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Planetary Asteroid Rings
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Dec 1, 2023 @ 1:17pm
Apr 17 @ 2:53pm
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Planetary Asteroid Rings


This is a mod to add procedural asteroids to the rings of planets.

Initially it was only for Bylen in the Paradiso system, but other planets should now be able to be configured to have asteroid rings.

Asteroids are generated within visual range of players and sync distance of grids, by default being cleaned up if untouched once out of range of any player or grid. Asteroids within sync range of any player or grid on save will be persisted, and an option is available to disable this cleanup such that all asteroids generated by this mod will persist after the mod is removed.

TLDR Configuration using chat commands

With the mod loaded into the world:

  1. Look at the planet you are wanting to add a ring to, and in chat type: /ringast select @lookat. Perpendicular rings should appear around the planet.
  2. Find the brown ring, and if necessary, adjust to the desired size using the /ringast ir size and /ringast or size commands
  3. If the ring is tilted from where it should be, use the /ringast lan deg command to rotate the ring until the crossing of the red and blue planes coincide with the graphical ring, then use the /ringast inc deg to tilt the ring until it coincides with the graphical ring
  4. Enable the ring using the /ringast enable true command. The brown ring should turn aqua.
  5. Commit the changes using the /ringast commit command. Asteroids should now appear in the aqua ring as you approach with your player character or in a ship
  6. Dismiss the coloured rings using /ringast close

Note that in multiplayer the /ringast commit command will require at least Space Master in your world.


Rings are configured using xml files in the mod storage directory in the world save directory. The settings from these files are also stored in the world Sandbox.sbc file, with the future idea of being able to configure these settings from within the game.

Default settings are stored in ringDefaults.xml, and individual planet ring settings are stored in xml files named by the planet's StorageName - e.g. for Bylen-12345d120000.vx2 will be stored in Bylen-12345d120000.xml.

Default settings exist for the following planets:
  • Bylen (from e.g. Paradise)
  • Bylen as it is in Ares at War
  • Demus

These are disabled by default, and need to be enabled by editing and renaming the planetname.xml.example configuration file(s) that are written in the mod storage directory, changing Enabled from false to true

Configuration settings

A separate guide has been created for configuration settings: Planetary Asteroid Rings configuration options

Future ideas

  • Add the ability to boost the chance of ice asteroids from the default 1% (Note that adding or removing a mod after generating asteroids with this could convert those asteroids to normal asteroids)
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Heft 2 hours ago 
@Bravada Cadelanne still doesnt work
Bravada Cadelanne  [author] Apr 17 @ 2:55pm 
Asteroid ring settings should now properly be reloaded when they are enabled after having previously been disabled.
Bravada Cadelanne  [author] Apr 17 @ 2:34pm 
It looks like I will need to determine why the ring configuration is not being reloaded when it is saved in single-player. Performing a save and reload of the world has the configuration take effect.
matibro4 Apr 17 @ 11:30am 
No rings are spawning in, all the commands go through and when the blue ring appears there are no asteroids
Bravada Cadelanne  [author] Apr 14 @ 10:20am 
@Finka @Heft do any asteroids spawn in the configured ring when you approach it in your suit or your ship? By default in single player asteroids should start spawning once you approach within the configured view distance (which defaults to 15km).
Finka Apr 13 @ 1:42pm 
same here, ring isn't spawning, i'm doing it on an earthlike planet on the solar system scenario
Heft Apr 8 @ 8:00am 
@Bravada Cadelanne Hi there, I tried many times all codes. Color turns aqua and after commit command i see " committing settings.." but nothing changes just nothing. Tried on vanilla planets and other but doesnt work. I am not too pro on these things. Can please someone contact with me and show via discord or etc. Please.
void catgirl rglx Apr 7 @ 2:17am 
another for your future ideas: see if it's possible to make (or at least spit out values for) "ring fog" with the nebula mod?
Bravada Cadelanne  [author] Mar 28 @ 1:57am 
The Collection was modified errors should no longer occur in this mod. Far fewer asteroids should also be kept around grids and offline players (with the distance asteroids spawn and despawn now being configurable).
Bravada Cadelanne  [author] Mar 25 @ 7:36am 
Was this a physics engine crash with somewhere around 11000 asteroids (e.g. a dozen players in the ring, and e.g. one or two jumping more than 100km within the ring)?

I probably need to add a tuneable to unlink the asteroid spawn / despawn distance from the server render distance, and/or have something to set the maximum number of asteroids that will spawn around any one player / grid. Probably also take into account the player / grid velocity when determining whether any particular asteroid should spawn.