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Det's Xenotypes - Venators
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Det's Xenotypes - Venators

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Welcome to another installment of Det's Xenotypes, this time introducing a quite unique race, the Venators.
Venators are a quick and delicate race of expert hunters, with great shooting skills. They eat mainly raw flesh and are hence used to butchering and skinning corpses, which they are faster and more capable at than most.

When push comes to shove, they have the ability to paralyze foes with their neurotoxin, which can be useful both for enslaving pawns or to kill prey with ease.

As usual, this is the GitHub link: GitHub link[github.com]
And join my Discord server[discord.gg] to stay in the loop!

The mod also comes with a unique weapon that can only be equipped by Venators, only if the Athena Framework is loaded. And a new piece of apparel to make your Venators more menacing.

Q: "Is this mod CE compatible?"
A: "Likely not."

Q: "But DetVisor, there are no aliens in Rimworld!"
A: "Correct, and these aren't aliens, they're a hyper-adapted subset of humans much like the other vanilla xenotypes.They're meant to look more unique than things like Hussars and Impids, while still looking human."

Q: "Since they don't have a faction, where do they spawn?"
A: "They can occasionally spawn as raiders or pirates, or simply as part of the Outlander factions."

Q: "Why are the stats of the Farsighted gene so specific?"
A: "After some painstaking tweaking and balancing I've come up with a set of buffs that isn't TOO op, but it may still occasionally throw weird numbers when calculating accuracy."

Q: "Is this safe to add mid-save?"
A: "Yes, but don't remove it!"

Q: "I encountered an error!"
A: "Send me the logs so I can identify the issue."

Q: "Can I suggest additions or new features?"
A: "Although the mod is considered complete, feel free to write down in the comments."

- Almost all art assets, icons, infographics and screenshots made by me.
- The awesome storyteller-styled art used on both the preview and page is made by Visandar the Unliving.
- A big thanks to CatLover for helping proofread the descriptions.
- Armor used in screenshots and preview is from Ultratech: Altered Carbon.

No fonts were made by me.

This mod is distributed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International, which means that you can use and modify this mod as long as you credit me and others who worked on it.

RimWorld is owned by Ludeon Studios.


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Hunters Visage
toetruckthetrain Jul 7 @ 12:29am 
they look like kenshi shek tbh
DetVisor  [author] Jun 22 @ 5:18am 
It shouldn't be making impossible to hit anything, no, you might have another mod that changes how the stat works. The debuff isn't extreme.
Matstar Jun 22 @ 4:19am 
The farsighted gene doesn't just disadvantage you in melee, it makes it impossible to hit anything.
Is this the intended behavior?
Even if the pawn reaches a melee skill 20, even this is useless.
Average Genestealer May 28 @ 11:21am 
The mask looks awesome! Looking forward to trying a spacer Venator run.
DetVisor  [author] May 16 @ 9:50am 
Fixed Hunter visage research prereq.
S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Apr 29 @ 3:54pm 
10/10 mod well balanced and fine piece of art and lore
GenericActName Apr 27 @ 6:33pm 
haha shek
mëghr Apr 24 @ 5:30am 
DetVisor  [author] Apr 14 @ 10:44pm 
It should be craftable at a fabrication bench, if not it'll be fixed soon.
kintyj1324 Apr 14 @ 8:51pm 
Can you craft the visage? Whats the best way to get them?