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Dota IMBA is the answer to the question: what would happen if every hero received nothing but buffs for 100 patches straight?

Stupidly overpowered heroes? Speed-of-light DBZ-esque fights? Insane abilities which make no sense? IMBA has it all! Come check it out.

Currently Dota Imba has 3 Maps:
- 5v5: Standard, Mutation and Frantic can be voted in loading screen
- 10v10: Standard, Mutation and Frantic can be voted in loading screen
- Demo: Useful for testing (Make sure to leave through the red quit button bottom left to avoid custom game ban!)

# Enjoyed the game and want to support us as developers?

Pledge on the IMBA Patreon[]

We are also active on Reddit and Discord[].

# Positive mutators:
- Killstreak Power (vanilla)
- Teammate Resurrection (vanilla)
- Super Fervor: Killing enemies grants attack speed and decrease cooldowns. Greater effects on heroes killed.
- Slark Mode: Regenerate health and mana slightly faster when not in vision of the enemy.
- Ultimate Level: Max level increased to 100.

# Negative mutators:
- Death Explosion (vanilla)
- Periodic Spellcast (vanilla)
- Defense of the Feeders: Every time you kill a hero or die, you become 5% bigger/smaller. Min/Max size caps at 75%/-75%.
- Monkey Business: Standing still and uninterrupted for 3 seconds changes your shape, taking inspiration from certain surroundings. Taking damage, attacking, or using any item or ability breaks the disguise.

# Terrain mutators:
- Airdrop: Gifts are deployed around the map every 2 minutes.
- River Flows: The river flows. Movement speed greatly increased on the water.
- Wormhole: Wormholes spawn on the map. Activating one will bring you to another random wormhole.
- Tug of War: Spawns a big BOB (warlock golem) on the mid lane. Every time BOB dies, he comes back stronger (more HP/damage) and he switches to the opposite team. Inspired from bob wars (created by ArcTangent)
- Super Runes: Runes are unusually effective.

# Suggestions, Ideas and Bug Reports

Stay up to date, learn about the game and share your ideas on our Official Website[]. You can also use the Issues section on Github[]

# About

Dota IMBA is based on the original Warcraft III map by Mimiya, which you can download here[]. This mod was made with the authorization of Mimiya.