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Vanilla Aspirations Expanded
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Vanilla Aspirations Expanded

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Vanilla Expanded
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Vanilla Aspirations Expanded is another mod in our arsenal that aims to add depth to colonists, with a final aim being enhancing the storytelling and making characters more memorable. In a similar manner to The Sims aspirations, Vanilla Aspirations Expanded adds aspirations to colonists that the player may choose to aim towards.

Completing aspirations provides permanent benefits, and completing all aspirations triggers a growth moment for the colonist, providing them with passions and traits that the player chooses.

Colonists may have a number of aspirations, some may be easier to achieve, while other may be harder. Not completing aspirations does not cause any negative effects, so the only effects that the player may obtain from aspirations are positive ones.

This mod allows you to fill the end game void by letting you strive to fulfill the dreams and desires of your colonists, whatever they may be!

A: Can I add it mid-playthrough to an existing save?
A: Yep!

Q: Are there some restrictions when it comes to which aspirations show up on what pawns?
A: Yes, we have a system in place that for example prevents certain aspirations from appearing on pawns with a certain trait. For example, a technophobe pawn will not want to have an android waifu or a mechanical body.

Q: Can I edit the aspirations of my pawn?
A: Yes! Dev commands exist that allow you to remove or add specific aspirations to your colonist.

Q: Does this work with Combat Extended?
A: Of course.

Q: Why do only colonists have aspirations?
A: Aspirations are player-centric system. To avoid performance overhead, they only appear on player-controlled pawns. No reason to spawn them on travelling merchants as they can’t complete their aspirations or benefit from them anyway.

Q: Where can I see the aspirations?
A: They work as a Need, so they'll be in the pawn's Need tab

Q: Why do my androids suddenly lack all aspirations?
A: We disabled aspirations from androids as they just couldn't achieve a lot of them and people were complaining


Oskar Potocki, an artist responsible for mod design and icons.
Legodude17, a programmer responsible for the code.
Sarg Bjornson, a programmer responsible for even more code.

Special thanks to testers and patrons!

Rimworld is owned by Tynan Sylvester.
(CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)[creativecommons.org]

CuuLaaaBu 10 hours ago 
not a bug but I think you should know (Ill say its interesting). when you begin a new save and roll pawns with RandomPlus... lets say like roll for a pawn with Brave trait and get the pawn in no. 230/5000 rolls, youll get topleft messages that some of the pawns generated-and-abandoned to "fulfill the aspiration of getting old" (Im using Chinese translation so I dont know the original text) lol
Reidlos Jul 19 @ 12:21pm 
make sure the udpate from yeterday is updated and pushed through to your system. Maybe un sub and resub if using just workshop.
n1ck Jul 19 @ 9:28am 
not sure why but my anima tree aspiration doesnt seem to be working, the aspiration is satisfied after completing the linking ritual right?
Sarg Bjornson  [author] Jul 18 @ 8:29am 

- Tweak: changed the way aspiration icons are tinted white / gray when completed, to be less laggy and more reliable
- Fix: Removed errors caused by the player creating a new save when the options haven't been opened yet
Komissar Rudinov Jul 18 @ 4:54am 
Sarg Bjornson  [author] Jul 18 @ 3:53am 
Oskar is unavailable now to push the hotfix, but the error can be avoided by just opening the mod options once before loading a save or making a new game
Sarg Bjornson  [author] Jul 18 @ 3:14am 
Got it, trying to fix now
Komissar Rudinov Jul 18 @ 3:08am 
Ok, I will.
Sarg Bjornson  [author] Jul 18 @ 3:06am 
Provide a proper bug report
Komissar Rudinov Jul 18 @ 3:04am 
Since the update, aspirations and fulfilment stopped showing up for any of my pawns.