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Auto Trough
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Oct 28, 2015 @ 7:23am
Aug 15, 2018 @ 9:54am
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Auto Trough

Auto Trough

  • Auto Dino Feeding Trough
  • Auto Dino Baby Feeding Trough

  • Auto Dino Feeding Trough
  • - Always full with Raw Meat, Mutton Meat, Berries, Chitin, Stone, Sulfur, Eggs, Beer, Honey and Veggie Cake
  • - Refills every 3 hours or manually

  • Auto Dino Baby Feeding Trough
  • - Needs Electricity to Run
  • - Range: 6 foundations Radius
  • - Does Initial Imprint after Birth
  • - Gives preferred Food to Babys
  • - Speed Up Mating / Gestation / Baby Grow Up Speed
  • - Force Baby imprint / mutation / gender / Heal / triplets (experimental WIP)

  • Ini Options do not change the baby trough
  • Disable Inventory Access- (default:No)
  • Range Extend- (default: 2000)
  • Simple Baby Trough functions only (default: Extended)

[AutoTrough] NoInventory=false Range=2000 SimpleBabyTr=false

(As a reminder for the Range: One Foundation is 300 wide. The Vanilla Trough has 3000. So if you put 2000 here, you'll get a 5000 units Range.)

GiveItem "Blueprint'/Game/Mods/jd_AutoTrough/PrimalItemStructure_AutoTrough.PrimalItemStructure_AutoTrough'" 1 0 0 GiveItem "Blueprint'/Game/Mods/jd_AutoTrough/PrimalItemStructure_AutoTroughBaby.PrimalItemStructure_AutoTroughBaby'" 1 0 0

Mod is clean and stackable


Feel free to donate a Buck or two if you like my MOD!

This mod/code/work is protected by the Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International Creative Commons License.[]

Thank you everyone!
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scubadivingmaui7 May 24 @ 4:29am 
Jackelmyer, the mod's working fine for me. However I admittedly don't use the baby feeding trough much, but the standard one (which DOES feed babies, but doesn't imprint them or anything) works perfect.

Hey dubCUT, this mod is great, thanks for everything. Maybe a long shot, but would you ever consider adding biotoxin to this? The Ark Addition's Archelon, one of the most popular creatures in the workshop, only eats that... no biggie if the answer's no, however I'm curious if it might be something you'd think about adding.
Jackelmyer Apr 20 @ 9:24pm 
Soooo... Is this still working?
TaliNet Feb 21 @ 9:21pm 
Had a minor issue with this mod today after a server restart. All mutations stopped. Spent two hours with a pair of dragons (small dragons mod) and had 0 mutations. Checked to see if they actually mutated and was confirmed that they do. Gave up and did some rex breeding. again 0 mutations from a wild pair. That I knew was wrong as I'd been getting none stop mutations earlier in the day. It was the 'breederator' as we call it :D

Somehow it has stuck on 'no mutations' even though we never use that setting. Simply picking it up and placing again fixed it and next batch of rex was back to normal mutations. Somehow the server restart had tripped it out. l

Restart was due to Additional Creatures updated if that helps you in any way to re-create.
Midnight Wolf Feb 18 @ 10:53am 
I'm having a serious issue with this one, server breaking kind of issue
When all 3 options to increase breeding it tends to break the server. Basically eggs or otherwise tend to continue regardless of dino's being there or not. I have picked up both the Auto Dino Baby Feeing Trough and the regular one as well without success. Also is there a way to adjust the accelerated levels currently breeding cycle is between 3 and 5 seconds which is lagging the server and causing hundreds of babies running around.
Thanks for the input, advice until this is corrected can't use it on the server, great mod hope it gets resolved.
Ethlairian Feb 1 @ 2:34pm 
Can you add a bio toxin please and correct the concerns mentioned below?
Ethlairian Jan 30 @ 3:11am 
Hello, I encounter a problem with Auto Dino Baby Feeding Trough, it does not settle on the ground but stays in the air.
Daisy Ladybird Dec 27, 2018 @ 9:36am 
Spirit3057 Dec 10, 2018 @ 7:39pm 

Would it be possible to get some kind of information on how to use the baby feeding trough? Do i click on the tabs showing to get it to work or what? Great Mod anyway.
Crown Dec 6, 2018 @ 9:29am 
Thanks for the mod. Please add a choice to disable the settings of the children's trough in GUS. I would like for example to be able to turn off the acceleration of maturation, the acceleration of the interval between matings, and so on.
AuroBorealis Dec 4, 2018 @ 8:49pm 
So Im having issues with the mutation chance being left on causing the mutation count to sky rocket much higher than the 20 count, Ive bred tek rexs over the course of months with it and their count for mutations are in the thousands. I dont know if this was posted on or not yet but its also brought mutation numbers up recently in animals only bred through a few generations.