Cities: Skylines

Cities: Skylines

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ModTools (Fixed for 1.1+)
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ModTools (Fixed for 1.1+)

In 1 verzameling van BloodyPenguin
Penguin's Modding Tools
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Version 3.3.0

ModTools is an in-game scene graph viewer and a toolkit for mods and assets authors. This version is compatible with C:S v1.1+ and has some new features.


This is my fix of nlight's awesome ModTools to make it compatible with C:S v1.1+.

Note: Read original ModTools' description first before use! ModTools may corrupt your save games or affect your gameplay experience in some unpredictable way.

Note: To use this version of ModTools you need to unsubscribe nlight's original ModTools first, and then subscribe to my version. They are different Workshop items

GitHub repository[]

Feel free to comment. Pull reqests are welcome.

Important - read before commenting! In case of errors:
if you have any errors/exceptions, please, don't paste them into comments. Error reports without attached outpult log file won't be reviewed or answered. Some of them will even be deleted. Use pastebin, dropbox or whatever to upload the file and share the link with me. Please make sure that this mod is activated and is updated to the most recent version before submitting your reports.

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14 mrt 2018 om 0:16
Is it possible to precisely place Props in the Asset Editor with Mod Tools?
18 mei om 3:06
Questions on Usage
[SE] Bean
26 feb 2016 om 22:20
[Bug] Strange copy&paste
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Holgast 18 jun om 5:07 
Hi, not certain if you're still checking these comments, but I've been having a weird error when importing.

Here is the log.

I unsubscribed all the mods. The error I receive is that the model has no tangents and that textures are missing, though I have created all the maps and it loads fine in blender.
Senfkorn 17 jun om 11:11 
Hi BloodyPenguin, thanks for the great mod. Is there a way to add a water pipeline (the function) to a simple prop for example? Or just the node of the function? My plan is to make an elevated pipeline system that supplies water by using props.
sushen 18 mei om 12:39 
Is it possible to pick an UI element and show it in scenegraph ? Thx
Green Allien 12 mei om 2:21 
Hello, for 3 days ago, the game has not been running, it crashed and when I unsubscribe from it everything is fine, an error report comes out and I think I interpret that some other mods are not going well, however I already say that if I unsubscribe from ModTools everything is fine, and the other mods do not give failures, I don't know if the error report will be worth it.
RedDog 11 mei om 19:20 
Can someone suggest a tutorial for this mod? I am able to see and make changes to assets, but haven't figured out how to save/download the changes.
viniprado 9 mei om 7:22 
@Architect 4D Thanks, it works :steamhappy:
Samson71 7 mei om 11:47 
Hello and thank you very much for your great work on the mod "ModTools".

Unfortunately there are a few small problems with the export of road textures.

Have a link to a picture, hope it works.

In the lower half of the picture, you can see the original road, I exported this road with the mod "ModTools" and imported it for testing purposes back into Cities skylines without changes.

Unfortunately the diffius texture is not exported correctly, because it is much paler or has a grey haze, you can see this in the upper half of the picture.

Additionally this texture also has an offset. I wonder if no changes have been made to the mesh or UV mesh.

You could adjust the texture offset, but the color difference, because I can't really get rid of it, you can always see a difference.

Maybe there are tips on how to fix it correctly.
* 7 mei om 9:31 
Is it possible to select UI elements with the selection tool? For example, like a button created by a mod. I'm looking for a simple way to be able to click on it and get the component name. I tried, but could only select things like props/buildings/etc.
Architect 4D 5 mei om 5:43 
You go to the properties of Cities Skyline then you click on the local files button
There you will find ModToolsConfig.xml
viniprado 5 mei om 2:54 
Where I find the .xml file?