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Hero Development System V2.0(official version)
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Hero Development System V2.0(official version)

●This is a nurturing game designed to satisfy the joy of nurturing. Due to personal preferences, the RPG focuses on ensuring players still receive rewards even if they complete the game but haven't defeated the final boss after a long playtime.
●Each wave successfully defended grants permanent experience growth (carried over to the next game). The hero's maximum level is currently 2000, with higher waves yielding more experience.
●Every 20 waves feature a boss that drops Realm Soul Fragments, used to enhance the cultivation realm level and experience for the main weapon, among other things. Crossing 100 waves results in the drop of saved equipment, skill experience, and more.
●For any questions or suggestions, feel free to join the Discord:

For Beginners:
●In the in-game handbook, you can restart the game directly without exiting to start a new round.
●Dota shop mechanics are used here; equipment can be purchased in the shop.
●Prioritize purchasing lifesteal equipment, the first two items in the shop.
●Equipment can only be purchased up to level 2 (professional equipment up to level 9). Level 3 equipment needs to be crafted by the cartographer below the map, who produces blueprints every few seconds. Combine three level 3 blueprints to create a level 4 blueprint, which can be synthesized in the Narealm. Right-clicking blueprints allows you to sell or recast them.
Brainsap Apr 8 @ 2:20pm 
This server is still trash. Hopes the server gets stable if the dev even know how to do it
tyu Mar 8 @ 8:59pm 
Когда вы собираетесь добавить новые сложности, новых героев
орал в анал Feb 15 @ 11:12am 
🐷Kazuya Mishima🐷 Feb 14 @ 11:57pm 
pokaji jepy