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    Perisno is a modification for the game Mount&Blade Warband. To play Perisno, please purchase a copy of Mount & Blade Warband and install it. Then download the latest version of the Perisno mod and install it. Detailed instructions are available in the Perisno mod download.

Perisno is a low fantasy setting with Elves, Dwarves, and (soon) Giants. There are some mythological creatures and magic, though magic is out of reach of the player sans a few powerful relics like the mighty Flamebringer!

Numerous factions of both major and minor importance bring different strengths, balance, and styles of war to the field. And remember, no one is created equal. Some factions are puposely bad in certain situations. You may find taking a town or castle from the Redwood Nation exceedingly difficult. But then you turn around and crush twice your number in Elves with a group of Drachenritters in the field.

From heroic knights to opportunistic bandits to the lost Kingdom of Perisno itself, the player can ally or oppose whoever he or she likes as every faction has potential to gain power and even dominate Perisno. All who venture must be wary though, for the land of Perisno is full of dangers and enemies abound at every turn. The unwary traveler may find themselves suddenly opposing invading forces from lands unknown or even the Dreaded One "itself".

A whole new world! Explore a whole new fantasy world with many unique locations, cities, villages and improved landscapes! Perisno offers seven new unique factions, with many new troops, bandits and an invading faction!

Tons of new items! Perisno offers the play a wide array of new armor and weapons! The mod currently contains over 2200 items, which is 1600 items more than Native has!

New graphics, banners and map! Perisno has its very own custom-built map with tons of new locations. We also overhauled the graphics of the interface, and introduced a bunch of new banners! There's even banners of a very undressed lady *wink wink*.

A handful of new mounts! Are you tired of riding horses? Do you want something cool? Well, why don't you go ride a camel? Maybe an elephant is cooler? Nah, you look like someone who'd want to ride a wolf or a tiger. How about a wyvern? If you just want to ride the good old horses, then that's alright. We've added a whole bunch of new horses as well!

A ton of new features! Perisno makes good use of the many mini-mods out there! We're currently using a handful of mini-mods such as Diplomacy, Freelancer, Formations! We're also introducing a bunch of new mercenaries, roaming parties, household troops, quests, sea travelling, dynamic troop trees, fog of war, new kingdom management features, and many other features!

A custom soundtrack! Explore the world while listening to a great custom soundtrack! We've added all new music for better gameplay, and also improved the sounds of the game!

And much more! Check out the link below to check out the rest of the features of Perisno!,284936.0.html

There are many options in Perisno, and the player may join an existing army or strike out on their own. The player can hunt legendary treasures, loot caravans, and sell prisoners to gain wealth.

Later versions will allow the abilitiy to bring minor factions to glory and power. Perisno is intended as a story told by the player themselves. From Lord of Nothing to King of Perisno, or somewhere in between. Whatever you desire!

Read more about the mod over at our wiki (see the links below)!

Perisno Wiki[]
Taleworlds Board[]
Official Forum[]
Moddb Page
Discord Chat[]

    The Perisno Development Team hopes you enjoy your stay in Perisno. Please contact Colonel Rick at if you have questions. You can also contact any of the mod developers on the Taleworlds Forums, Perisno forums and some on Steam.
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azwildcats88 14 minutes ago 
So I love playing as a giant but am kinda bummed out I can't marry Birgit or the elven princess. I get this is kind of a small nitpick, but will they become eligible to be wed by the big boys at any point?
Rax Sep 19 @ 3:52am 
anyone else crashing when creating a new game?
profile name Sep 17 @ 6:06am 
Tolranian incendirium be like ->
Hakapipi Sep 14 @ 7:06am 
@Hobo definitions of it are pretty vague, but I would say it leans more towards low fantasy
Hobo Sep 13 @ 11:42pm 
wouldnt this still be high fantasy, considering it's in a fictional world setting?
Etrepcar Sep 12 @ 10:12pm 
@JamesP Are you sure you have Freelancer enabled in the settings (camp menu, reports)? It is disabled by default, since it is pretty buggy.
JamesP Sep 12 @ 2:53pm 
I'm not able to join any armies as part of Freelancer. I've tried every race and faction, and there is no dialogue option. Is this a bug?
Dominvs-Accipiter Sep 10 @ 11:00am 
@hawkwinter That's a good point. The game itself is meant to be far more challenging than native, and force you to think creatively, particularly about troop composition. We are actively developing still, and encourage you guys to join us in our discord with feedback. Thanks for your support!
Rax Sep 7 @ 11:12am 
Hawkwinter Aug 29 @ 1:27pm 
@themightyrag Hard to know what about it is OP, but I'll take an educated guess, and say it's the powerful 'bandits' that seem to catch you and kill you constantly. The key there, is, don't get caught. Don't hire troops on foot, only hire mounted, and pay attention to enemies in your area. Skills that help with movement speed and the distance you see enemies from, and companions that do the same, are key as well. Hope that helps.