Support]
Created by bl4ze91
This map was created for the following achievements:
★ Someone Set Us Up The Bomb - Win a round by planting a bomb.
★ Clusterstruck - Kill five enemies with a bomb you have planted.
★ Boomala Boomala - Plant 100 bombs. (~ 25 mi
Achievement - Freefall
Created by bl4ze91
This map was created for the following achievements:
★ Death From Above - Kill an enemy while you are airborne.
★ Bunny Hunt - Kill an airborne enemy.
★ Aerial Necrobatics - Kill an airborne enemy while you are also airborne.[/quo
Achievement - Hostage Rescue [AFK]
Created by bl4ze91
This map was created for the following achievements:
★ Good Shepherd - Rescue all hostages in a single round.
★ Freed With Speed - Rescue all hostages within 90 seconds.
★ SAR Czar - Rescue 500 hostages. (~ 8-10 min.)
★ Bl
Achievement - Knife [AFK-Support]
Created by bl4ze91
This map was created for the following achievements:
★ Make the Cut - Win a knife fight.
★ The Bleeding Edge - Win 100 knife fights.
★ Knife Expert - Kill 100 enemies with the Knife.

Achievement : Target Secured
Created by RomWatt
This map will help you get the Target Secured achievement.

2: Join TERRORISTS team
3: Kill the entire Counter-Terrorist team behind the walls
4: ?
5: Profit

Commands to use: mp_freezetime 0
bot_join_team ct
Achievement The Road To Hell
Created by Residents evil
Achievement map for The Road To Hell
One of the hardest achievements to obtain in normal play-time is now available easily on this map!
I hope this map helps you guys, I did my achievement twice, as you can see in screenshot 4 :D

Achievment First Thing first
Created by gtfo The Spot nigga
Steps to take:
1. Start the map in demolition mode (Go to play, then workshop, select the map then demolition)
2. Once the map has been started up, join the CT team.
3. Go to the right wall, jump on the ledge and over the wall. Now use your M4 to spray ...
Rampage Achievement
Created by bug
"Rampage: Win an entire game of Arms Race without dying once"
An almost impossible achievement to get playing regular Arms Race, so instead of having to tell your friend to idle while you keep shooting them, you can just download this map ez pz!

Just w...
Shrapnelproof and Defuse This Achievements
Created by ุDr. Bagol

mp_freezetime 0
//then mp_restartgame 1

You can easily get the shrapnelproof and defuse this achievements on this map.
First, take 80hp damage from the 2 BOTs' grenades, and wait untill roundend, don't kill them. You...
Target Hardened Achievement
Created by ุDr. Bagol

Classic Casual gamemode recommended.

mp_limitteams 0
mp_freezetime 0
//then mp_restartgame 1

On this map you can easily get the achievement Target-Hardened.
Shoot the BOTs through the PINK squares 1-2 times, then they w...