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Small Dragons
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Sep 17, 2015 @ 3:30pm
Oct 3, 2016 @ 6:28am
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Small Dragons

ModID = 519998112

This mod adds a rare smaller dragon to the game. Has a custom AI, comes in many different color variations and now supports armor with more pieces to come. These dragons are roughly the size of a TRex, breathe fire, and when tamed they will land with an all stop whistle.

  • Both female and male dragons.
  • Custom animations for sleeping and exiting sleep.
  • Saddle is Available at level 65.
  • Wild dragons make use of thier breath weapon so beware.
  • Supports colorization.
  • Balanced for PVE.
  • Custom AI Blackboard and behavior scripts.
  • Rare spawn. Map won't be filled with them.
  • Females can lay eggs.
  • Grab and carry function. Press C while in flight.
  • Will take off and land on its own. Can chase threats on land or in the air.
  • Early stages of armor. Currently, only a chittin helm can be crafted but it does support dyes and there will be more pieces to follow as well as more polish is added.
  • Configurable run modifiers and fire damage amounts in the GameUserSettings ini.
  • Custom Dossier.
  • Supports mating. Yes, baby dragons!
  • Supports public seating with one extra seat for a friend.

The saddle Engram is available at level 65 and requires 0 points.

Only one piece for now.
  • Chitin helm - Craftable from the players inventory and takes a chitin helmet for resource as well as other common resources.

Rex Egg Kibble is the most effective followed by prime meat.

▫▫INI Configuration▫▫
In GameUserSettings.ini, add the following. These values are the default but beware cranking them to extreme values.
[Small_Dragons] RunSpeedModifier=3.000000 FlyingRunSpeedModifier=1.000000 FireDamage=18.000000 GrabWeight=400.000000 BabyAgeSpeed=0.000003 WalkSpeed=500.000000 FlyingSpeed=1000.000000

▫▫Update Notes▫▫
Click Here.

▫▫Server Installation and Cheats▫▫
Click Here.

▫▫Server Tools▫▫
Ark Level Cap Generator.
Existing worlds may need to destroy all wild dinos for them to begin spawning.

If you notice a bug or have a suggestion then just leave a comment. :).
If you enjoy this mod then don't forget to rate it up!

Donations for the time and effort put in to this mod are welcome! :)

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Jrich41 Sep 26 @ 10:35pm 
is there any way to make these dragons overide the vanilla wyverns I would like to use this on a server but i am afraid it will really lag
Itachi Sep 21 @ 12:22pm 
schade das die Mod nicht mehr auf den neusten stand gehalten wird,dann kann man sie auch löschen
Mr.Microwave Aug 15 @ 7:42pm 
dose it spawn on valguero
925904178 Jul 23 @ 5:21pm 
I have a question, this mod can be used in island?
Wot? Jul 15 @ 4:58pm 
summon code?
MaGilla Jul 7 @ 12:14am 
@ShinKamehLhiane yes they do spawn on Ragnarok. I have found them on the west side of the map by the desert area. There is a large stone arch and there were quite a few flying around. There is also one area in the desert by the river that is across from a large set of ruins. Two were spawning around all the metal deposits. This is where i picked up my breeding pair. They are not regular spawns. It took me almost a week to get my dragons.
ShinKamehLhiane Jun 25 @ 6:05pm 
Here do they spawn in ragnarok map pls?
Matthias06 Jun 23 @ 12:15pm 
what is the spawn code
scary basketballer Jun 21 @ 9:48am 
kongkia02191 Jun 7 @ 6:36am 
Mod was bug it not have flying animation