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Warlords for Arma 3 is a multiplayer mode set up as a sort of Sector Control / CTI hybrid supporting TvT, PvP as well as COOP and even solo play against the AI.

Version 0.98 (Jul 22 2016)

Detailed info, including how to set up your own Warlords mission, can be found on the BI forums:

DISCLAIMER: Although I'm a BIS employee, this is an UNOFFICIAL mod and should be treated as any other usermade content.

How do I run it?
After subscribing on Workshop and restarting the game, Warlords scenarios will appear when setting up a MP game. Stratis and Altis both have their dedicated missions.

Game rules

(Note that the current rules may change in the future)

Core mechanics
There are three contesting factions: BLUFOR, OPFOR and Independents (AAF). BLUFOR and OPFOR can be controlled by players, AAF is always AI only.
BLUFOR and OPFOR start in their bases and respawn there. In every scenario, there are multiple sectors linked with each other and with the bases themselves.
All sectors except faction bases are initially controlled by AAF.
All sectors except the player's faction's base are initially locked and inaccessible (zone restriction).
At the start of the game, players vote for the sector to unlock and attack via the Sector voting tab in the map screen.
Players can vote only for sectors directly linked with a sector controlled by their faction (at the start it's only those connected to their faction's base).
Once a sector is selected, it's unlocked and zone restriction is removed for the entirety of the game.
This means that even if a faction seizes a sector and then loses control over it, the sector can be reclaimed by that faction even without being selected again.
A sector is seized when the attacking faction is the dominating presence in its area.
Seizing progress is shown by a HUD in the bottom right corner of the screen.
Once the selected sector is seized, players vote for another sector, then another, ... until they select the enemy faction's base.
If a sector is targeted and was previously seized by the other faction, garrison of that faction will be spawned and defend the sector. This can happen only once per sector.
When a faction's base is targeted by the enemy, the members no longer respawn in the base but some distance away.
After a while after the base is targeted, Fast travel to the base is disabled as well.
The game ends when either BLUFOR or OPFOR lose control over their base.

Command Points
Each sector periodically (every 60 seconds) generates Command Points (CPs).
The amount of CPs generated by each sector might be different. It depends mainly on the sector side, its importance and how heavily it's guarded.
CPs are stored for each player individually.
Current amount of CPs and their income rate is shown by a HUD in the bottom right corner of the screen.
CPs are used to request soldiers, vehicles, gear etc.
Seizing a sector for the first time generates CPs equivalent to 10 minutes of controlling the sector.
Small amount of CPs is generated by eliminating enemy units and vehicles.

Request menu

Troops & hardware
Players can make various requests in exchange for Command Points via the Request tab in the map screen.
If a player requests soldiers, vehicles or an ammo box, he has to airdrop them on a specified location.
The location can be either a controlled sector or the player's position (which is significantly more expensive).
Maximum size of player's group is 10 men. This number is lower at the game start and increases over time, but can also decrease if subordinates die rapidly. This is to prevent zerg rushes and give some value to their lives.
Current available subordiate slots are shown by a HUD in the bottom right corner of the screen.
Planes, helicopters and naval hardware can be requested only if the player's faction currently holds a sector with the proper disposition. When requesting one of these:
Aircraft is delivered to the neirest sector with required disposition (heliport or airstrip).
Boats and SDVs are deployed anywhere on a water surface (player clicks on map).
Static defences are placed manually by the player.
With the exception of ammoboxes and static defences, all requested hardware will be deleted if not used for a specific time to prevent performance loss in long sessions.

Fast travel
If no enemies are nearby, Fast travel can be used to instantly travel to any currently held sector (for free) or close to a sector your faction is attacking (for CPs).
Fast travel can be used only on foot.
Subordiate units will travel along with their leader if they're on foot and closer to him than 200 meters.

Sector scan
Sector scan reveals all enemies inside an unlocked sector to a faction which requested it.

Detailed info, including how to set up your own Warlords mission, can be found on the BI forums:
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