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Five Night's At Freddy's 4 Map [WIP]
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Jul 15, 2015 @ 1:50pm
Jul 23, 2015 @ 11:57am
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Five Night's At Freddy's 4 Map [WIP]

EDIT 19-07 / 2016

I may or may not update this. It works as is.



So, after seeing that the trailer was released for FNAF4, and finding out no one else had plans to do the map, i decided to go ahead and recreate what i could from the trailer.. HERE IT IS.. The fnaf4 map.

This will be updated as the game get's released, and more info regarding the layout of the house is released with the game.


- Finished building the Bedroom. ✓
- Finished building the Hallways. ✓
- Finished Plushtrap's room. ✓
- Added minor details. ✓
- Custom Textures have been made to recreate the map. ✓
- Added bed to bedroom. ✓
- Fixed broken sliderdoors. ✓
- Made doors moveable. ✓

To do:

- Get models done. (Robot, phone etc.) ✗
- Fix minor texture glitches. (Will be done on game release.) ✗
- Add natural lighting to the map. (Will be done on game release.) ✗
- Add new texture to the doors. ✗
- Fix doorframes texture. ✗
- Increase size of the sliderdoors in the bedroom. (Too small) ✗
- Fix props that aren't spawning in. ✗
- Make paintings on the wall Higher resolution. (Will be done on game release) ✗


The doors and such which have been made for the map can be tricky to get to work sometimes.

To get them to work:

1. Hit the record button and instantly hit ESC.
2. Create Animation Set(s) for Existing Element(s)
3. Enable all the brushes (Random numbers)
4. Hit the 'Eye' symbols on them. (If they don't work, then delete them again, and redo from step 1 until it works.)

I have found that it's random if they work in the first try, or 5.

If you're having too much trouble getting it to work i took my time to make a DMX which has the doors spawned in.


Old versions of the map:

- Will include links to the old versions of the map here as updates roll out.


A beta model of the toyrobot is now available..! You can download it here.

Download (Toyrobot):

Download (Plushtrap):

Thank you to Spygineer for making these models.

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- fnaf4map.bsp
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bbeckwith82 Mar 21 @ 4:10pm 
good job! :3
Xenomaniac Feb 27 @ 10:27am 
what do you mean with step 3 for the doors.
AWESOMER111 Jan 27 @ 4:30am 
Who knew the pimps could make a map?

oh hi trump
the first video used some of the worst models for fnaf
Dark Sonic Generations Nov 19, 2017 @ 8:16pm 
this is cool good work on this :D
Maguire25xgaming/M23 Nov 19, 2017 @ 3:55am 
What Did You Search Up? Search fnaf4map and it should be there
Inspironing Nov 3, 2017 @ 3:31pm 
uh, where's the map? I'm looking everywhere and can't find it..
Doggobork232 Sep 26, 2017 @ 8:57am 
i really love this map :3
GamerBoy Devil Sep 17, 2017 @ 2:34am 
Space Jesus im with u ._.