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Dota 10v10
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Aug 11, 2015 @ 10:44am
Jan 31 @ 5:52pm
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Dota 10v10

It's a 10 vs 10 battle royale as two teams compete to destroy the other's Ancient.

Featured in The International 2015 All-Star Match, Dota 10v10 uses the same basic rules as Dota, with increased gold and experience gains. Some heroes are not available in Dota 10v10 for balance.
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Jun 18 @ 9:11am
10v10 Compiled Bugs
Apr 20 @ 12:07am
Just wondering... 7.00 = dead 10v10?
May 27 @ 4:36am
10v10 improvement suggestions
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Necro Jun 17 @ 1:01pm 
please add in a ban list for all these who leave every game for any reason and just leave others to spend time chasing a game to play. thank you
Turtle :p Jun 17 @ 7:02am 
bloodseeker is not in the hero option :(
ForeverAlone Jun 11 @ 1:55pm 
I keep getting DCed at the beginning of the game and can't reconnect. Got into one game and immediately 4 people were DCed, so I doubt this is only happening to me.

Furthermore, there are so many leavers in games. Halfway through the game people keep leaving. Maybe the server is at capacity or people just change their mind midway. It makes matches compeltely unplayable.

Pity this mod is unplayable atm
I said good day, sir! Jun 3 @ 12:44pm 
Please punish players who leave the game!!!! It is impossible to play it till the end!!!!! Everyone is leaving!!!!!
RhastaPastaFucksta Jun 2 @ 4:29pm 
Jan 31, 2017. WTF?
yippee kai yay May 29 @ 3:30am 
bring back "shared unit control" button, sometimes its impossible to play with idiots in team.
Insanitis May 28 @ 9:04pm 
Here is a compiled list of bugs in 10v10

Current in game Bugs
*If game starts and a hero hasn't been selected user is unable to select. Please force user to random if not selected in time.
*Arcane not implemented
*BD protection has been removed please reimplement
*Terrains & Weather Effects modifications don't work in game
*Unable to see all heroes selected during the game selection screen. Can only see 5 per team.
*Fix disable help. Currently Wisp/Kotl/Tiny trolls ruin games

Custom Issues for all lobbies
*Can no longer see Lobby list
*Kicked users are able to re join a lobby - Please fix so that user is unable to re join a lobby once kicked.
*Users from other regions are auto joining by selecting 10v10 instead of using the lobby list feature. Please show users latency/ping in lobby.
*Auto start lobby once everyone has loaded. Host's are sometimes AFK

Would be nice
*Queues for Valve created dedicated games with leavers or low priority users unable to join a game
Lap3nO May 28 @ 12:15am 
no puedo jugar no me aparecen los juegos creados
Esdez May 26 @ 2:58am 
People who ragequit needs to be punished even if it's a custom game, also PLEASE Enable custom terrain on 10vs10 PLEASE. I really want to use my immortal terrain
Prowokacja May 21 @ 3:27pm 
Really add 20v20 or 15v15 mode! Please???