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Achievement The Road To Hell
Game Mode: Classic
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Sep 10, 2014 @ 7:07am
Sep 10, 2014 @ 7:38am
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Achievement The Road To Hell

Achievement map for The Road To Hell
One of the hardest achievements to obtain in normal play-time is now available easily on this map!
I hope this map helps you guys, I did my achievement twice, as you can see in screenshot 4 :D

How to proceed:
- Launch CSGO with console enabled
- Type in console: game_mode 1;bot_difficulty 2;map workshop\312291097\achievement_theroadtohell

New method by Simon (Thank him!):
- Set mp_teammates_are_enemies 1.
- Bot will shoot the other non-stop. Just throw flashbangs randomly :P

Old method:
- Draw attention of armed bot;
- When the bot is shooting at you, throw flashbangs;
- If done correctly, he will start shooting non-stop and hopefully kill his teammate.

Questions & Answers:
Q: Will I be able to do the achievement first time I try it?
A: No, you depend on the intelligence of the bot and... we all know bot's ain't that smart...

Q: How can I draw attention of the bot?
A: Take advantage of the beginning of the round where the bot will be looking in your direction. Usually, you will be able to make the bot shoot you if you jump in front of the window or on top of the crates like on screenshot 4.

Q: Bot doesn't look at me!! What to do?
A: Shoot him, gently... You will see he will look at you :P

Q: Can I shoot him multiple times or will he die?
A: He WONT die, unless you headshot him. As I said, shoot him, gently...

Q: Where do I throw the flashbangs?
A: Well, you can throw them anywhere actually, as long as it flashes the bot while his shooting at you, you're good.

Q: How can I know if I flashed the bot correctly?
A: He will shoot non-stop for around 2 seconds or more.

Q: Bot can't kill teammate no matter how much he shoots him, what's wrong?
A: Check in console "game_mode 1" and "game_type 0". This is a MUST for the map to work.

Q: Not working! Bot killed teammate while flashed and no achievement was done! What's wrong?
A: Check if one of the following is happening:
1) Console is reporting "Achievements disabled: cheats turned on in this app session."
S: Reboot CSGO and make sure "sv_cheats" is on zero. NOTE, some other commands may influence achievement registry as well (Unlikely though).
2) Internet connection and/or Steam servers are having a hard time.
S: Wait for internet and/or Steam servers to be back to normal state. Even if they are working correctly, sometimes achievement registry still does not work for that hour/day. Happens frequently, it seems.

Q: I CAN'T SHOOT!! None of the weapons shoot and my bindings are correct. What's wrong?!
A: Open console and type "+attack". Close and try to shoot. If you still can't shoot, open console and type "-attack". Input this commands randomly until you can shoot again. ALSO you can reboot CSGO and try shooting in another map, and check +attack and -attack commands as well. Never forget to make sure you have the bindings correct, in very rare occasions, the game unbinds your keys (Keyboard options).

Q: What's with the 5th screenshot?
A: My celebration, a flashbang fest, organized by our friend grenade :P

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Bagulh0 Oct 21 @ 7:09pm 
Googylon Aug 21 @ 9:26am 
Was a bit difficult, but worked out for me. Thx for sharing the map with the community
Revolver's Fury Aug 17 @ 11:57pm 
Mr_Luin Jul 25 @ 5:57am 
FrangoRobô/RobotChicken Jul 22 @ 8:38am 
Don't load the map from console. Just: Play offline with bots > click on the map from workshop > casual mode > hard bots. Then, use: game_mode 1;game_type 0;mp_teammates_are_enemies 1.
ReiKaz Jul 10 @ 4:52pm 
works with mp_teammates_are_enemies 1
穿越火线-万物起源 Jul 3 @ 9:24am 
Koşarak İşeyen Adam Jun 19 @ 6:03am 
Era Jun 3 @ 6:56am 
Nice and easy, only took 10 seconds haHAA
cap1stran0 Apr 27 @ 1:09am 
thx, it works, im gold achievment now, thanks so much