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RaG BaseBuilding


- Can be secured with Codelocks or Combinationlocks - Raiding works the same as Vanilla - BreachingCharge Mod compatible - Windows are openable - You can Hide/Show the Inventory - Native Codelock Mod support - Native Expansion Codelock Mod support - Door automatically closes after a Server Restart (if left open) - Barbed Wire, Camo nets and Xmas Lights can be added to certain parts.

Read the Wiki here[]

KIT - Craft any kit by combining 4 Planks and 10 Nails.

Controls and Placement options

Press ARROW DOWN to enable snapping. Press ARROW DOWN to disable snapping Press ARROW UP to rotate with MouseWheel at the current snapping point. Press ARROW RIGHT to cycle through the various snap points.

You can change those Keybinds in the DayZ Menu Settings.

The construction amount of every single part is adjustable through the JSON file


WALL: 4 logs, 10 planks and 25 nails. LOW WALL: 2 logs, 5 planks and 15 nails. PILLAR: 1 log, 5 planks and 5 nails. STAIRS: 2 logs, 10 planks and 15 nails. STAIRCASE: 2 logs, 15 planks and 60 nails. STAIRCASE (STYLE 2): 2 logs, 20 planks and 60 nails. FOUNDATION: 4 logs, 15 planks and 30 nails. FLOOR: 2 logs, 10 planks and 25 nails. FLAT ROOF: 2 logs, 10 planks and 25 nails. ANGLED ROOF: 4 logs, 15 planks and 25 nails. ROOF END LEFT: 5 planks and 5 nails. ROOF END RIGHT: 5 planks and 5 nails. WINDOW FRAME: 4 logs,10 planks and 25 nails. WINDOW 5 planks and 5 nails. SMALL WINDOW FRAME: 4 logs, 10 planks and 25 nails. WINDOW 5 planks and 5 nails. DOOR FRAME: 4 logs, 10 planks and 20 nails. DOOR: 5 planks and 5 nails. GATE FRAME: 2 logs, 10 planks and 20 nails. GATE LEFT/RIGHT: 10 planks and 10 nails. WOODEN STORAGE: 30 Nail, 1 log, 15 planks (3 Stages) RAMP: 2 logs, 10 planks and 15 nails. FLOOR HATCH FRAME: 4 logs, 10 planks and 20 nails. FLOOR HATCH DOOR: 5 planks and 5 nails. FLOOR HATCH STAIRCASE: 20 planks and 10 nails. FLOOR HATCH LADDER: 5 planks and 10 nails.

Server-Side Features via JSON

(The json file will auto-generate in your Profiles folder inside RaG_BaseBuilding folder)

{ "BaseBuildTools": [ "Hatchet", "Hammer" ], "BaseDismantleTools": [ "Hatchet", "Crowbar" ], "BaseDestroyToolsWood": [ "SledgeHammer", "Pickaxe", "FirefighterAxe", "WoodAxe" ], "BaseBuildTime": 20, "BaseDismantleTime": 60, "BaseDestroyTimeDefault": 600, "BaseDestroyTimeWood": 600, "BaseBuildToolDamage": 1, "BaseDismantleToolDamage": 3, "BaseDestroyToolDamageWood": 50, "BaseCanAttachXmasLights": 1, "BaseInfiniteLifetime": 0, "BaseRaidOnlyDoors": 0, "BaseBuildAnywhere": 0, "FlagBuildAnywhere": 0, "TentBuildAnywhere": 0, "VanillaBuildAnywhere": 0, "DisableCraftVanillaFence": 0, "DisableCraftVanillaWatchtower": 0, "DisableDestroy": 0, "DisableDismantle": 0, "EnableHideShowInventory": 1, "ReturnKitAfterBuilt": 0, "EnableBuildHatchLadder": 1

Breaching Charge json entries:

"RaG_BB_Door_Frame": "Tier1", "RaG_BB_Door": "Tier1", "RaG_BB_Door_Hologram": "Tier1", "RaG_BB_Gate_Frame": "Tier1", "RaG_BB_Gate": "Tier1", "RaG_BB_Gate_Hologram": "Tier1", "RaG_BB_GateLeft_Frame": "Tier1", "RaG_BB_GateLeft": "Tier1", "RaG_BB_GateLeft_Hologram": "Tier1", "RaG_BB_GateRight_Frame": "Tier1", "RaG_BB_GateRight": "Tier1", "RaG_BB_GateRight_Hologram": "Tier1"


If you want to support me: Ko-fi[]

Additional Info

This Mod was initially commissioned by Spud and made by Chopper.
Over the last 2+ years, i maintained, updated, fixed textures, added features and optimized it.


Spanish - El Susurrador
Hungarian - MaTriX
Portuguese - ujniher
Czech - PepanTheOriginal
Polish - Szmer(Kurwa)
French - Oliver Jean du Plessis
English - Van
Russian - sunsimarge
Chinese - linxianxian (林恩贤)
German - Me :)


- Spud & DDU Community
- Chopper from BaseBuildingPlus

Monetization and Repacking

This mod is not allowed to be monetized, repacked or reuploaded.
However, you are allowed to use this Mod on your approved Monetized Server, as long as this Mod is not part of the Monetization.

read more here: Monetization[]

Any "Can i repack" questions will be ignored. The Answer is no. Don't even ask.

For any kind of question join my Discord:

I do not accept Steam invites.
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kanoryos Jul 21 @ 12:00am 
Are we able to upgarde the doors to tier2 and tier3? If so, how do you upgrade it? Thank you.
3FeKT_KoJIi6Pi Jul 20 @ 10:51am 
My building is disappearing, what should I do?
Jubba911 Jul 15 @ 11:00am 
I see you can attach xmas lights to wall section. How to light them? cant seem to get anything to work. cable reels, battery with wire, nothing. idears?
3FeKT_KoJIi6Pi Jul 5 @ 11:00am 
how to register a mod on the server?
Mr_Anderson-001 Jun 27 @ 10:02pm 
hey @Rag Tyson the building is working great no issues that was a fast hotfix and great addition to the settings this update, I just want to say I use at least 3 of your mods and I appreciate the work you put into everything
Devil Jun 26 @ 11:44pm 
Ich habe mit Ihrem Mod ausschließlich einen lokalen Server verwendet und kann daher den Button „Bau starten“ nicht verwenden. Das Gleiche passiert auf einem öffentlichen Server auf einer einfachen Baustelle, nicht auf einer modifizierten
Mr_Anderson-001 Jun 26 @ 10:11pm 
@RaG Tyson, yes sorry, cannot build modded walls or Native gates, walls or watchtowers, seems like we don't get a prompt to start the base with the shovel, we can place all the supplies but like I say no tools let us start the build.
RaG Tyson  [author] Jun 26 @ 10:04pm 
What can not be build? Please give more info.
Devil Jun 26 @ 9:57pm 
Bitte beheben Sie das Problem, normale Gebäude können nicht mehr gebaut werden
Mr_Anderson-001 Jun 26 @ 8:29pm 
hello there, I been using the mod for a while but today, it won't let us build and I did delete the old config and let new one generate and tried messing with the settings, No luck, Any ideas?