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Roshpit Champions 3.8A
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Jun 25, 2015 @ 7:31pm
Oct 17 @ 5:04am
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Roshpit Champions 3.8A

Multiplayer Action RPG with permanent character saving and complex progression
3.8A: New Tutorial Map for new players!
3.8: New Starter Map - Winterblight Mountain
New End-Game Raid - Sea Fortress[]
New Survival Map - Battle of Serengaard[]
New Map - Redfall Ridge NOW COMPLETE[]
New Raid - Pit of Trials[]
New Map - Roshpit Arena[]
New Map - Tanari Jungle[]

Note for new players - start your new game on Normal difficulty!



Roshpit Discord Chat Channel[] - ALL ARE WELCOME

Community Built Guide - BEST RESOURCE FOR NEW PLAYERS!!![]

Bug Tracker[]

Try the Roshpit Mobile App for IPhone, made by Random 5th[]

1-4 Players
23 Unique Heroes with Custom Skill Trees
Save and Load your Heroes to Complete 3 Difficulties
270 Legendary Items with Custom Affixes (+ 84 Legendary Weapons - 3 Unique Legendary Weapons for each hero)
30 Ultra Legendary items that change your heroes abilities
Gear Equip System with 6 Slots

Custom Enemies with Challenging AI and abilities
5 Max Size maps full of scripted events

Game Length: You can save and quit at any time
Solo Difficulty: Very Hard
Supported Languages: English, Chinese, Russian
Screen Resolution: Any

Guide (In Progess): Gamepedia[]

Rachop - World 1 Map & Terrain
songcx - Chinese Translation
Disabre - Russian Translation
Random 5th - Mobile App
1nsig(nia) - Graphics & QA
invalid_nick - Awesome house models on Redfall Ridge
Benedict Kataglou[] - Many Quality Icons
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HellBoy 10 hours ago 
is there a email i can contact you at/
☀Eternal Flame ♏ Oct 15 @ 4:13am 
Just a word of advice for the tutorial, just let new players know that you can nerf either gear or heros atributes making them lose their progress or builds, which will make them rage quit.
Kedoria Oct 14 @ 10:10pm 
Hey anthor,could you strengthen the Night Stalker and Kael? They are too weak and small to get through most of map .
My teammates always laugh at me when i choose them.I had try so many builds to save them ,but it is useless work.Their runes is so weak and can not help them make effective damage to monster.Needless to say that surviving from the attack of monster.
Kael is a magician,but his pets
and magic is so weak just like a chick . Night Stalker is a devil ,but most of time is dried up by monsters.
Pr1d3 Oct 14 @ 6:41am 
Roshpit doing pretty fine, what are you tardraging about again eh?
☀Eternal Flame ♏ Oct 9 @ 5:12pm 
RIP roshpit.
阿哈利姆·Aghanim Oct 7 @ 9:58am 
@ChalkyBrush Players that kills less than 10% of the sum of the total kills should NEVER roll the ARCANA.They are borers.
Oct 7 @ 12:58am 
@ChalkyBrush man, fix please the thing which make available some heroes to kill hard bosses in sea or winter with 3 stones with one hit, this is stupid and not funny. we are waste more time for killing mobs with illogical abilities like voids, than for kill last bosses. thanks.
[Un]Important Oct 4 @ 7:38am

bug shot of apollo pls fix it thx
KOT3 Oct 1 @ 12:35am 
Hi all, here is the problem - I bought the arcan on am in Glowe, on the map Tapah removed using the arcan blacksmith put another head, then snail the other head and put arcan, and then she was gone, the first skill was like from arcan, but it was not in the slot, the other cards and the first skill was not. Please do something, it's a shame it comes out .... !!!!
☀Eternal Flame ♏ Sep 27 @ 1:29am 
Perfect agi leon plate 750k mith, before i regret it.