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Viper Vertical Launch System
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Viper Vertical Launch System

Viper Vertical Launch System


The Viper Vertical Launch System (VLS) is a reloadable, 6 shot WHAM/LAMP guided missile launch platform. It is designed to be an easy-to-use technology demonstrator that can also be relatively easily integrated into a ship.

This is the spiritual successor to the Crotalus Mk.I Vertical Launch Missile System (hence the name "Viper"), but now it uses the latest generation of my homing missile guidance script suite.

Important Limitation
You can not use multiple of these VLS cells onto a single ship as they will conflict due to how WHAM/LAMP works.

  • 6 vertically launched homing missiles with 5km range and ~100 m/s² acceleration
  • Self-reloading mechanism
  • Pre-configured missile designation custom turret
  • Easy to paste onto an existing ship
  • Fits within a 7 x 5 x 3 block volume

  How do I use this?!
Setup is essentially as simple as cutting off the yellow sprue and pasting the components onto a ship, but follow the detailed instructions on the blueprint itself (because I hate duplicating documentation lol). You can also just use this as a standalone demonstration platform.

Flight Seat Toolbar Setup
  1. Fire missile
  2. Reload all missiles
  3. Control Custom Camera Turret
  4. Switch missile guidance mode
  5. Toggle missile lock-on
  6. Toggle missile precision mode
  7. Toggle missile spiral
  8. Toggle missile stealth (antenna broadcasting)
  9. Kill all active missiles

Basic Firing lnstructions

First, get in the provided flight seat. Then...

To launch a homing missile using camera homing (LIDAR):
  1. Aim at the target with a camera
  2. Press [5] to initiate camera lock-on
  3. Look at the status screen or listen for the lock-on sound to ensure you have lock
  4. Press [1] to fire (Can only fire when locked on)

To launch a homing missile in turret homing mode:
  1. Press [4] until the "Turret" mode is selected
  2. Fly into turret range of a target
  3. Look at the status screen or listen for the lock-on sound to ensure you have lock
  4. Press [1] to fire a missile (Can only fire when locked on)
This blueprint is only equipped with the attached custom turret controller as a turret. To add more, simply add more custom turret controllers or AI turret blocks into the "Fire Control" group.

To launch a Line-of-Sight guided missile:
  1. Press [4] until the "Beam Ride" mode is selected
  2. Press [1] to fire a missile
  3. Look where you want the missile to go. They will steer towards where you are aiming.

  Authors Notes
This is intended to primarily be a technology demonstrator for WHAM/LAMP. This was created to satisfy a relatively common request from users to provide a simple example platform for dissection.

I used the old school red ship in the thumbnail and literally just cut a 7 x 5 x 3 hole in the butt and pasted the VLS cell in there.

I made this in a couple of hours, so I hope it works for someone other than me. Feel free to use, modify, and/or publish this thing on your ships! This is meant to be a utility, so modification is encouraged :)
Whiplash141  [author] 13 hours ago 
r4v1n6 17 hours ago 
Works great! Managed to install it into the current Red Ship without too much trouble.
Cuddle Cock May 27 @ 10:37pm 
Bottom text.
Sarge The Pilot May 11 @ 1:11pm 
So what resources do u need to make the missiles in survival?
McTec Ind. May 6 @ 8:07am 
[★]Pe4enyka May 6 @ 2:58am 
txet mottob
hans May 5 @ 5:10pm 
bottom text
mhwyoshi Apr 25 @ 2:39pm 
“"is there a way to get multiple of these working together on one ship through linking them and is there a way to get multiple of these working together on one ship through linking them and removing any conflicting script blocks?"

The issue isn't so much the duplication of scripts as it is duplication of the missile groups. Each missile needs a unique missile group name in order to properly define what a missile is.””

is there a way I can set this up with my own missiles and make it so it can handle a moving ship? Also please ad the previous information and answer too my question in the notes for people who want to know.
General Kenobi Apr 14 @ 8:28am 
Bottom text 😅
Whiplash141  [author] Apr 14 @ 6:01am 
Yes, and either one of those blocks to the "Fire Control group. The full guide covers all the features of when and lamp