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WoW Arena
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May 23, 2017 @ 8:33am
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WoW Arena

Pure PVP.
No farming.
Just fighting.

Inspired by World of Warcraft.

Core Game Mode
Expert PVP: 2vs2 or 3vs3, pure Arena Battles, Elo Ranking System (

Other Special Game Modes:
RPG Dungeon Crawler - Temple of Dreams: NOW A SEPERATE CUSTOM GAME! Seach for "Titanbreaker"
PVP Unranked 5vs5: If you want to play Arena PVP with more than 6 players or do not want to play ranked games
City Raid: 5vs5 MOBA with 2 lanes and farming/crafting system
Test Mode: Test Mode to check out Heroes and Items with unlimited time and gold

More Information:
● PVP Game Length: ~ 15 minutes
● Over 25 new Heroes with 6 or more Spells plus Talent System, and tons of custom Items
● Successor of the Warcraft 3 Map "WoW Arena Allstars"
● Website and Forums:
● Join this game's Chat to find players to play with: Custom Games -> WoW Arena -> Join Chat

● Physics & Timer System: BMD
● General help: Crew (BMD, Noya, Perry, Myll, DoctorGester, SinZ), thanks a lot guys!

Developer Support
If you want to support me you can find me on Patreon:
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May 24, 2016 @ 2:47pm
Jun 4, 2016 @ 4:08am
temple of dreams
B M .\`
Jun 15, 2016 @ 11:13am
Admin give stash ALL
Geo(im100romanian) Aug 18, 2023 @ 4:00am 
=( nostalgiaaaa
OG_Stoma Sep 27, 2021 @ 6:54am 
It is not working plz fix it !!!!!!
Azakia Sep 28, 2019 @ 1:48am 
Обновите пожалуйста кастомку
Geo(im100romanian) Aug 22, 2019 @ 11:36pm 
I remember playing this in warcraft 3 way after i stoped playing wow ,it made me play wow again =) ,i was hoping more ppl play on dota 2
Blend19 Jun 9, 2018 @ 12:56am 
plzz fixx the blue screen thats all ty <3
Blend19 Jun 9, 2018 @ 12:55am 
this rly nice game bro but i have a blue screen if i play cat or special moba city raid
Matex May 19, 2018 @ 6:56pm 
rip one of the most polished d2 maps, i so hope that this gets updated. remove demonhunters and most of the balancing issues from way back are fixed, cancerous button mash class anyway.
🅱🅻00🅳533🅺3🆁 Feb 28, 2018 @ 12:19pm 
its still cool but not up2date
Laranjagodx Sep 8, 2017 @ 5:37pm 
Guys, lets try to make a group on Steam to revive this map!!!