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Roshpit Champions 3.4
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Jun 25, 2015 @ 7:31pm
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Roshpit Champions 3.4

Co-op PvE RPG with permanent character saving
New Map - Redfall Ridge NOW COMPLETE[]
New Raid - Pit of Trials[]
New Map - Roshpit Arena[]
New Map - Tanari Jungle[]

Note for new players - start your new game on Redfall Ridge Normal!

{LINK REMOVED} - includes item information and player profiles!

Official Roshpit Champions subreddit

Try the Roshpit Mobile App for IPhone, made by Random 5th[]

New Players: Visit the Guide (In Progess): Gamepedia[]

1-4 Players
20 Unique Heroes with Custom Skill Trees
Save and Load your Heroes to Complete 3 Difficulties
140 Legendary Items with Custom Affixes
Gear Equip System with 6 Slots
Unique Weapon Upgrade Tree for each Hero
Custom Enemies with Challenging AI and abilities
3 Max Size maps full of scripted events

Game Length: You can save and quit at any time
Solo Difficulty: Very Hard
Supported Languages: English, Chinese, Russian
Screen Resolution: Any
Guide (In Progess): Gamepedia[]
Mobile App: By Random 5th[]

Rachop - World 1 Map & Terrain
koim - Chinese Translation
Disabre - Russian Translation
Random 5th - Mobile App
1nsig(nia) - Graphics & QA
invalid_nick - Awesome house models on Redfall Ridge
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2 hours ago
Best heroes in 3.4?
1 hour ago
15 hours ago
Is Voltex a good hero? Capable of pit 7 stars? What is best build?
Hatsune Miku
< >
DIO 5 hours ago 
stuck on crimsyth castle, on the room with a terrorblade skeleton on it
Cerberus70rus 11 hours ago 
wtf i can't update =((
ibituruna 12 hours ago 
Thanks for the help guys.
henk 15 hours ago 
Putting a few points in W2 gives you another damage multiplier, though I agree that Q3 and E3 are more important.
Kazegayo 20 hours ago 
200 in q2 is better, then 150+ e2 e3, 70+ q3.
imo, i dont really pump W on LC
ibituruna 22 hours ago 
200 E2's will give 7200% and i already have 7800% with 26000 str, i also have 200 q2 and i think 60 something w2.
RaikouraZa Feb 26 @ 8:14pm 
This Arcade game is so good, bringing so much nostalgia from the wc3 days (Imagica). thanks for creating this man!
henk Feb 26 @ 8:13pm 
As a general rule, you'll want your damage multipliers as spread out as possible for the highest efficiency, while still being practical. Best example of this is Chernobog. Where people used to believe full R1 was the way to go, simple math proves otherwise. Although his R1 gave 10% damage amplification per rune, going from 200 R1 to 400 R1 only means doubling your damage, whereas would that 200 be put into Q1, you'd get another 4.something multiplier.
henk Feb 26 @ 8:06pm 
Depends on your current stats, how much base ability damage % will 200 E2's str give you and how much base ability damage % do you have already?
ibituruna Feb 26 @ 2:48pm 
Which one is better 200 points in q2, w2 or e2 for mountain protector? The e2 points are for garnet walfare ring.