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==REQUIRES HLC Core, ASDG JointRails.==
HLC Core

ASDG JointRails[]

When it comes to the 9mm Parabellum round, theres really only one weapon family that makes it work for it's keep- the MP5.
Pistol-round SMG variant of the venerable G3 rifle- an SMG so good that it's been in the arms of police and SF unit for half a century now. Everything that the MP5 is can be attributed to it's parented design, but it's longstanding can only be attributed to just how much performance it squeezes out of a pistol round. The M4 may be the new contender for the position of door-banger's choice for it's ability to engage at ranges longer than 150m, but the MP5 more than holds it's own right up to the VERY margin of that line and slightly beyond with it's free-float barrel (only held back by the sheer limitations of the round).
In short, the MP5 eats what you feed it, shoots where you point it, runs how you need it to and breaks down how you'd like it to. Exactly what you need.

In this pack you get 10 variations of the venerable SMG, from it's most basic as the MP5a2 to the most extravegant as the MP5/10 and everything in between. Additionally three suppressors are provided. No two of these weapons are identical in performance, weight, or inertia. Very similar, but not the same.

hlc_muzzle_Agendasix - Suppressor for all 9x19mm Mp5s EXCEPT MP5k/MP5k-pdw (HK three-lug mount)
hlc_muzzle_Tundra - Suppressor for all 9x19mm Mp5s
hlc_muzzle_Agendasix10mm - Suppressor for MP5/10
hlc_smg_mp5k_PDW - MP5K-PDW (Primary Weapon Slot)
hlc_smg_mp5k - MP5K (Pistol weapon slot. Warning: Visual overstretch on left arm, nothing I can do about it without an overhaul to the way Arma handles pistol animations. This is why it's not in the ammo box)
hlc_smg_mp5a2 - MP5A2 (Full-Stock, SEF Triggerpack)
hlc_smg_mp5a3 - MP5A3 (Retractable Stock, SEF Triggerpack)

====The above do NOT accept side-rail attachments. The below ACCEPT side-rail attachments====

hlc_smg_mp5a4 - MP5A4 (Full Stock, "Navy" Triggerpack)
hlc_smg_mp5n - MP5N (Telescoping stock, "Navy" Triggerpack)
hlc_smg_mp510 - MP5/10 (Full Stock, "Navy" Triggerpack,10mm Auto)
hlc_smg_mp5sd5 - MP5SD5 (Full Stock, "Navy" Triggerpack, integrally suppressed)
hlc_smg_mp5sd6 - MP5SD5 (Telescoping stock, "Navy" Triggerpack, integrally suppressed)
hlc_smg_9mmar - 'Navy' SMG (Homage to Half-life. MP5N with permenantly affixed KAC tri-rail and M203-PI. Now someone just needs to make the Grunts, a black-mesa-esque New Mexico map and we're golden.)
hlc_30Rnd_9x19_B_MP5 - 30 Round MP5 Magazine of 9x19mm M882 NATO Ball
hlc_30Rnd_9x19_GD_MP5 - 30 Round MP5 Magazine of 9x19mm LE Jacketed Hollowpoints
hlc_30Rnd_9x19_SD_MP5 - 30 Round MP5 Magazine of 9x19mm M882 Ball loaded to subsonic rates
hlc_30Rnd_10mm_B_MP5 - 30 Round MP5 Magazine of 10mm Auto FMJ
hlc_30Rnd_10mm_JHP_MP5 - 30 Round MP5 Magazine of 10mm Auto LE Jacketed Hollowpoints

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hello, I played arma 3 for the first time in 1 month.
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does any one else have a problem with this crashing servers
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