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Prometheus Nanobot Drill and Fill System
Type: Mod
Mod category: Block, Script, Other
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Mar 30 @ 4:07am
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Prometheus Nanobot Drill and Fill System

Nanobot drill and fill system
for small and large ships/stations (automatic drilling/collecting/filling system)

Updated block models for a more aesthetic appearance on your structures.
The internal functionality remains original and matches the configuration used on the Prometheus Quantum server
Models made - Artika, Ra.
Script original - Dummy08.
I advise you to read all the settings and functionality on the page of the original mod, I do not see the point of duplicating)
Link to the mod original:

The script is not part of our development and we have no right to prohibit its use. The restriction applies only to the BLOCK MODELS.

This mod was created by "Artika & Ra & Prometheus Project".
This mod is not authorised for publication on Steam except for Steam accounts named <Artika, Ra, Prometheus Project Server, LORIC>.
This item cannot be redistributed without explicit permission.
So if you have a desire to do something, include this mod as part of a mod pack, etc. Please ask, I don't bite.

I invite you to Prometheus
Bodyboarder2528 Jun 16 @ 5:19am 
does this differ much from the original besides the model please?
Vulkanik Jun 1 @ 10:26pm 
извинитесь пожалуйста, я не понимаю как он работает
jokerace45 May 20 @ 4:23pm 
It doesn't seem to have the "fill" option in the control panel? Does it need to have material in cargo for that to be used or also add the other older mod in the world? And if that is the case what of the two mods is higher on the list.
kinngrimm Apr 29 @ 6:16am 
Does this work together with the latest version of the orginial mod?
Mazen IIXIS Apr 29 @ 12:01am 
Well, I figured out what went wrong. By default stone is disabled. However, the part with the area stretching in the direction of depth instead of extending forward is puzzling me. It looks like I will have to set the offset to drill instead of trying to increase depth.
Mazen IIXIS Apr 28 @ 11:53pm 
I noticed several odd things about this. I'm on creative and I'm trying to drill into the voxels, dig it up, but it doesn't do anything. Also, when I offset the forward to front of the drill, and tried expanding the depth area, it stretched out from that point instead of extending forward. is it by design or is there something wrong with how I'm doing it?
Palad1n Apr 24 @ 3:25pm 
Any chance you would consider another version of this, in which it is simply a drill and fill, that doesn't mine up ore? My group is looking for such a system that will help us better excavate areas for underground, or in a mountain, asteroid, etc, but without it mining up ore, only stone so as to be able to use it for filling in other area.
Spiricore Apr 23 @ 10:17pm 
Looks a lot nicer. Thanks for uploading.
xTUx Death Lord Apr 23 @ 8:56pm 
is this just a reskin or is this because people are having problems on the original and this is the replacement going forward ?
Zhunter247 Apr 23 @ 11:01am 
So i'm guessing the "Fill" is only with the original nanobot mod and not with the Prometheus remodeling.