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Modern Pistol Pack (MPP)
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Feb 9 @ 7:55am
Jun 24 @ 7:01am
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Modern Pistol Pack (MPP)


Best used with Ace Extended Arsenal & AMZ Sound mod!

The Modern Pistol Pack adds a variety of Modern “Duty” pistols and their associated attachments. All pistols in the pack are Optic and Suppressor ready and come with a variety of ammunition types, attachments & color schemes to suit. All are CBA compatible for magazines & attachments, meaning this mod will work perfectly with the many other fantastic mods on the workshop.

- A range of pistols and relevant attachments.
- CBA & ACE Compatible
- Dynamic Models
- Optimized compatibility with other weapons mods.
- Red Dots with adjustbale brightness (CBA Next-Optic-Mode)

Want to help provide feedback, provide advice, seek support or chat about guns in arma?


Beretta M9A3
Canik TP9 Elite
CZ Shadow 2 Compact
FN FiveSeven Mk2
Glock 17 Gen 5 MOS
Glock 19 Gen 5
Polymer80 G19
Ruger MkIV Tactical
Shadow Systems CR920P
Sig Sauer P226 RX
Sig Sauer P320 X-Carry Pro
STI Staccato P (9mm & .45ACP)
TriArc G19
Walther PDP

Aimpoint ACRO P2
Eotech EFLX
Holosun HS507C
Holosun HS507K
Holosun HS509
Leupold Deltapoint Pro
Sig Sauer Romeo2 Family
Sig Sauer Romeo Zero
Sig Sauer RomeoM17
Trijicon RMR
Trijicon SRO

Weapon Lights:
Inforce APLc
Sig Sauer Foxtrot 2
Surefire X300U-B
Surefire X300T Turbo
Surefire X400

Muzzle Devices:
AAC Illusion 9 Suppressor
AAC Ti-Rant 45S Suppressor
B&T Impuls IIA Suppressor
Dawson Precision Staccato P Compensator
Gemtech GM9 Suppressor
Jarvis Inc M9A3 Compensator
Killer Innovations Compensator
PMM P226 Compensator
Radian Afterburner Compensator
SilencerCo Hybrid 46 Suppressor
SilencerCo Osprey 45K Suppressor
Surefire Ryder 9M Ti Suppressor
Thread Protector (All Models)
Zev V2 Pro Compensator

All models were purchased through reputable platforms such as CGTrader or directly through the modeler with their written consent. A list of them is provided below.

Credits & Thankyous:

Alex Rusanov - Custom 3D assets tailored specifically for these mods, technical advice & all around great bloke!
ParallaxGameStudios - 3D Assets
8sianDude - 3D Assets
Duexfaces - 3D Assets
SeveN - 3D Assets
Akinaro - 3D Assets
Sohail Abbas - 3D Assets
Cggears - 3D Assets
Darkcube-worldwide - 3D Assets
PsyTi - 3D Assets
Tree - 3D Assets
Macho & Webnight - Vastly improved reloading animations
SlayNoMore - Donation of the CZ PO9 3d Model, FN Mk3 Model & Streamlight TLR9
Quiggs - Donation of the Canik TP9 Model
6.8x51 Girlie - Donation of the RomeoM17 Model
Epidemic Sound - SFX
Meep, Warlords, Capn’Morgan & the greater Sentinel Ops Group community for their help & feedback with testing.
Bohemia Interactive for their fantastic platform and diligent support.

For personal entertainment purposes only.
You are not allowed to reupload parts of this mod or the whole mod without the written permission of the author.
You are not allowed to use parts of this mod or the whole mod in your own creations without the written permission of the author.
You are allowed to retexture parts of the mod using the hidden selections as long as the original mod stays a dependency. Please reach out here or on Discord for help with classnames and texture files.
For any other patches, compat or modification mods, do not hesitate to reach out. More than happy to supply class names and config format!

The creator claims no responsibility for any damages this add-on or mod may cause, use at your own risk.
LucSon Jul 17 @ 11:07pm 
I am here yet again with another suggestion, although I don't know if it'd fit more here or in a potential Modern Combat Carbine pack. Any chance we could get a Flux Raider P320?
lifesinger Jul 12 @ 5:55pm 
@Brucey Report error: No entry 'bin/config.bin/CfgMagazines.MPP_20rnd_57_SB193_Five7_MK3' when choose Five7.
Brucey  [author] Jul 9 @ 12:57am 
Thanks! That's awesome.

Certainly always updates in the pipeline. Currently working on the M17 and M18. They'll be included in the pack and also released standalone once complete.

Other than that and some fresh Trijicon optics I haven't got too much in the pipeline, but garunteed I'll keep adding over time
gonzosgtdude4 Jul 8 @ 10:40pm 
awesome mod, its a must with everything i do. is there gonna be scheduled updates my dude, whats next on the list. i would hope for a full size M17, M18, different glock models like the 21 and 22?
Brucey  [author] Jul 3 @ 8:36pm 

Appreciate it, an ITN compat sounds like very sensible idea, I'll get it on my to do list and make it happen.
Duke Jul 3 @ 12:51pm 
That is such an awesome mod. I really enjoy it. Would be cool though, if you could a compatibility with ITN. It doesnt seem to work with your mod. Looking forward for what comes next
Brucey  [author] Jul 2 @ 5:29am 
Hi @Bax,
unfortunately the proxies used for certain attachments are hidden when in holsters, I assume to prevent clipping. I haven't found a way around that yet, its baked in as far as I can tell.
Bax Jul 2 @ 2:49am 
Is it possible to see the extended mags or silencer while being in holster?
Brucey  [author] Jul 2 @ 1:57am 
I've got a model commissioned for the RCR & RMR HD so hopefully will see that come through in the next couple months and filter into the pack!
samfreeman7 Jun 29 @ 7:34am 
Please add the Trijicon RCR!!!