Space Engineers

Space Engineers

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By Maxyall
I'll travel one Gigametre (1,000,000,000 metres.) from point of origin in Space Engineer (Realistic Survival)
>Start with basic essential survival equipment such as Refinery, Medbay, Assembly, Oxygen.
>Start with ONE uranium ingot with no solar panel.
>Start with no weapons.
>Never take anything from derelict with cheaty amount of resources.

To keep things moving:
>Change skybox every 1000 km x Variables.
>Install/Change cargo ship and exploration ship mods and soundtrack every now and then
>After one gigametre travelled. will travel til Planet update is announced.

Until planet in Space Engineer arrives. I'll drift indefinitely looking for home... ; _ ;
I'll keep taking screenshot and write diary every certain amount of distance.
**Travelling 24/7 at 104mps would take more than three months. But they did take 5 months to get to mars in interstellar
***Some part of the journal is roleplay and has nothing to do with the game mechanic

Your feedback is my fuel!
Sector Map
Extremely Cramp coziest respawn ship sized shuttle made by me. I calls it Ebikko (shrimp eggs i guess?)
Day0 ebikko uploaded here:
^Drawn concept. Will scan and upload floor planning later.
[Test] Big Empty Redux
Class-C Shuttle // Ebikko >AUTOLOG
Autologger; LINDA V.2.0, Krass ind. Crew logger // Mental Evaluation enabled

[...] = Autologger switched off momentarily

>CREW : 1

Sol 1 Dec 31, 1969 @ 4:00pm[...] "I decided to just cruise, in to the big empty, the blackness. Mathematically; chance to find myself anywhere habitable is non existent, I know. But space's a wonder. If I am to join my specie in death, I'd rather have my sight-see first. I just woke up afterall. Besides , I have this.. Linda the Autologger. She will record my journey, my thought. It's a shame that I cannot talk to her though." "Linda, enlarge your scope a bit, describe the interior." Ebikko [Class C Shuttle] is a small sized tube shaped civilian shuttle equipped with Cryogenic module. In front stood a cockpit cluttered with monitors displaying various numbers, coordinates, subsystem routines. A packet of decades old noodle, a pair of biodegraded chopsticks dissolved halfway into the stale soup, making blue, oozing, disgusting liquid. "...I should have flushed these out before I slept. Millennials later, the alien will find out how filthy human is." From the cockpit is a straight hallway that is about one meter in width, equ

>Nerve synchronization successful

"Hello." said Drifter, subject shown subtle sign of curiosity.

"Are you writing this down, Linda?"

"Oh.. okay. Remarkable precision." He sighed, heart rate slightly increased.

"These details aren't needed. Try to be more poetic..." He smiled. "Describe what's outside."

The <Point of Origin>. Planet J'ranet, third from the sun. Former home of billions, now a charred and thoroughly scorched by the phenomenal heat wave that occurred on it's fifth star cycle.

"I woke up to this. Almost unbelievable... Surreal."

He ran his finger through his stubble as he stared out of the port window. Concerned, in denial perhaps.

"It's not affecting me, though." "I've been asleep - isolated in here for decades. The world isn't mine anymore."


"I decided to just cruise, in to the big empty, the blackness. Mathematically; chance to find myself anywhere habitable is non existent, I know. But space's a wonder. If I am to join my specie in death, I'd rather have my sight-see first. I just woke up afterall. Besides , I have this.. Linda the Autologger. She will record my journey, my thought. It's a shame that I cannot talk to her though."

"Linda, enlarge your scope a bit, describe the interior."

Ebikko [Class C Shuttle] is a small sized tube shaped civilian shuttle equipped with Cryogenic module. In front stood a cockpit cluttered with monitors displaying various numbers, coordinates, subsystem routines. A packet of decades old noodle, a pair of biodegraded chopsticks dissolved halfway into the stale soup, making blue, oozing, disgusting liquid.

"...I should have flushed these out before I slept. Millennials later, the alien will find out how filthy human is."

From the cockpit is a straight hallway that is about one meter in width, equipped with all kind of living essentials such as bed, refrigerator, storage cabinet, small hatch that leads nowhere, toilet, and lastly, airlock. The layout is designed to be efficient, economic, not resilient but fully capable at outlasting it's user lifespan.
Ge turned the ignition key, the control panel unlocked for him, the vibrant ember orange monitor color schemes turned to bisque yellow scrawled with text and codes. He crunched hiss knuckle and pulled the lever.
The acceleration took place, slightly pulled him into the seat, the engine hummed energetically as the shuttle spiral toward the endless perihelion, leaving the dead planet behind. He was, admittedly excited of the journey that lies ahead, exploration, wonders, the unimaginable, it's like living the childhood dream. And for a moment he completely forgotten about his people demise /

Awesome video by Nakuyomaru
I writes a journal in my ship terminal daily
>>>Day One: 871 KM from point of origin.
Its a great start. The acceleration is pretty standard. I've reached 104mps in just 30 sec. The idle fuel time for one uranium is 2 hours but with some optimization it goes up to 7hours. I reduced the gravity field down to the hall way size, and turn off my comm array until I want to scan. Didnt start mining or scavving yet but I may need to find ice vein soon because the o2 generator continously eating ice. Also I cant sleep in bed with my helmet off because I'll suffocate for some reason :(
I might left the ship cruising while i do other things but I'm so afraid that
It'll crash into asteroid even in normal density. D: (autosave is on)
Current Skybox: Dead Planet, No Sun, Radiation Clouds
1782 KM from point of origin.
Its very dark outside, Theres no sun, just a morbid blackhole
emitting feint light.. cant see what ahead. I want to get out
of this system the sooner the better.

>>>Day2: 2482KM from point of origin
An asteroid passed by really close to me while I as cruising. Even the smallest one is enough to tear my ship apart. The chance is one in a hundred thousands. but one billion metre journey rolls enough dice to make it inevitable. It will happen one day in my travel. I don't know when... The real question is how will I recover?
I accidentally left my forward thruster override on for five minutes and half of my juices are gone! I still have 8 hours left in my one uranium because I halved the gravity power. It's amazing how much one ingot can last!

At midnight (EST earth clock) I decided to boot up my antenna and started scanning. Third scan attempt is successful and my Comm dish detected not one but FIVE stationary object! There was Large, and Enormous. I went to Large one first because it's the closest. 25km later I saw a HUGE grey factory It was dark, scary and look abit haunted. I tried to dock on the side entrance but my side collide with it a little, causing the whole damn station to drift away. (0.2mps) I panicked, put on my helmet and jump out of the airlock. The door was locked so I grinded it in. After a long hallway I finally found a control terminal. I boot it up and turn on the light. Theres enough battery to keep it running for days!. Then I heard tatatatatat. The gattling outside is shooting my Ebikko!!! So I turned on the control panel and stunned for a few second. Everything is written in Russian... It took me a minute to find a turret and turn it off. Everything was fine after that. Turned out this place is a Computer parts manufactorum. I got some silicon, computer chips and display from the cargo.
I named the place Kovac. fits it's nation
Then a private sail flew by and shoot up the place. It was a sight to behold

Then I checked the rest, saved the enormous stationary for last. Commercial salvager has nothing in it. It is bigger than my shuttle, but definitely not for living. Theres a cargo ship here and there.
But behold... The Enormous Stationary.....
I know this ship. Its the Legendary Xedus Ophanium Class Attack Frigate! I could take this ship for a journey, its tempting.. but the interior is hard to navigate. The mass make it take sweat ass time to accelerate. and I dont want to abandon my Ebikko ;3

On 4000something km mark, I found this beauty:
>>>Day3: 5728KM from point of origin
I took my time on the first two day. a mistake. 1000km per day won't get me anywhere. I need to step up my game. From this day onward I'll travel atleast 5000km a day. That would still take my 200+ days but it's still a progress. I'll increase the distance per day progressively. I now have four days worth of uranium.. I didn't wanted to be over stocked but oh boy, I Guaranteed It will run out. Uranium is never a problem.. I can scavenge those from derelicts. But ICE is nowhere to be found! and I only have ZERO units left. Now i'm breathing from the tank. The clock is ticking
It's the first day mining. I hope this'll work

"on the first mission to Infinity, you don't want someone falling ill or freaking out on the way--and Pete had checked out clearer than any of us. Then, seven days before departure, he went and died. The autopsy said his heart gave out, but I knew, from speaking to the doctors, that they could not find anything wrong with him. Dead, he presented as perfect a physical specimen as he had when alive. Me, I think he collapsed under the burden of hope that was placed upon him; mission "

I didn't have any ore detector. And the recent change to the system made filling up oxygen using medbay impossible. I need to make a Air bottle or I cannot leave this ship at. all.
I needed silver to make one. I have ZERO! So I look for component to dissemble. I have NONE that contain it! Clock's ticking so I tried my last resort: derelict. So I scanned immediently one tiny stationary was found very close to my position. It was worth the try. that tiny fighter has two small reactor. to reactor component worth 10 silver. So I had my bottle... After that is a struggle. ICE is a pain to find. Iron is everywhere I did found platinum first so I made an ore detector. after thatt
It's a breeze.
I survived. until Ebikko slammed head first into a rock because I forgot to turn on the spotlight..

Ebikko depressurised. whole front taken out along with the cockpit. It was a ♥♥♥♥♥♥ day.

I also reached character limit on my personal computer. Will move my journal to an ai core, as soon as I install the second one

During my travel, I kills time by reading the Phoenix republic handbook. It's a good read. I now have it's pamphlet on my wall, next to my cockpit.>>>>

>>>Day4: 8830KM from point of origin
Finally a strong star lighting up the sector. It was beautiful and serene. fills with debries and enormous derelict of the lost civilisation. Spent hours prior fixing up Ebikko and patching any hole that would cause depressurization. I made the front three metre longer and It looks great If I say so myself. Didn't reach my 10Km goal for that but It was worth it.
I have all the Ice, all the uranium I need. enough for more than 24 hours. So today I just cruises. Read books, watched the tapes. just passing the time. Something feels strange about this sector. I can't help but having a bad feeling...

"I think we have a ghost on board," I said to the terminal.

"I think I saw him. Once. On a night rest, when I couldn't sleep. He was sitting there, like he was checking my progress, keeping an eye on me. Finding home was his dream, it was what had driven him all his life. I guess, in a way, I'm not surprised that he's here with us, keeping an eye on things."

New wing and large thruster after upgrade.+bigger interior. many hours spent repairing &mining
>>>Day5 12,587KM from point of origin
Worklog: I thought I could cruise for another day, I was wrong. The oxygen level dropped down to 22% With 400lb pocket, =681 units of ice. Which worth only 4% for two tanks. My wetwork really has no end.

I savor my time in the nebula. Its easy and relaxing. The fact that I can see well grants me comfort. I dwelled deeper into the derelict, It got darker as I goes into it's shadow. Lets go for another ten thousand kilometre for today...

>>>Day6 20,064KM from point of origin
"Ten... nine... eight... seven... six... five," I whispered "four... three... two... one." The suit gave a loud fizz, then silence as the oxygen bottle emptied. I got enough ice for today trip. I kicked the glacier below and launched my self toward ebikko, holding my lung. I got through the airlock and removed my helmet with haste. Then wipe blood off my nose. Every second in the decompression deteriorate my health bit by bits.
I have to do this everyday now. Or atleast until I install a decent drill on this ship.

I stopped at my personal computer, flipped the switch. catching my breath.
"I want to grow sunflowers"
"So Ill never forget where the sun is.." I shade my eyes, looking at Karos's yellow star.
"When we have our garden.. We'll have bed, and time"
"All the time in the universe."
I pushed a button. End of the log.
Back to the cockpit, I set the forward thruster override to maximum as I breathed in freshly harvested air. I am leaving the graveyard behind. a new sector is ahead of me
"I thought it might be useful, you know, over there."
"I'll grow things, lots of things"

>>>Day7 27,114KM from point of origin
Gallante Space
I spent most of my time playing chess with the computer, which is depressing because I'll never truly beat it. It just intentionally going easy on me so I could progressively getting better.. all under it pity. Because it doesn't matter how good you gets, You cannot beat the com at it full processing power.
I didn't have to go out for Ice today, It felt like a holiday even when I'm a long haul trucker without weekends.

Later I found out that I wastes a block worth of air everytime I uses the air lock, because I don't have proper decompression system installed, just two airlock door next to each other. I can't help it, Ebikko is small and I cant afford to built another big room on her side. It'd take alot of overhaul and there will be lots of mass increase to deal with. On top of that, the air lock will need to be larger than my kitchen and bedroom combined. I will need stay inside more instead..

>>>Day8 28,806KM from point of origin
I decided to start working on the Airlock to today. First I depressurized the whole ship, picked up my O2 bottle then start grinding. There's no room for trial and error here so I spent sometime draft the whole room out in paper. First I planned to make 2x2 L shaped airlock to save space as much as possible, but I ran out of interior plates midway through making the air vent. The whole ship is in complete vacuum at the time and I am wasting suit O2 so I weld together a makeshift plate wall to patch up the hole, pressurized the ship, took my helmet off and wait for the components to assemble. I didn't want to waste anymore time so while the assembly doing it's job, I sat on the cockpit, Inspect Ebikko exterior and did the math. After ten minutes I got the approximate number of each components required (added ten each to be safe). I depressurized the ship again and grind. I took me like half a hour but turned out the goshdarned L shaped can't hold the air in at all because I put a slope in the corner to cover the exposed reactor. Lost alot of air in the process but meh, It's a long term investment. Back to the drawing board.
After Consulting alot of engineering handbooks (guides) I decided that three blocks straight is the best and most efficient method. I put the vent in the ceiling and a set of buttons underneath in. The airlock chamber also dark as hell so I made it a T shaped airlock to put a light bulb in it. It looks great and still look pretty from the outside.
I also installed a Safety Door Mechanism. Every one minute, ever door and access shaft left open will automatically close it self to prevent any accident.

>>>Day9 35,127KM from point of origin
Today is Air day, I stopped near an asteroid with Ice and did my job normally. I also mined a large chunk of gold. It is mainly used on computer chip, but I got enough chips for a life time from that computer factory. I didn't hoard it to assemble anything really. It just became my new hobby, once this is over, I'll be the richest man in the sector (muahaha) with population of 1... I got about 2k of raw gold, then depart. I don't want to waste too much time digging at same place. I'll take a little each from where ever I finds them during my travel.

I salvaged a small cargo vessel today, Didn't grind the whole thing down but I got two units of uranium (worth 18 hours at minimal usage) from the reactor, along with this fine poster. It got coffee stain and stickers on it, This will fit well on the console. there's also a pale porcelain doll, a black jewelry box, and a red toy rocket ship.

I still never reach the preferable distance quota of 10,000km per day. It is too much for me. at this rate I'll reach my destination at round 4-5 earth months, which is so not ok.

>>>Day10 42,814KM form point of origin
Meintenance log: There's something weird happens to the ship today. When I cruises, the ship turns bit by bit, drifting off course. The change is too subtle to notice, But it racks up. Today I left the ship running in full thrust and slept. I woke up to see Point of Origin marker on the right side. Which means the ship changed course by it self by 90 degree azimuth. Leaving the ship to turn further will only result in a counter productive trip. I could assume that It happened because the ship is asymmetrical and some of the thruster is on the left hand side of the ship, But that is unlikely.

I am leaving the Gallante space nebula. Refinery turned it self off after a long endless refining the save power, resulting in dead silence that I've not heard for a long time. It's eerie and haunting. I never thought that noisy sound of metal clanking would be so comforting till this day. I am afraid of silence, not because it's emptiness, but because I am afraid to hear something else.. or someone else. I could hear my own heartbeat. Illogical paranoia that I couldn't stand for so long. So I turned on the radio to hear it's static, killing the silence. The channel is empty, always was, and hopefully not always will.

From this day, I'll left the comm channel open, looking for any wanderer of survivor. I could use some company.Because travelling long distance journey alone in space is, well.. lonely.

>>>Day11 45,222KM form point of origin
I am pissed today. The slight change in trajectory has gone out of hand. The ship turned 360' and was flying toward point of origin until I woke up and shut down the thruster, So I went outside and start looking for the culprit of this mess, and I found it. The top part of piston (that I prepared for drill attachment) cause a small collision and made my ship turns bit by bits. So I grind the whole thing off, *sigh* no piston drill for me...

The Navcom detected light debries storm ahead in New Donbass sector at 50,000km-70,000km mark. I am now looting every ammo box I could find in the derelicts.
>>>Day12 49,070KM from point of origin
Yesterday I've reached the character limit for week2, moving on to week3
Just a thousand kilometre from the Hazard, I delayed my trip for a day to prepare my defense. Ebikko cannot afford to get directly hit on the hull, The armor is so light that it would cause an instant decompression, blowing my eardrums and vaporize my blood in the process.
I installad one 23mm auto chain gun on top, and one at the bottom. Fortunately I've saved the conveyor slots on every corner of the ship (hidden behind the plate) for this moment.

On a four-month voyage, a crew of hyper-active engineers will run out of things to do however many make-work experiments Mission devises. By the third week out, I started pinning poster on the wall, leaving ration pack cluttered on the counter, and started collecting dolls. It helps with my psychology, keeping my mind busy. I also collecting books from the derelicts too. My favorite read is Martian by Andy Weir. I could relate to the main character, you know. we're going through the same thing.
I believe that I am sane, and I was sure about it. But recently I am starting to doubt it. I can see someone..

Only a shadow, a silhouette, nothing definite at first. But recently, on the seat, I think I've seen him, staring out of the airlock or standing by the diagnostic displays.

>>>Day13 54,262KM from point of origin
Entering New Donbass System Millions of small debries are in motion like specks of dust. The hazards will hit every fifteen minutes approximately, which I am lucky enough to not have any collision at all. The turret fires continously at the rocks that are never going to hit me, wasting bullets . but better to be safe than sorry.
I took my time accelerating, and staring out of the starboard, admiring the scorched desert planet. There used to be civilization down there, I can see the cityscape, dead and abandoned. Am I the only surviving population in this orbit?
"But what of the others? I can't be the only one." I sent a packet of data, and recieved a looping message

"Quarantine Zone 958A: New Donbass. [Parasitic] [Expunged] [Population: 0] In event that the pressurized cabin becomes tainted with Betafluan drill-leeches, you will be force-woken in order for you to remove the foreign bodies before they fill your bones with their egg-cancers. The drill-leeches will look like gray, cigarette-sized worms, their tails twitching as they burrow deeper. No matter how intense the chewing sensation may become, please--for your safety and the integrity of the cabin, do not scratch the drill-leeches. Merely mark your violation points with one of the helpful leech-markers from the emergency cabinet, and use the medical bay mechinism to safely extract the parasites before they reach marrow."

In other news, today's flight features an ice-picking to refuel my cabin's breathing materials. I only hope that the debries won't tear my ship apart while soing so.

>>>Day14 60,763KM from point of origin
The ship drove towards its hellish perihelion. On my cramped flight deck spun a simulacra of a binary system: two red dwarfs locked in an vicious gravitational embrace, a combined orbital period of two minutes, twenty-five seconds. An endless, futile pursuit. Their luminosity had been muted to make them bearable. Even so, the display cast double shadows throughout the cabin, a confusion of intersecting lines and hard shapes that slashed across walls and deck like whirling blades.
I didn't stop at all, not for ice harvest, not even for sightseeing. I would risk getting hit by environmental hazards if I do.

Nope, still got hit, twice. Ebikko's wing is now obliterated. Lost 3 forward, 2 side and backward thruster, and an Azimuth's expensive ore detector along with the kitchen window, rapidly decompressurize my whole ship in the process. My eardrum and veins in my nose bursted. (made a mess on my keyboard) I have no turrets now because all two of them was part of the wing. The ship spun out of control, throwing debris in all directions. I sought shelter in a hollowed-out asteroid right after. But with the injury and splitting cluster headache I have no energy to undo any damage today.

>>>Day15 60,812KM from point of origin
I decided to move more essential equipment inside the hull, but theres no space left. The cockpit always been too big for this little ship with two status LCD and computers everywhere. I recycled most of it and replace them with, smaller, more ecomonical version. I also add one more medium container and replace an Ore Detector. I always wanted to install a hydroponic plantation in my ship so I suppose this is the best time to. I removed the useless sloped ceiling and installed two, one above the hall, another on top of the cockpit so that I can breath freshest air in the galaxy.
I also fixed the wing with much simpler design, more sleek and cheap. I'll get out of this debries field tomorrow.

>>>Day16-19 81,717KM from point of origin
I spent last three days in Cryosleep and had operate the ship so little while traveling, The distance is good since there's no distraction. But then I woke up in the darkness, confused. The ship seemed to stagger. All engines were down. The ship was shuddering, pitched violently like it had been struck a tremendous blow. I fell back onto my seat, stunned. My head spun and my ears rang; the cheeks burnt like it had been splashed with acid. Tasting blood. Darkness swirled around me, sucked at my consciousness, tried to pull me down. I fought against it. The cabin was dark, the display gone, most of the instruments off line. Debris tumbled listlessly through the vacuum. Through the ragged tear forward, I could see stars. The ship is spinning violently. The power is down due to lacks of uranium.
I quickly flipped the secondary power switch. The display flickered back to life. Incredibly, they were past the red indicator. But still well within range of its power. There's two cells of battery which lasts 30 minutes with all non-essential subsystems off, 5 minutes at full thrusts. I must find more fuel before it run out or I die. And the journey will be over.

It took a full minute of thruster to bring the ship to full stop and another two to get to the nearest asteroid. The first one was ,to my fear, filled with iron and cobalts and nothing else. So I took another risk and fly to the next. Relying on inertial dampener as much as possible to save fuel resulted in longer trip. It took almost three minute to get close enough for ore detector to do it's job. NONE. Nickel and Iron.. The battery dropped to two square out of five. I cannot afford to roll another dice. I limped on the chair looking out of the thin glass, looking for anything worth clinging my life to. Then I saw it. One small asteroid approximately two kilometres away. It is out of the detector range but I can see the black vein on it. Could be just a dark spot but It's the risk I am willing to take. I took spare oxgen bottle, got in the airlock, depressurize, left the ship and shut it down entirely to save power while I'm away. I hustled over as quickly as my suit would allow. Bingo! Its the uranium! I am going to take all of you. Every single gram of you ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥.

It's the best drilling session ever. I literally exhausted that little asteroid...
>>>Day20 87,946KM from point of origin
"The cubs and the lions are snoring,
Wrapped in a big snuggly heap.
How is it you can do all this other great ♥♥♥♥
But you can’t lie the ♥♥♥♥ down and sleep?"
I can't sleep. There's nothing to worry about now, I got weeks worth of fuel, Two more says worth of air. But I am still restless. So I start scanning to find something to ease my boredom. I detected a enormous structure on first scan. only 7 kilometre ahead...

It's an extremely large station. Black, gloomy and there's antenna sticking out everywhere. I readied my air tank, did some stretch, Docked and began my exploration. I found the Main control terminal in the first room, so booted up the system and checked the station inventory. There's were plenty of supply here but most of them were stored in an isolated container somewhere. The ownership is locked, I have to find it by myself and hack it.
The display over the front gate was dark; no buttons or other controls were visible. The doors to the elevator had been welded shut. Puzzled, I ran my finger along the strange seam, then shrugged. I turned and walked over to the grey door next to it, pushing against it. It gave with a small click and sighed open to reveal a stairwell, an orange railing running along the edge of the stairs. I flicked on my helmet light and bent over the edge of the railing; My light tunneled downwards into a spiral of receding stairs. I couldn't see the bottom. Pushing away from the rail, I began my descent, the boots kicking up small clouds of dust.
The stairs switched back twice before I came to the first landing. Unlabeled barrels and crates had been stacked haphazardly next to a metal door. The words Physical Plant had been stenciled on the door in white letters. I tried the handle, but the door was locked. I continued my descent.
I stood in a corridor that ran the length of the building. Dozens of gurneys lined both walls, leaving only a narrow aisle between. Across from me was a nurses' station; to my left was the dead elevator, its door also welded shut. At the far end of the hallway a tattered sheet had been tacked up across a floor-to-ceiling window. The pane had been smashed out of the window, and brilliant slashes of light spilled through rips in the material, darting across the walls and floor each time the sheet snapped in the wind. The place I still hauntingly dark even with all the lights on, I hacked the nearby panel and crank the light intensity and radius all the way to maximum. The container is on the lowest, deepest floor. Guarded by two interior turrets. I disabled the security so it would be any problem.
There were thousands of medical components. I have no need for them but its a great source of Nickel and Silver.

>>>Day21 94,586KM from point of origin
I found that the further I am from the point of origin, The more time dilates. I move significantly slower in my ship and the ship move slower in top speed. I have noticed this change at around 50,000km, But at the ninety, the dilation is so strong, my body feels heavy and the ship is slowed down to crawl. I think the game have problem calculating ten digits long coordinate for each axis

Theres an update in ship schematics database. I can now build proper Cryopod is now. So I took this opportunity to scrap the old (broken) two stories bunkbed that suffocates me. I spent about two hours to plan and build a new cryo room on the left portside. Due to abundance of resource, I installed three pods total just in case I meet another living human (Or any sapience, at this point I am not picky). I also put in another co pilot seat in the cockpit.

I'm thinking about installing some solar panel and oxygen farm for infinite life support, But I just couldnt get myself to do it. Theres two reasons. First is, Both would look fugly and bulky outside. Second reason is It would takes forever to weld one solar panel. What do I expect? I am an Isolated procasinator with all the time in the universe..

>>>Day22 105,776KM from point of origin
The distance I've travelled is now more than twice the Earth circumference!
Lately, monologuing alone is what kept me occupied. I felt like making conversation with the presence tenanting my ship. He could be a piece of my insanity, but I would rather embrace it than rejecting it because he somehow cure my loneliness.
I smiled and reached out to touch the portside window. The tip of my thumb blotted out the sun. "There's value in patience. The universe is large. Sometimes it's good to have a reminder."
"A year," I whispered. "All alone." ...
"I should have brought a book."

Red Giant swims into view. This sector is a dead place, intense red heat having charred anything that might have become a viable planet into barren lumps of common metals. Very common metals. It takes only a few minutes after my emergence into the sector for the receiver to align itself with a derelict. A long burst of static roars, fades. An automatic message mutters indistinctly, distorted as if bubbling up from deep under water, then suddenly the voice rings out in shrill clarity.
"I'm out here because I have lymphoma." The voice laughs a little. "They can colonize Torr, they can mine the Kuiper Belt for water, but they still can't cure cancer..."
There were no life signs on that freighter..

>>>Day23 112,845KM from point of origin
Personal Log: I always wanted to be a hero. To go on adventures and inspire people. To have portraits taken with the president as he shook my hand and told me that I honored my planet. But it is nothing but a foolish aspiration. My planet is dead, and few survivors are scattered. Drifting endlessly in different direction.. like me. It's abit comforting to know that someone out there are sharing the same fate in a colonial ship. The only difference between me and them is that I am alone, drifting a one way trip, a deathwish. My jaw clenches and a single tears dropped.
But there are truths and there are truths. My marvelous spaceship will eventually give out. That's inevitable, unless some ill-positioned sun or black hole claims her first. What's the point of proving that's there nothing out there? What good will it do to prove our journey has no destination or purpose? We already living in our own purgatory.

Today is AirDay. I can't shake these negative thought while drilling for Ice. But there's one thing I know for sure. I will keep going, until the void claims me.

>>>Day24-25 120,336KM from point of origin
Personal Log: My world is a wall of photographs I've collected from derelicts. They covers ceiling of my cockpit. A young woman in an orange jumpsuit smiles from one of the photos. She wears a nametag, but I can't make out what it says, not even when I squint. Theres a photo of the autumn forest, cityscape, group of cosmonauts, and families. There are things in my collection case, trinkets and souvenirs I don't recognize at all.
At home, on the solid ground, everything is so vast! Resources are almost endless, actions are like pebbles thrown into a lake, the ripples going on and on and on... you can only guess how far they go. Trying to track everything, trying to quantify what you do, trying to place a value on it borders on the absurd. But not in space. You deal with the same problems over and over again until you can do them in your sleep. That's the thing about traveling in space, there is always equipment involved, and equipment will always need to be fixed.
>>>Day27 141,916KM from point of origin
Work log: Self-sufficiency is another word for boredom, Fuel management, optimization, air circulation and food rationing, like when you arrange socks in order of the first time you wore them.

I would give a week’s worth of food rations just to see another ship with life out there, even hostile, just for the brief action in my day. A Romulan Warbird perhaps, with phasers ready.

>>>Day28 150,714KM from point of origin
I likes to close my eyes while handling the ship in top speed, Imagining I'm on a solid ground driving through the colonial valley, slightly humid forest in the calm, bright full moon night..
Ahead of me, the road cut through a washed-out bridge, I was driving for it at hundred-twenty kilos an hour. Moonlight lit the barricades, the ruins of the bridge dangling over muddy water road. The head light caught a light fog condensed into glitter, leaving a diamond like speck on the glass.
And we passed through the tunnel of birds. And we passed through the path of red pine forest. And we passed through the country of the deer. And we passed through the slough of steam. And we passed through the white washed tundra. And we came, finally, to home.

Then the ship maintenance notification beeps pulled me back to reality. back to the emptiness of space. I sighed, turned around and noticed something. I felt the chill down my spine. I saw him, only by a split second. It's not the first time, last time was only a shadow, a silhouette, nothing definite at first. But just now, I think I've seen him, staring out of the observation port or standing by the astrogation displays. I saw him staring at the screens, but he was blind to their display. Instead, he looked inwards, without looking at me...

I swallowed a sleeping pill. I'm not dealing with this.

>>>Day29 164,296KM from point of origin
I installed a rocket pod today, for fun. I scavenged the launcher from a corvette derelict and got hundreds of missiles as a bonus. I'm not gonna raid any cargo ship, too risky, but I know how I'd use it... Today, Airday.
I blown the asteroid outer shell off easily, not as effective as using the modded large drill, but it's twice as fun!T The explosion vaporized a large chunk of ice but it was worth it. I could feel the heat inside the cockpit. The strings of stone and ice debris flows in a beautiful pattern. I readied the rocket pod, wanting to dig deeper. But the stones seems to block the pod opening, BAM! The pod blew up, took off a section of the armor plates. Depressurized the hull almost instantly and blew up my ears drum (again). It was a ridiculous sequence of events that led to me almost dying. My vision blurred, I shook my head, put on my helmet, facepalmed, cussed twice, and went to sleep in my EVA suit. I'll patch the damn hole later.

I awoke to the oxygen alarm in my suit. A steady, obnoxious beeping that eventually roused me from a deep and profound desire to just ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ die. Checking out my ship, I saw the debris had plowed through my comm'-monitor computer. It would only take five minutes to fix if I has the Radio-comm part. Without it, I can't scan for derelict. There are two options: First is continue my journey and see if i could come across any asteroid with silicon. The second option is I could backtrack to the corvette I've taken the rocket pod from (I've marked it in gps). It's two hundreds Kilometer away.
I'm too lazy to even turn my ship around. I patched the hole with simple catwalk plate, gather as much ice as possible, and proceed with the first option..

>>>Day30 174,623KM from point of origin
I finished installing the new scanner today. Took me longer than expected but it appears to be functioning properly. It is a new model that is... quite advanced. There’s also this feature that more precisely calculates the larger dynamic range.
It's been a month that I've been out here. Felt I deserved to eat something other than the ship ration for once. I've saved one set of high grade meal for diplomatic mission that I scavenged, and wine, in a spacey plastic bag. I wish it'd come in a bottle... I needed to stop staring at this scanner anyways. I’m seriously at my wit’s ends with it. I know it’s against the protocols to bring unknown foods aboard the ship due to possible contamination, but how could I say no to a steak?
I don’t know why I keep writing. Well, I guess I do. It makes it easier on me. Makes me feel safer. Less alone. But after spending time with an asteroid today, I realized I can’t keep this charade up forever. It’s not healthy.

>>>Day30 182,002KM from point of origin
Made it to Precursors space in one piece. Tougher to find than expected. Didn’t help that the debris belt made my scanner useless. I’m still getting a feel for this place but it looks that way. Even though things are developing slower than expected, there has been progress. The yellow giant lit up ember colored nebula, made it easier to spot asteroids. There are several scorched desert planets in this system, with an enormous manufactorum ruin in sight. There were a large self sufficient colony established here, but from the look of it everything were destroyed by the radiation of a dying star. The process isn't instant, so I suspect this system has been abandoned for thousands of years. My scanner also detected many evacuation vessel derelicts that didnt make it. This universe has expanded to the point where many worlds dies left and right and there are those who is sharing the same fate as I, Not sure if It's comforting or depressing.
There were still active screamer relays scattered in the sector, sending a looping message:

"No Man's Land 1443J: Precursors Sector. [SolarHazard] [Expunged] [Population: 0] The incident on Lo was an unfortunate turn of events. solar flare has obliterated most of the terrain and atmosphere. The planet Lo surface is hazardous: DO NOT LAND"
Data has shown that the sector and it's planets has been purged nearly a thousand years ago.

>>>Day31 195,507KM from point of origin
I have finally been able to translate the data I've downloaded from the Precursor's Screamer. It was launched from some kind of exploration vessel called the DSEV Journeyman. Telemetry data indicates the Journeyman came from outside the galaxy more than three thousand years ago. It was using an experimental Hyperspace drive of immense power. I am not clear on this next section, but the visual data seems to be showing that the exploration picked up some sort of life-form in Hyperspace. The organism identified as Xabran. Parasitic life form that can subvert and manipulate both technological and biological systems. The explorer realized almost immediately the nature of the creature and it's potential for destruction if it was let loose. They tried to trap it aboard their own ship by destroying the engine and communication equipment. For all I know, The original creature is still out there somewhere. Trapped in DSEV Journeyman.
Unfortunately, the sacrifice of the explorers was undermined by their own skill as ship design. As the drives was scuttled, the ship activated a distress call that automatically ejected a beacon pod. A pod that contained a tiny portion of Xabran.
"The devourer does not kill us when it tries to take our ship, It leaves us in place, but corrupts our being. We die, but we are not dead. We would be trapped, slaves within our bodies, eternally."
Fate of the Precursors Space
Moved to seperate section due to week 5 character limit
Situational Report 89342
Xabran infected pod has been recovered by Praenuntius C-Flagship. Realizing the value of this undiscovered alien artifact, the Fleet command ordered Praenuntius to study the artifact on-ship. When the science team was studying the artifact in the Tel Sector, an unknown entity inside the beacon awoke and began to spread throughout the ship. This infection caused unusal readings in the power systems, which were detected by the ship's bridge crew. Upon contacting the science team, the sounds of screams could be heard, and the team leader begged command to "Scuttle" It wasn't long before Xabran the seized control of the flight deck, subverting in much the same way that it subverts and uses non-organic technology. Video feed at this point becomes slightly distorted, but from what is gathered and estimated by fleet intelligence, The ship hull quickly wraps personals in it's grasp at an incredibly fast speed, audio of the crews gagging and grunting as if being stabbed can be heard through the video. Sounds of bursting organs and crunching bones can also be heard in the background. The ship continues to functions with full capability, but without life signs on it.
Two recovery cruiser was sent to recover Praenuntius and it's databank, but both was subverted entirely. Praenuntius Powered up it's engine and set it's course for Lo. Knowing that it would survive planetfall and potentially seize the entire planet. The fact that It's primary goal is to infect the capital planet in the sector means that it is not a simple viral creature. It understands our data banks and technology.
[Telemetry Record 07:08:54] U.N.S.E Vana
"We received a distress call from one of our Flagship that had been missing for days. Our recovery cruiser and escorts went to their aid and radioed that they had the Flagship in visual range. That was the last we heard from them"

End of Report

The low orbit of Lo is equipped with high yield particle cannon to deals with invader. It works every time, punching a hole in enemy fleet, striking fear. It could vaporize a space colony, punch a hole in the planet, kill the star.. but today is different. The sector security can deal with an unending fleet of invader, prevail against weapons of mass destruction. All enemies know fear, they knows when to retreat. but a 25 million tonnes hunk of metal at full speed, aiming for planet fall do not. They're dealing with something they don't understand.
The homeworld security is on full alert. Admiral Lars Jenker is standing on the bridge, seeing only the complete darkness outside the thick glass. He worked his ruler and his compass. He inferred. He deduced. He is scared.
"The Praenuntius is entering ten percent accuracy range, Admiral" said the Tactical Officer, Lars can feel the fear and unease in her.
"Counter it with fleet weaponry sir?"
"Launch the bombers and anything not larger than the corvette. We cannot risk another capital ship getting subverted."
Lars firmly gave out order, The chain of command work as good as ever, The line of defense is assembled in mere minute and is launched in order to destroy it at any cost. Praenuntius swiftly uses countermeasure and evasive maneuver in very unusual fast speed, evading most torpedoes launched by the bomber The few that hit the hull does little to no damage as the creature flesh that covers the flagship quickly heal itself. Shortly after defense forces first wave of attack, The Praenuntius Flagship unleashes swarm after swarms of subverted interceptors that is faster and nearly invulnerable against the fleet. Seeing that the kinetic weaponry has no chance against the monstrosity, Admiral Lars ordered the remaining squadrons to retreat and called in the alternative.
Several ion cannon frigates jump in around the Praenuntius and immediately begin to pummel its hulls with high power ion beams. However, the Praenuntius newly evolved weapons are more than enough to dispose of the frigates and they are destroyed and subverted before they can even escape.
"The Praenuntius is entering fifty percent accuracy range"
"Retreat and hold the line at the orbit."
"The Praenuntius is entering sixty percent accuracy range"
"seventy percent"

The bridge can now see the Praenuntius twisted hull at the distance with their own eyes.
"eighty percent"
"Divert all power to particle cannon"
"ninety percent, Particle cannon is now ready at 120% efficiency, sir"
"The Praenuntius is entering one hundred percent accuracy range"

The huge cannon barrel lit up, firing a beam of blue light, brighter than a tail of a comet. Every monitor display distorted and all communications were temporarily cut off. The Praenuntius broke into pieces, the heated infected hull emit bright amber color. Scattering in the distance, like a jar of fireflies.
Eighty six personal stood up and applause. The whistle and cheering is heard. But Lars just stood there motionless on the command platform, squinting at bright yellow debris ahead. Suddenly a high pitch shriek is heard from the Comm channel. The voice was a mixture of human and some kind of abominable life form, growling angrily. The cheering become silence.
"The debries has scattered into million pieces, but it's still heading straight toward Lo !!"
"When can be fire again?"
"five minutes, But not before the debris hit us... and the planet."

Everyone's heart was pounding.
"Every military and non military ship, Everything that is armed. Form a blockade near the equator, We have three minutes. Defend the atmosphere with your life"
Knowing that the last command is in vain, there is no way ten thousand ships could stop millions of debris from entering the atmosphere at full speed. Lars sigh, lit up his cigar reserve and drag once, The once cheery bridge is now almost silent, faint sobbing could be heard. Many officers pull out their comm link, calling home. Maybe a farewell, maybe an apology.
The blockade obviously stands no chance. Some were destroyed and some were subverted into one of them, and all of them heads to the surface. The bridge crew could do nothing but listen to the screams of the habitant as the entity infected and consumed them. This sector has fallen. and potentially, the entire galaxy. Lars grunted. He cannot say he has understood all of this. Possibly he's more confused now than ever. But all these moments he's contemplated — something has occurred. The moments feel substantial in his mind, like stones.
"The orbital platform is now infected, sir. Crew deck is gone.."
"Aim for the sun."
"What?... Please confirm"
Lars could see his calmest officer losing her cool.
"We cannot allow the creature to leave this sector. Aim for the sun..."
"But it would turn into super nova, burning everything in the sector!"
"The sector is lost, officer!"
"Roger that"

The cannon lined up for another ignition and fire the beam brighter than ever. Highly condensed particle traveling at light speed reaches the sun in mere seconds. On that moment hung eternity. Time stood still. Space contracted to a pinpoint. The sun lit up twice as bright and distorts. Emitting waves after waves of radiation. This star is dying...
she felt the sadness beneath; she let her breath fall softly, like a sigh, like ashes floating gently on the wind. She couldn't understand why he chose to flirt so closely with the death of the world.

Someone near her said: “It worked.”

Someone else said: “Now we are all sons of ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥.”

Atmosphere burns and its deserts turn to glass.
>>>Day33 202,640KM from point of origin
I feel sick.. I don't feel like writing anything today. Not even scanning for derelicts. So I left my ship drifts. I forgot to turn off the thrusters and the dampener for three minutes which cause most of my fuels to be wasted. So It's another unwanted mining session for me. How can one be so lazy when there's nothing in his life to distract him? Is it the state of mind the keeps me from being productive? I’ve got loads of questions piling up in my head while I sitting in the dark...
“How do you stay drifting for so long? Got any tips for fuel consumption?”
balancing your hydrogen scoops or mass distribution, but the answer’s a lot simpler than you’d expect. The answer is … it’s, well, you just need to know where you’re going I guess. Sorry, that doesn’t make much sense … what you should do is …
"I’m real sorry, Pate, I can’t seem to concentrate today."

EBIKKO AUTOMATIC MEDICAL RECORD: <Data Expunged> has been malnourished for three days. Over the past week, a severe food shortage has hit Ebikko. <Data Expunged> spend more of his day patiently waiting for ration replicator, but end up receiving less food. The malfunctions in food processor has been notified but no action was taken.

>>>Day34 211,842KM from point of origin
I know the ration replicator is broken. I will fix it later, but I finds the starvation somewhat comforting.
I've reached the Abuss outer edge of the frontier! It's a pleasant change of tone (from orange-ish yellow to blue) which inspires me to keep going. I quickly found a quiet and dark place and started a scouting sweep. It eventually came back with an all clear and some interesting discoveries. some of the asteroids in the belt showed signs of ore harvesting. There's no way of telling when, Could be millions of Terran years ago for all I know. What are they using all these resources for? The incredible thing is how indiscriminate it appears their harvesting tech is. From my speculations, it doesn’t appear like they are isolating and extracting specific elements or ore, they simply scrape entire sections of the rock off.
I found a spot to power down. I’ve been losing fuel from the long trip, so I spent the past few hours digging through the asteroid. The power draining culprit turned out to be a full powered gravity generator. I thought I've changed it to 0.4 times the Terra's grav, but there's seem to be a minor setback in the system. I think I’ll be okay until next week

I’m about to crack open some reserve ration and put the ship on watch.

>>>Day36 230,664KM from point of origin
Under my fingers I could feel sticky, clotting blood in my suit. Though it made my headache and the room waver, I strained to make my neck muscles rigid. Gritting my teeth, I glared at the window. The ship didn't ran into anything this time. The lights are still on.
I raised my head fractionally. Darkness swirled. But when I felt consciousness slipping away, anger hit me with the shock of icy water. I thrust the darkness away, gasping. The hull shimmered, teminals sparking and dying at the boundaries of my sight. My vision cleared, became surprisingly sharp, my thoughts preternaturally clear. I looked at my right arm. The suit breached yesterday while working the engine but I didn't notice, and went to sleep without checking. Too tired, thought it was just a sprained muscle. It's a 2 inches long tear on my inner bicep, nothing my medbay couldn't fix.
The medbay sprayed antidote on the cut and gave me two pills. I went back on the flight seat and relaxs.
Breads in the cupboard has gone stale.

>>>Day37 239,801KM from point of origin
The damn cut won't heal, even worse: It's half an inch longer and deeper. It's not painful and there's no blood seeping from it. The inside of the cut is dark pink like refrigerated meat. The medical database doesn't seem the recognize the symptom. I told it to give me stiches.

>>>Day38 242,053KM from point of origin
My arm wound got a little larger, It doesn't hurt though. But I occasionally feel a jolt of shock coursed through my body like an alarm, making it harder to operate a drill and welders. It could be microscopic bacteria that was never recorded in my database. I could lose an arm. The worst case would be my body tearing up like confettis.
A noise pulled me out of my confetti nightmares. It's was the loud static coming from my comm channel. I checked my display. I'd been asleep for five hours and fourteen minutes. "what..." I murmured, then realized the futility of trying to ask. Instead, I struggled to my feet feeling the tug of the suit I'd neglected to undo before falling asleep. I walked to the terminal and start adjusting the dial. Streams of log rolled across the screen. It's content made my heart skipped a beat.

///NMS Pathfinder - Day 48///
I remembered a small bar in New Charon, somewhere my memory only vaguely recalls after all this time. It wasn't the bar I was looking at. It was his smile, a smile like a supernova, spectacular, blinding, beautiful, and threatening to collapse my world into nothingness. And it wasn't the gin and tonic I wanted to taste....
Everything about Cygni VII feels so long ago. New Charon may not even be a place any more, lost to time and change like so much I've seen. I don't need to remember much about homeworld, though. All I need to remember is the feeling when he pulled me in and let our lips lock.
It's my 21th birthday, All I wish for is a good derelict that has good foods. It'd be great if there's a chocolate cake, but I'm not that optimistic. I'm going to jettison this message in a Comm cannister so maybe someone out there can wish me a happy birthday. It'd also nice if *you* could send me a card (not a coupon please). It's quite lonely here, being alone and all.
I'm heading for Caldari Nebula. I heard that blue cloud there is spectacular. <3

The message is only a month old. I took a deep breath and set course for Caldari Space. For the first time in forever, I have a real actual goal.. with hope. I'm going to find her.

>>>Day39 255,729KM from point of origin
I rubbed the back of my hand to try and stop it from shaking. It didn't work. I am excited. It's the first sign of another human. I know that she's out there, ahead of me, it's a light shining in the darkness for me but she doesn't know I'm here. Judging by the cannister age, she's been out here for about 80 days in solitude. Her mind could be broken, she might already have shut down her system, sleeping. Waiting for her demise,... or worse.
The smile faded from my face as the thought echoed in my head. I shaked away negative thought and distractions and continued drilling ice deposits. I mostly use left hand to support the tool now. It's tedious, but I'll get used to it. "Tomorrow will be a very good day," I whispered.

On other news, I have discovered a way to slow down arm wound deterioration: A daily dose of Acetaminophen injection. It almost stopped the spreading, but the downside is It almost eliminates sensations of my right arm.
>>>Day40 262,901KM from point of origin
This is weird. I can't see stars ahead but theres lightning flashing ahead. Like black thunder storm cloud during the night. The hull was slightly vibrating during my sleep but it was nothing too worrysome. For days I watched, eating intermittently and sleeping poorly. When I dreamt, my dreams were desperately filled with images of my wish fufilled. During my waking moments I busied myself with a thousand small improvements to the scanning equipment. Nothing helped. The results remained the same. The Comm channels were silent.

>>>Day41 275,431KM from point of origin
I precisely cut through the dark thunderstorm nebula last night. I can see a string of blue light ahead glowing brightly as if it were a horizon made out of blue fireflies. I let my breath fell softly as I laid my hand on the cockpit window, admiring it's beauty.
Days of waiting have paid off. I finally found another Comm cannister left by her. I was very excited to know more about her journey. It also a confirmation that I'm going the right way, and it feels great. Progress!

///NMS Pathfinder - Day 51///
I spent most days either sleeping or tending twenty-six square meter of enclosed hull. I used to dreamed of having a whole universe to explore. It wasn't how I imagined it, but despite the endless field of stars beyond thin glass, I failed to make myself believe that I had found that perfect paradise I had always wanted.
This will be fourteenth cannister I've dropped. I don't really expect anything improbable, since space is infinite in all directions. Maybe someone will find it and make a memorial of me millions years later?

I am getting one day closer to her. At this rate, I will catch up on the next 30 days. I pray that she'd be alive and well until the day I find her. But her well being aside, The cut on my arm isn't looking any better. In fact, the injection seems to have less effect each day. Haven't felt "will to survive this much in a long time.

>>>Day43 291,670KM from point of origin
The Ashen Nebula I've recovered another cannister, This time it's damaged, Dents and scratches all over. The mark looks like it hit some rock. most of the data failed to be encrypted.

///NMS Pathfinder - Day 52///
[Data Expunged] ...I had only the vaguest memory of Jeyne Denwen from my time in New Charon. A callow youth, always smiling, skilled with a gun; it was hard to imagine her facing a lonely death in a tube... [Data Expunged] ...I just passed through an unusual thunderstorm, in space. When the darkness combined with mildly dense asteroid field, I had to reduced my speed down to half. They said: If there are rocks to starboard and a storm to port, a wise captain steers a third course... [Data Expunged]

###Image Attached###

I touched the enter on the keypad and the screen lit bright green. My fingers danced across the keys and numbers filled the three displays. When the last digit appeared, the screen turned to a patchwork of fuzzy colors. What came into focus was a two-story house with a steep Cape Cod roof. Neat bushes edged the wide front porch. The bright red front door blazed against the white façade.

>>>Day44 300,002KM from point of origin
I saw bright blue caldari. Dreamed it, a deeper more isolated space than that which I occupied. I dreamed of ice cyan skies and it's black belt that would swallow me whole. I woke disappointed it had not happened, It's still fifty thousand Km away. I unlaced myself from my seat and floated and filed the idea away and look at my own reflection on the observation window.
I ran my fingers through his own thinning hair. there were lines around my eyes I had never seen. Illness had drained the color from my face. Sadly, I was not surprised.

I came across an enormous Volunder exploration ship derelict today. Thanks god it's not her ship. It has 10 Refineries, over a hundred Gyros, 146 Small Thrusters and 34 Large Thrusters. Isn't this a bit over the top?

The O2 tank is running out. Today, Airday.

>>>Day45 309,142KM from point of origin
Today, the jetpack stopped working.. this is bad.. Real bad.
>>>Day46 315,560KM from point of origin
This sector was first charted through a telescope by a young astronomer, Eladia Basset. Eladia’s official claim doesn’t specify much of interest in the system, writing that it “lacks significant mineral deposits or logical reason to apply the expense of terraformation.” -Cosmology Archive "Ashen"

The lack of jet pack make the chores impossible to enjoy. I haven't (re)install a drill to Ebikko and it's impossible to do so now. What I could do is park my airlock next to the ore deposit and drill from there. I have to run to the cockpit back and forth to adjust the angle and distance. I'm thinking about setting up a remote control module so I could control the ship from inside the airlock. You could call it laziness, I call it a long term investment.

>>>Day47 325,941KM from point of origin
///NMS Pathfinder - Day 52///
I like to sit in the airlock. It is in the middle of a hall so I could lock the hall down if there was a leak. The two thin walls between me and the vacuum. It is my park, my church. Since there's nowhere else that I could make a living room. I decided to turn one corner into a memoriam full of photographs. on another corner, a red porcelain doll. I'd add a pot plant but the daily depressurization would kill it in a heart beat. The rest of the room is bland and nondescript, like hospital food.

The space ship is tearing through space like a corkscrew. The motion makes me sick in my stomach...

>>>Day49 342,618KM from point of origin
There's 30 hours left in my fuel. It's not much, not much at all. I decided to stop relying on asteroid uranium to keep me going, and scounging through derelicts instead. It takes quite some time to board the derelict because I need to lay down catwalk from my ship to it's airlock.

Today I found a science vessel. Medical to be precise. I park my ship where the connectors meet and board the vessel. The door to the bridge won't bulge, so I proceed down to the engineering section, hoping to find any fuel for my ship.
I found a hundred units of uranium, which is more than enough for a week, Now I would only need to turn on the main reactor. Only obvious switch is in the bridge.
It took only half a minute to grind the door down, the first sight gave me a small bump in breath. A dead body in red worn space suit. It's nothing new in my travel, but I'll never get used to it. I sat down and turn on the light. A body in red twitched
I was startled and fell on the floor. His unseeing eyes staring up at the dim buzzing fluorescent lights flickering above his head. A bloody tear leaked down the man's face through the gauze. He opened up his dry cracked lips. His throat was raw from the screams that ripped through him, however he was still able to mutter in a raspy voice:
"Don't connect the ship.. It's inside"
I can hear the sound of two connectors locking..

>>>NMS Pathfinder - Day 55
I was told that I'm a special girl- I had something called hypnogogia. I wasn’t mentally ill, and science and doctors told me that what I saw wasn’t really there. I lived in a sort of fantasy- that is to say, I dreamed while I was still awake. This made me quite different from most other people, but what I had wasn’t rare, just… MORE than most. Have you ever woken up and couldn’t move, but you thought you saw something menacing standing by your bedside, or creatures whispering around you? That wasn’t a demon or an alien; it was sleep paralysis, and your body did it between when you slept and when you woke. This was the world that I inhabited. I used to block it off with daily dose anti-psychosis. used to.. The pill ran out a month ago. And after a while, the things the l saw began to… stay around longer and longer.

I turned off the showerhead and stepped out onto the rubber mat, eyelids shut to shield against the mop of dripping brown hair. I fumbled around blindly for a towel and even as I did, , unwittingly stood beneath a nest of slithering bloody red entities, humanoid yet so foreign from anything the I had ever seen, and they scattered like cockroaches to the fair corners of the ceiling when I wiped away the water and opened my eyes, wrapping the towel around myself and shivering in uncertainty. I stumbled into the airlock and shut my self inside, staring at my wall of photographs. A thin door cannot hide my from what lurks in my mind, I know that. There is only one way to run away... I ran my finger through the emergency decompression panel. I knows the code...
I sighed. I stood up, left the airlock, open the cabinet and get dressed. Outside the window is bright blue strings of Caldari nebula. I sat in the cockpit and take one photograph for my wall.

>>>Day49 342,712KM from point of origin
I stood up and cut the connection between the ship immedietely. The sudden emergency disconnection caused a small air discharge, a loud popping noise was heard. I claimed science vessel's antenna and ran back to the airlock, and there is already a large gap between the two ships. Without Jetpack this would be a big jump. I'm an engineer, this is what I did: I remotely opened Ebikko's outer airlock door sprinted toward it. While in motion, I turn off the science vessel's gravity generator, causing my body to jerk forward indefinitely. And with a good aim, I landed inside the airlock with some sratchs. The collision with the wall torn my right arm even further. I cn feel it ripping inside my suit.
I wasted no time and use the computer to lock every conveyor tubes and check for any intrusion of foreign entities. None in the cargo, nothing in the conveyor. noone else in this ship...

>>>Day50 350,703KM from point of origin
I did everything I could to decontaminate the ship. I depressurized the whole hull, sterilizing every living organism including my plants and bacteria. While it's possible that the creature may not required air to survive, I helped me ease the tension focusing on other matters.

The Ebikko endured many ship breaking incidents in the past, but I think she deserves some upgrades. While being one of the most mass-efficient corvette, It has too many design flaws. Such as: Oxygen has problem distributing throughout the ship, having oxygen "blindspot" in some areas, and very low hull integrity. I drafted the new interior plan in the paper, trying to be as efficient as possible with resources at hand. A ladder and the roof shaft was added. The wall has been covered with layers of styrofoam interior wall. Made the ship Dx11 compatible in the process, but the shadow and dynamic lightning doesn't work 350k away from origin apparently. But I wouldnt use it anyway due to the inability to change the skybox.
Lightnings are not properly done yet.

>>>Day51 358,226KM from point of origin
Had half of the ration, thinking about human insignificance in a careless universe... We see things only as we are constructed to see them, and can gain no idea of their absolute nature. With five feeble senses we pretend to comprehend the boundlessly complex cosmos. The tear in my arm has shriveled my muscle as it cut deep to the bone. It no longer matters to me. I haven't found any more Pathfinder's comm-canister since. For me, It's what took color away from the universe. I guess it's me and you now, Pate.

I could finally close my eyes after another strong sedative. I seems literally unable to sleep without chemical aid. Most people succumb to exhaustion after 50+ hours of waking, regardless of any desire to stay awake. Not me.
>>>Day52 360,001KM from point of origin
I saw home. Dreamed home, I dreamed of sepia sunshine and valleys that stretch across the endless surface. I woke up, once again, disappointed. The galaxy is indeed comic, but the joke is on mankind.
Most of the day has been spent trying to fix the interior airflow. No luck. I have to rely on my space suit to keep me breathing instead, and having to chage suit air supple every four hours has became too tedious. I then chose to shut my self in a pod, timed to wake me up every twelve hours for routine check, or before collision.

>>>Day53 360,297KM from point of origin
I've been listening, to sounds, but not the ususal engine sound or working assembler. In derelicts there were tapes of sounds from their "home". Sound of air traffic, bird chirping, crunching autumn leaves, and above all, Musics, to prevent the miners from getting space dementia or homesick.
I realized I've been looking at the galaxy outside the wrong way all this time. I was focusing on the darkness, vastness of it. rather than it's color. The indigo cloud of the Ashen now seems more mysterious and somehow, clear. The nebula, the cloud. The stars, the sunshine. The space is now an ultimate freedom, instead of purgatory This is not hope, however. This is peace.. and acceptance.

>>>Day54 369,437KM from point of origin
This ship... these machines.. tried to smother me to death in my sleep. Almost lethal dose of morphine has been slowly injected into my system in the last twelve hours. I got out of the cryo fast enough because of my suit heartbeat sensor goes haywire. I woke up dazed, with dozen of injection marks on my arms that weren't covered up properly. The logs indicates that Morphine and benzodiazepine has been administered by my cryochamber every time I went to sleep since day 52 causing sleepiness and trouble with coordination while awake. There are no scenario that would cause Ebikko to act like this on her own. Someone... or something did this.
I am too drugged to think straight. I shamble to cockpit and fall asleep on the pilot seat.

>>>Day55 374,224KM from point of origin
I slept with my helmet on just in case the ship shut down life support on me. I felt angry that I couldn't feel safe in my on ship, paranoid in my own haven. Frustrated, I flushed the entire system, reboot every computer nodes, and found something that refused to be deleted... A virus? in disguised of cargo transferration logs. but before I could look further into it's structure. Suddenly screeching sound went off from the speaker, so loud that would shatter my eardrums the fourth time if I haven't got my helmet on. (but still painfully loud nontheless). Both layer of airlock burst open, decompressed the ship, and I can see slight a distortion in my vision. The radiation has been leaked from the reactor. I tried to think but I can't. The loud noise disrupt my thinking process entirely, added up with benzos in my system that hasn't worn off. I can only come to one conclusion.. This is it

>>Datanodes wiped
>>>Incident log auto record\\ EVA SUIT
>>>>21 minutes after incident

"I'm outside, behind the rear flap. I couldn't move toward the wing because the anti-hazard turret has been set to target my vital signature" [pant]
"Have to reach the... panel. So that I can initiate the inertial dampener... and cut off the secondary power supply. and flush the AI core."

>>>>1 hour 7 minutes after incident
"Impossible.. It's impossible to reach the panel." [pant] "It uses every possible way to prevent me from advancing from my safe spot." [pant] "I have one bottle of air that worth 2 hours.. Gotta figure something out real soon."

>>>>1 hour 31 minutes after the incident
"The ship might not make it as a whole. Maybe it's time to let her go."

"I grinded off the rear large thruster, to reduce the acceleration. [pause] The hole I've made is enough for me to move inside and rest, safe from radiation. [pause] I can reach the conveyor port If I grind off the overhead insulation plate, to refill my air can.."

>>>Day56 382,113KM from point of origin
>>>>22 hour 13 minutes after the incident
Military rogue AI that relys on psychological assault on victim's morale, giving false sense of serenity, drugging, and sabotaging. It was designed to undermine large military operation without victim knowing it or atleast until the last resort.
I positioned myself behind the engine induction port to conceal my heat signature. 20 hours later most subsystem has been shut down to save power. It's possible that it think that I'm dead.
2 hours later there has been a change in ship trajectory. approximately 50 degree to the right. It's heading somewhere, maybe it's creator's base of opertion.. civilization? My heart trembled with hope but the feeling resided quickly. I cannot allow her to go way too off course, or I cannot find the Pathfinder at all..

On a High note
Failure, is not an option. Quitting, is not an option. Dying... well. is a likely possibility. I clinged to the exterior railing with a good arm. If the other arm is still working as intended, I would hold a steel plate to shield me from gattling fire. Took a deep breath, and propelled myself toward the airlock as fast as my jet and leg muscle let me. Got through the airlock door then suddenly the blast door shut down almost in an instant trapping my right arm before it went through. I can hear my bones cracking and feel my flesh tearing, but it didnt hurt. That hunk of meat is already dead to me. Seeing no way to save it I pull out the grinder without remorse, rested the blade on my bicep and closed my eyes. I am afraid.
Ac3_0f_Spades Apr 7 @ 1:08am 
10 out of 10. I would absolutely not want to be this dude's arm.
C.DEF May 6, 2023 @ 5:39pm 
Lovely, extremely nostolgic
infra-dan-accelerator unit 84725 Mar 25, 2023 @ 2:59pm 
do you have a daily needs mod downloaded or is the talk about food also roleplay?
dum_tard Dec 10, 2022 @ 8:51pm 
imagine how bad your fingers must hurt after typing A L L of this in one sitting
Miles1109 Dec 29, 2021 @ 3:54pm 
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Its amazing ... you are amazing!
Annastasya Oct 9, 2020 @ 12:53am 

Sadly, it has been unchanged and without addition for over 2 years so it doesn't seem that the journey will ever continue.

I've actually been tossing about the idea of doing something similar just because this was so inspiring and enjoyable.
ImBored3307 Oct 6, 2020 @ 8:30am 
is this the end of the story pr is there more to it?
The Commissar Sep 1, 2020 @ 6:46pm 
if you made this a book I would buy it good job!
Church.exe Feb 14, 2020 @ 10:25pm 
is there a mod list for this? (such as derelict scanning)