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Version 3.4.0

ModTools is an in-game scene graph viewer and a toolkit for mods and assets authors. This version is compatible with C:S v1.1+ and has some new features.


This is my fix of nlight's awesome ModTools to make it compatible with C:S v1.1+.

Note: Read original ModTools' description first before use! ModTools may corrupt your save games or affect your gameplay experience in some unpredictable way.

Note: To use this version of ModTools you need to unsubscribe nlight's original ModTools first, and then subscribe to my version. They are different Workshop items

GitHub repository[]

Feel free to comment. Pull reqests are welcome.

Important - read before commenting! In case of errors:
if you have any errors/exceptions, please, don't paste them into comments. Error reports without attached outpult log file won't be reviewed or answered. Some of them will even be deleted. Use pastebin, dropbox or whatever to upload the file and share the link with me. Please make sure that this mod is activated and is updated to the most recent version before submitting your reports.

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Ciar Aon Apr 22 @ 12:00pm 
@BloodyPenguin Thanks for looking into it; With regards to Homebrew, if someone is savvy enough to need to run scripts for assets, they probably know how to use GitHub and/or Homebrew. And it's easy enough for any Mac asset creator to add if necessary, assuming you can save us from having to boot into Windows (scripts don't work in Parallels using BootCamp either).
ale_donkey Apr 21 @ 9:48am 
@BloodyPenguin I appreciate you looking into this as I'm sure that a handful of other mac using asset creators are as well. As to your question, I have not had to use Homebrew for software installation yet, so I'm guessing that not many other mac users are going to be familiar with it either.
m4gic Apr 21 @ 8:04am 
Hi Penguin - first off you rock! Secondly: do you know how to dump a cim in order to import the model as something else? I have tried the same way I would a building but it won't give me the option to import.

For instance, using the toga partygoers and importing those models for all of the vanilla residential cims would in theory create a pack of "ancient cims" all wearing togas.....if only I could figure out how to re-use the cims in the game and import them as a different type of cim asset...
BloodyPenguin  [author] Apr 20 @ 3:06pm 
@ale_donkey Installed Unity, found those exact files and copied them to the correct location but it didn't work. Somehow the scripts wont' be compile. It looks like the only proper way to achieve what we want is to find a dmg file of some old Cities version and take the files from there
BloodyPenguin  [author] Apr 20 @ 11:44am 
@ale_donkey Ok, I've checked the game application package, and now I understand what you wrote below. What happened is that mono compiler (mono-gmcs) is no longer bundled with the game but the game code that this mod uses still refers to it. So it looks like the only viable solution is to install the compiler externally and mod the game files in such a way that they would refer to that external compiler. I will see what is the easiest way to achieve that. An ideal solution would be to find the exact compiler that used to be provided with the game in some other place and provide it as a zip file that has to be extracted to a specific place. I will keep on investigating.
Got a question, do typical Mac users use Homebrew to install software? Asking because I'm a software engineer and using a command line tool feels natural to me, but I'm not sure about non-developers :)
ale_donkey Apr 19 @ 9:34am 
@BloodyPenguin Thank you for looking into it.
BloodyPenguin  [author] Apr 19 @ 2:43am 
@ale_donkey @Ciar Aon Just checked the game files on my Mac. I see what is the problem now. All the game files (including the dlls needed to compile the scripts) are inside one 12 GB application file instead of being unpacked as in Windows. I will check whether it's possible to somehow access those
ale_donkey Apr 18 @ 8:18am 
And my "no one really seems to care about Mac users" is a QQ comment out of frustration. I am a Mac user!
ale_donkey Apr 18 @ 8:02am 
*Note this is all speculative information and not confirmed.
ale_donkey Apr 18 @ 8:02am 
@Ciar Aon Yes, and sadly no one really seems to care about Mac users. To my knowledge (which I admit isn't worth a grain of salt) this isn't due to the mod creator (per se) but to Paradox Interactive, (possibly) Steam, and (probably) Apple. In one of the updates over a year ago some of the game files changed for the mac version of C:S. The files that control external scripts were accidentally or intentionally omitted or misplaced. This mod relies on those files to run scripts. Scripts fail because they can't find those files that were originally packaged with the older version of the game. This change might have occurred due to Apple and their OS updates. All this happened around the same time. Maybe fixing this is in the works still, I don't know. All I know is that I'm not finding a whole lot of information about it and when I ask I don't get any replies. In the meantime I would recommend running C:S in Windows through Boot Camp if you really want to run scripts with this mod.*