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Vanilla Races Expanded - Insector
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Vanilla Races Expanded - Insector

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Vanilla Expanded
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Vanilla Races Expanded is a brand new series of mods to enhance Biotech features, add to the storytelling and the world-building of RimWorld, and to introduce new, cool types of xenohumans, complete with their own unique genes, behaviors, mechanics and items.

Insector is our final (for now) xenotype mod. It introduces a highly requested xenotype of insectoid-human hybrids with an ability to adapt to any conditions your colony is under. Through the power of geneline evolutions, you can create castes of insectors - a low caste of jelly producers, a caste of warriors with insect wings and ripper blades, a caste of queens that focus on reproduction etc.

With a simple press of a button you can switch the caste of your insectors. You customize the castes, aka genelines, by selecting positive evolutions, and then countering them with negative degrades. For every evolution there needs to be a degrade, so the more powerful genelines also come with a lot of drawbacks.

This mod should tie very nicely with Vanilla Factions Expanded - Insectoids 2, which is currently in development.

Vanilla Races Expanded - Insector adds following mechanics to the base game:


Q: Will this mod work without Biotech DLC?
A: No. It uses the new gene system to work with Biotech.

Q: Will you make a HAR version of this race?
A: No, this is exclusively for the Biotech DLC.

Q: Can any pawn access geneline evolutions and degrades?
A: Only pawns with Geneline Evolution gene can, however there is nothing stopping you from putting that gene on other xenotypes.

Q: Do these genes appear in genepacks in the game?
A: Degrades and Evolutions don’t. Everything else does.

Q: How many different genelines can I make?
A: As many as you want!

Q: Can I add it to an ongoing save?
A: Yes, but I don’t think you can safely remove xenotype mods, so don’t come crying when your game breaks if you remove mods!

Q: I have a suggestion!
A: Excellent! Pop it in the comments section.

Q: CE compatible?
A: No idea. If it is, I’d appreciate if someone from CE let me know.

Q: My metapod was targetted by raiders.
A: Intended. Raiders will target metapods as if they were pawns. Defend them!

Q: The chestburst ability icon doesn't appear on the insector's bar!
A: Are they pregnant? They need to get pregnant first

Graphics are created by Oskar Potocki.

Code work by Sarg Bjornson.

Axolotl Jack - thanks for screenshots!

Storyteller artwork by vitalii.

Rimworld is owned by Tynan Sylvester.

(CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)[creativecommons.org]
DisgracedDairy Jul 16 @ 11:55am 
The chances of encountering an insector seem a little too low for me. I like to run games of rimworld with few humanoid pawns, but even through numerous in-game years I have yet to find a pawn that is either an insector or has the chestburster pregnancy status. I thought of a novel solution; insector wild men, who arrive with infestations, or possibly even an infestation only composed of insector wild men. It would fill in the gap the same way that saurid, pigskin, impid, or other raids help bolster your encounters with other xenotypes.
Rat Catcher Jul 15 @ 1:37pm 
pollution dependency makes the pawn immune to the effects of tox gas?
mr.j.j.borreli Jul 15 @ 12:50pm 
Is there a setting to allow the new wamderer join event to happen below the max number of pawns?

I usually have few colonists for a long time but would love to experience this event.

Thanks for another wonderful mod!
Sarg Bjornson  [author] Jul 14 @ 10:50pm 
fbagocius Jul 14 @ 2:47pm 
Im having issues with my pawn coming out of their Metapod without hands. It seems like, when evolving out of the Ripperblade trait, they dont come out with normal hands, they come out without hands and with each of the digits of the limb bleeding (600%+ bleeding rate). Is Ripperblade supposed to be a permanent evolution once you select it?
Montu Jul 14 @ 7:08am 
I just hope this mod is continually updated/improved, it's really unique and fun
Warr_Doge Jul 14 @ 2:50am 
Suggestion: add negative evolution gene to allow eating ONLY insect jelly in return of 2-3 evolution points. This will allow very strong specialist pawns like warriors, scientists, psy, etc in return of very high nutrition cost.
Sarg Bjornson  [author] Jul 13 @ 10:38pm 
cosmikdebris777 Jul 13 @ 9:30pm 
Is there a way to make a pawn a "willing" host for a chestburster fetus? I have one with parthenogenesis and the host with the spawning sack. When the PG one implants the host one, it injures them and gives them a mood penalty saying they were violated. Is there a way to make the host willing, and maybe lessen or negate the injuries and mood penalty? Thank you.
slimeyena Jul 13 @ 6:15pm 
This rules