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Angel Arena Reborn
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Aug 14, 2015 @ 7:25pm
May 27 @ 7:34am
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Angel Arena Reborn

Currently gamemode in beta ;)
Angel Arena is back in Dota 2, original bosses, original heroes with a little ballance.
Angels and Monks. Demons and Guardians.

For communication and teammate search we now have offical discord channel(english speaking!):

There are 12+ heroes from WC3!
All stanart heroes are allowed too!
Some heroes has been deleted for balance, and u cant pick him, but u can change your hero to them when you kill hero guradian. (they are imabalce farm, so now u can only change hero for this,)

All heroes rebalanced, some heroes too have new skills.

Duel every 5 minutes, 2 minutes to draw.
Custom creeps for 1, 5, 15, 20, 25, 40, 60, 80, 100 levels!
Curently u can up your hero to 100 level.

Some change to drop items from creeps.
There are over 100 new items!
Game will ends on several teamkills(you can choose it in game start)

-New heroes
-New items
-Back keymasters( 2 bosses)
-New bosses.
-Localization to other langs ( Chinese for example )
-Change hero ONLY for gems that u can drop from boss
-Boss skills( currently i dont know what skills to do xD )
-Fix all bugs (impossible, but i tried :) )
-Balance this!

Custom game developers:
* Disorance
* Sheodar

*Mod resolution: 16:9, in 4:3 and 16:10 may be some bugs and graphical lags. Careful! (best resolution for play - 1080p)
* 欢迎加入天使竞技场ANGEL ARENA,QQ群:564389368
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Putler May 27 @ 12:41am 
throw dagger crush game after pass update
Panda K May 25 @ 3:21pm 
lobby lock after compedium update
MegaWwatt May 24 @ 12:40pm 
24 число - до сих пор не понерфил пассивку вк - ты же действительно не понимаешь что такое баланс
OI May 23 @ 12:17pm 
ВК имбовый сильно теперь не какого интереса нет к этой карте, то троль с бесконечным приростом атаки теперь ВК спасибо за внимания.
Сектант May 23 @ 12:04pm 
и не когда в жизни не прикасайся к ней
Сектант May 23 @ 12:03pm 
верни старую игру
Vepr May 20 @ 2:07am 
В каждой ибанной катке этот ВК, баны,фикс хоть что нибудь добавь.
Purin?.....PURIN! May 16 @ 8:16am 
Дизоранс пофикси тапки мля
Сектант May 15 @ 3:38pm 
добавь баны ты бля
Majoris May 10 @ 8:26am 
i am sure that this creator of the mod disoretard he got really big problem in his brain Why this fucking troll so strong like that? Are you fucking crazy ? we are waiting to nerf troll but you are upragading trolls 3. skill damage... you are joke you are Fucking joke.