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Mount & Blade: Warband

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L'Aigle (The Eagle) is a singleplayer total-conversion mod for Mount & Blade: Warband set during the 1809 War of the Fifth Coalition fought between Napoleonic France and the Austrian Empire and their allies.

Official Discord:,383.0.html

MAC USERS READ THIS: The Steam Workshop version of this mod does NOT work on MAC computers. The Mac version can be downloaded here. Mac Version Download

The mod features the following, among others:

-Ten detailed factions, incl. France, Britain, Austria, Russia, Prussia, Italy, Holland and Warsaw. More coming later.
-Battle Formations, including anti-cavalry square
-Military ranks earned in battle or purchased by commission
-Hundreds of thoroughly-researched and historically-accurate uniforms and weapons
-Campaign for mastery of Europe on a massive and detailed map
-New hand-crafted battle scenes including Naval Battles
-Tournaments and Arenas redone to include prizefighting
-Earn fame and glory by capturing enemy standards and presenting them to your regent
-Military Depots where one can purchase weapons and uniforms or hire trained specialists
-Graphical overhaul including new horse, textures, effects and buildings
-Hundreds of new troops, with such famous regiments as the Old Guard, 95th Rifles and Polish Lancers
-Functioning field artillery for both the player and the AI

Note that this mod is in early alpha and may contain problems, a lack of content, bugs and unpolished areas. Bear this in mind.

Visit the L'Aigle ModDB profile for more information:

THIS MOD DOES -NOT- REQUIRE THE NW DLC, and is completely unassociated with it.

NOTE that the mod can only be played in English currently. Make sure to set your language to English or the names won't be right.
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Jun 9 @ 10:01am
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Laky25cz Jul 12 @ 7:10pm 
Sadly No but join his discord and u see what he is working on at pinged messages.
Streetman Jul 12 @ 4:31pm 
Would it be possible to have an estimate on when the update will be launched and what it will include?
Cpt. Swag Jul 12 @ 2:42am 
you could try joining an army from the military depot. Not really good but as you get promoted your party size gets bigger (up to 450 i think) and the money increases
Orange Jul 10 @ 10:46am 
I really like this mod, but I habe serious money problems. I don't know how to get enough money to upgrade my troops.
Laky25cz Jul 10 @ 8:39am 
Mfaldorf Jul 10 @ 5:59am 
Bannerlord will be released and rereleased before we get an update
Kidding bannerlord will never be released
Demon of Razgriz Jul 9 @ 9:22pm 
It is amazing how many people come in here and insist this is a dead mod. They are keeping the mod alive just by doing that, since people see an active discussion.

Anyway, the MOD DEVELOPER HIMSELF has said he is working on an update, so by definition, it is not dead.
kokodorejr Jul 9 @ 8:19pm 
4 years going 5 its a dead mod and no longer have further update
Laky25cz Jul 7 @ 7:47am