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Luciferium Expansion
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Luciferium Expansion


This mod aims to add a balanced way of making money, producing Luciferium and Luciferium like drugs in late game. Everything is kept in vanilla style graphics and described with original lore.

I can't update the old mod page so decided to create a new one.

Luciferium Expansion adds 10 new machines, 6 drugs, 2 resources, and a scarlet sludge network. It allows the player to produce Luciferium and some decent profits with a drug called lifter. It also adds some emergency combat strategies and an interesting way to dispose useless colonists...
I tried to make everything as balanced and vanilla friendly as possible. If you have some ideas how to improve that, please let me down in the comments.

This section is outdated! The newest release changes a lot of values. The most up-to-date informations can be found in game.

The way this mod handles balance is pretty simple. Every collector (both normal and advanced) has a collecting speed factor (default value is 100%) and it can be increased to 200%. One normal collector can produce 360 scarlet sludge per year, and it can be refined down to 180 compressed scarlet sludge. One lifter (market value 52.5$) is produced from 3 compressed sludge.
So it goes:
1 collector (100% efficiency) profits ---> 360 sludge / 2 / 3 * 52.5 = 3150$ per year

1 collector (200% efficiency) profits ---> 720 sludge / 2 / 3 * 52.5 = 6300$ per year

It generates the same amount of money as a 4x10 yayo farm. When it has 200% collecting speed factor it generates same amount of money as an 8*10 yayo farm so 6200$ per year. Yeah, it saves a lot of space and time needed for planting.

Advanced scarlet collector produces 540 sludge per year, so profits are multiplied by 150%.

When it comes to Luciferium production, it is a bit different.
12 sludge can be refined into 1 scarlet mechanite, so 360 sludge is… 30 scarlet mechanites. One Luciferium costs 24 mechanites, so it would be 1.25 Luciferium per year and about 0.20 Luciferium per ten days.

If you want to keep a colonist alive, you would need at least 5 collectors.

So no, you probably won’t be able to feed the whole colony with Luciferium.

Note that you can choose the result of refining after you build scarlet refinery. Basically, mechanites are more for combat drugs, while compressed sludge is more for profits and keeping Luciferium addicts alive in desperate situations.

Nothing has been reported yet. Tho, there shouldn’t be any incompatibilities.

Q: Can I add it mid-play to an existing save?
A: Yes.

Q: Can I remove it mid-play?
A: I wouldn't recommend it, but if you somehow manage to erase all the mod content from the save, it could work.

Q: I can't find regular scarlet pipe, where is it?
A: I decided to include only the subterranean version. They are made from expensive plasteel and I wanted to give some advantages for it.

Q: Why do I need Vanilla Expanded Framework for it?
A: Luciferium Expansion operates on brilliant pipe system from VEF.

Q: Is this mod part of Vanilla Expanded?
A: No, it's not.

While reporting a bug, please always use HugsLib and always check your mod load order. Every bug report is very valuable to me, but try to include as much information as possible. Thank you.

This mod is created by BlueEagle421 (Ushanka back in the day). I did all the graphics, XML and programming.
I can't update the old mod page so decided to create a new one for this mod.

Most of the english text has been corrected by BernieWouldHaveWon. Huge thanks for that!

I also want to thank Vanilla Expanded team for creating such an amazing framework and also Oskar Potocki for making inspiring content. Without you guys, this mod wouldn't exist.

Thanks DetVisor for making the new rafinery texture!

Thanks legodude17 for fixing scarlet collectors bug!

And of course, Rimworld is owned by Tynan Sylvester.

If you enjoy the content I'm making, you can buy me some coffee. Thanks!
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what was changed in this version?
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May 5 @ 5:47am
what does luciferium/year mean in the collectors?
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witchgwen May 17 @ 2:17pm 
thanks for letting me know i forgot to build hospital beds lol
BlueEagle421  [author] May 17 @ 12:16am 
It connects to hospital beds
witchgwen May 16 @ 8:23pm 
what building does the Health Simulator connect to? I can’t find anything that accepts it.
BlueEagle421  [author] May 12 @ 12:22am 
I don't have anything like this planned unfortunately
ParaNautic May 11 @ 7:54am 
Any other drugs that could get this type of expansion?
BlueEagle421  [author] May 5 @ 8:45pm 
Tal'Raziid May 5 @ 7:00pm 
It was an issue with another mod, since resolved.
Are refineries suppposed to be able to output mechanites directly to the synthesizer?
BlueEagle421  [author] May 5 @ 1:19am 
@Tal'Raziid It might be an issue with other mod, but it's really hard to tell with that many errors not related to Luciferium Expansion. I would start by removing Vanilla Chemfuel Expanded - Unofficial addon and making sure the mod load order is correct and removing duplicated mods.
Tal'Raziid May 4 @ 4:21pm 
Just started up after playing earlier today and have red errors repeating infinitely
Admiral Rickets May 4 @ 3:08pm 
@BlueEagle421 thank you! I totally forgot about those. I read about them when I first got the research and then it left my mind. Thank you for the quick reply and they work you have put into this mod!