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Roshpit Champions 3.6a
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Jun 25, 2015 @ 7:31pm
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Roshpit Champions 3.6a

Multiplayer Action RPG with permanent character saving and complex progression
New Survival Map - Battle of Serengaard[]
New Map - Redfall Ridge NOW COMPLETE[]
New Raid - Pit of Trials[]
New Map - Roshpit Arena[]
New Map - Tanari Jungle[]

Note for new players - start your new game on Normal difficulty!

HELP FUND ROSHPIT BEYOND THE GAME PASS! Donate and your message will appear on the Arena map on the right board of the lobby.[]


Community Built Guide[]

Official Roshpit Champions subreddit

Roshpit Discord Chat Channel[]

Try the Roshpit Mobile App for IPhone, made by Random 5th[]

1-4 Players
21 Unique Heroes with Custom Skill Trees
Save and Load your Heroes to Complete 3 Difficulties
150 Legendary Items with Custom Affixes
Gear Equip System with 6 Slots
Unique Legendary Weapon for each hero
Custom Enemies with Challenging AI and abilities
3 Max Size maps full of scripted events

Game Length: You can save and quit at any time
Solo Difficulty: Very Hard
Supported Languages: English, Chinese, Russian
Screen Resolution: Any
Guide (In Progess): Gamepedia[]
Mobile App: By Random 5th[]

Rachop - World 1 Map & Terrain
koim - Chinese Translation
Disabre - Russian Translation
Random 5th - Mobile App
1nsig(nia) - Graphics & QA
invalid_nick - Awesome house models on Redfall Ridge
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4 hours ago
My items disappeared.
21 hours ago
8 hours ago
< >
Tantalass 1 hour ago 
im so fvcked with this server down ( steam servers? yeh 3-5 downs after 40 min playing the best
ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ 5 hours ago 
@Tantalass there is no difference in mechanics or effects. Only difference is stream arcanas are non-unique and there are up to hundreds of same exact rolled arcanas.
Tantalass 5 hours ago 
what dif in arcana's from stream and one what you looted?
Denafan 14 hours ago 
I have a suggestion of hiding rolls for arcana, coz watching that "2" roll especially painful for when u get clear the map for some people.
☀Eternal Flame ♏ Aug 15 @ 6:27am 
Nice gear? And i did nothing... makes sense.
The lying is evident, nothing else to say.

Ive been giving advice to that axe since the start, he didnt understand english or didnt know to read... how am i even able to trade with him???

You are just a little dick.
Kaito Kid 1412 Aug 15 @ 3:18am 
Hmm? im the reasone? wow so u say im special?^^ nice thx u but jokes beside u did nothing the whole game long and u had already a good hero and he axe had no good gear so yes i think he deserve it. Next time just think about the other people in your group and not only yourself. So I took the item from you cause u are a selfish bitch and the other guy deserve it more :P this is the last thing i can say about it^^ gl&hf.
☀Eternal Flame ♏ Aug 14 @ 7:23pm 
I asked you if you needed it, you said no. You just took it without even needing it and gave it to the one who rolled lower... because "he deserved it".
You had not excuses to act like a fucking dick.

I even had an axe for his build that i dont use that later showed you... At least you are exposed.
You are the reason why no one plays pubs.
Kaito Kid 1412 Aug 14 @ 10:40am 
Hmm funny only cause i had a higher rool then u and gave the item I "stolen" from u to the guy who need it u call me a "grab it all kid"? funny
☀Eternal Flame ♏ Aug 14 @ 9:14am 
Care with "kaito kid1412" another grab it all kid.
marvan09 Aug 14 @ 6:54am 
"My juggernaut is missing 1 point for base abilities and 2 runes skill points, he is 120 :c" -- Only solution rn is to use Reanimation Stone to respec.

"How do i get out of the mirana stun? cant get killed and cant move neither..." -- You don't. Just don't get hit from afar.