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Dota 10v10
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Aug 11, 2015 @ 10:44am
Nov 8, 2017 @ 2:12pm
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Dota 10v10

It's a 10 vs 10 battle royale as two teams compete to destroy the other's Ancient.

Featured in The International 2015 All-Star Match, Dota 10v10 uses the same basic rules as Dota, with increased gold and experience gains. Some heroes are not available in Dota 10v10 for balance.
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Oct 17 @ 11:40am
Enable panalty please
Nov 9 @ 2:09pm
10v10 improvement suggestions
Oct 24 @ 8:28am
Leaving early!!!
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Insanitis Nov 9 @ 8:11pm 
Current in game Bugs or Missing Features
(Missing) Enable Leaver Penalty
(Missing) Add Arcane Rune
(Missing) Terrains & Weather Effects don't work in game
(Bug) Runes spawning every 2 & 5 minutes
(Bug) If a user does not select a hero before the game starts they are unable to select a hero. Please fix to either auto random or allow them to pick
(Bug) Unable to see all heroes selected during the game selection screen. Can only see 5 per team.
(Bug) Fix disable help. Currently Wisp/Kotl/Tiny trolls can troll games
(Bug) 2560 x 1080 top hud is not centred

+ Add Grimstroke
- Disable Zeus
- Disable Spectre

Lobby/Custom Issues for all lobbies
(Bug) Kicked users are able to re join a lobby - Please fix so that user is unable to re join a lobby once kicked.
(Bug) Auto start lobby once everyone has loaded. Host's are sometimes AFK
(Feature) Ban lists for custom lobbies

Would be nice
(Feature) Implement to normal game search like the new turbo mode
3reegUrd Nov 1 @ 3:15am 
why i cant play in this game i install it but always downloaded
coslaw Oct 30 @ 1:31pm 
please update and bring in the new hero. Its been almost a year since the last update :(
RhastaPastaFucksta Oct 14 @ 8:55pm 
They have a tendency to fuck things over all the time.
PestiferousClod Oct 13 @ 3:34am 
Devs don't care at all
Eonyte Oct 12 @ 2:54am 
1. Add penalties. Everybody wants this
2. Adjust Zeus* and Spectre*
3. Unban Death Prophet, no adjustments
4. Unban Silencer but adjust ultimate*
5. Unban Bloodseeker but adjust Thirst*
6. Not picking should make you be allotted a random hero
7. Adjust Invoker's Cataclysm talent*

* = My suggested balancing changes for 10v10.
Zeus: Thundergod's Wrath deals 50% damage.
Spectre: Haunt has 50% duration.
Silencer: Global Silence has 50% duration.
Bloodseeker: Thirst only affects up to 5 wounded enemies.
Invoker: Cataclysm talent only affects 5 closest enemies.
Omniknight's Guardian Angel with Aghanim's Scepter only affects 5 closest allies.

Sophont XIII Oct 11 @ 2:27am 
Needs penalty for fucking quiters.
Van Godsend Oct 10 @ 10:25pm 
Van Godsend Oct 10 @ 10:23pm 
iddqd Oct 8 @ 12:15pm 
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