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Guided Vanilla Rockets (Vanilla+)
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Feb 6 @ 8:10pm
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Guided Vanilla Rockets (Vanilla+)

This is a simple mod that makes the vanilla Rocket a guided missile using Vanilla+ Framework. Requires using target lock-on via control seat, or letting a turret automatically target something.

This mod is fully compatible with any mod that changes the .sbc files related to the Rocket and/or any weapon which uses it, as well as all mods which add new weapons using the Rocket as ammo.

Incompatible with WeaponCore, and probably any other mod that makes the vanilla Rocket a guided missile.

This mod is nothing more than a Vanilla+ script config with definition, and can be reuploaded to the Space Engineers Workshop freely. Reuploading this mod is rather pointless, but modifications to it may be uploaded without my permission.
This mod requires client-side scripts, and thus cannot function on console; it will not be uploaded to
Bigos72 Apr 17 @ 11:20am 
Hi, I wanted to remove turret targeting. I changed as explained earlier, the mod stopped working.
The line now looks like this:
GL_AllowedGuidanceTypes = None | LockOn | OneTimeRaycast
What did I do wrong?
Harbinger Ace  [author] Mar 21 @ 12:43am 
Yes. In the file AmmoDefinitions.cs, removing the text which says "TurretTarget" will disable guidance for all turrets, but leaving it for fixed weapons. I won't be doing that for this mod, but feel free to reupload it and make the change yourself. The file can be opened with any text editor.

Are you locking on to targets using the Target Lock functionality in a cockpit? Excluding raycast, that is the only way to make the missiles home onto a target.
Fuzzygamer Mar 19 @ 5:18pm 
i could not get this mod to work on my dedicated server.
Abyss Mar 17 @ 4:46pm 
Anyway I can make this so only a specific rocket launcher has tracking? I run a plane parts world with my friends and we want it so that the turrets don’t have tracking but block weapons do.
Flapjack117 Mar 8 @ 4:58am 
@Jzuken @YungPro @Jack Schitt @Harbinger Ace
tested and can confirm the handheld launchers do home, though jankily.
A Majestic Dwarf Mar 8 @ 1:23am 
Been testing this in a survival playthrough, and can confirm these guided rockets are great for shooting down small grid ACS drones. Great job mate!
Harbinger Ace  [author] Mar 6 @ 6:20pm 
@Jzuken @YungPro @Jack Schitt
I'm grouping y'all together for a collective answer. All blocks that shoot the vanilla Rocket have guidance enabled, fixed and turrets. I have no clue if this works for handheld launchers, but I did enable raycast guidance, so it's possible just by pointing a launcher at something, but I haven't actually tested this.

Load order shouldn't matter. Vanilla+ will detect this mod's configs automatically. In the case of conflicting mods, I would remove either the conflicting mod(s), or this one.

Yes! Missiles guide and will visibly track on dedicated servers.
Spartan Mar 6 @ 3:50pm 
Works on Dedicated Server ?
Flapjack117 Mar 4 @ 4:32am 
Finally, a reason to use missiles over assault cannons.
Jack Schitt Mar 3 @ 8:49pm 
This mod makes the 200mm Missile Rocket Launchers fire a guided missile?