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Oct 7, 2023 @ 2:24am
Mar 28 @ 4:48pm
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A RimWorld mod to control and inspect various convoluted mechanics regarding weather.

- Configure a biomes weathers and their commonality within that biome
- Configure the duration range for weather
- Wind sock building to display current wind speed
- Weather station building to display various weather information

How Commonality works
In the game the WeatherManager is responsible for determining the next weather. It does so by taking all the weathers available for the current biome of the map and summing up all the commonalities of the weathers to select a random one by weight. Meaning a weather with a high commonality such as Clear has a higher chance of being picked. This mod lets you play with those values to change a given biomes commonalities and change the cocktail of weather frequencies.

This mod has no performance impact. There are no harmony patches, nor is there anything running on a scheduled basis. All this mod does is modify static values at runtime that the weather manager accesses.

The buildings present some mildly interesting internal values of the weather system.
To build weather stations you must first complete the matching research (after Microelectronics).
The buildings have little "purpose" and are mostly neat flavor and can be used as functional decoration.

It is safe to add or remove new biomes or weathers while WeatherControl is installed, it will automatically pick up on any changes and present options on how to resolve issues.
However, installing new biomes mid-playthrough WILL break your game. This is base-game behaviour and will not be fixed by this mod.

This mod is mostly a convenience tool, everything regarding commonalities in this mod does can be done via PatchOperation modding - but it offers some visual aid to understand the values that you tweak.
NightmareCorporation  [author] Jun 16 @ 12:35pm 
Probably an error while trying to draw the settings? I can't reproduce anything like that with the uploaded versions, can you provide your local log? To share you can copy it from your local log folder (C:\Users\<USER>\AppData\LocalLow\Ludeon Studios\RimWorld by Ludeon Studios) and upload it to a service like https://gist.github.com/
Squatchsloth Jun 15 @ 3:53pm 
I seem to be having an issue accessing the mod options. whenever I try and click them, a blank window opens up and I'm not able to close it, and am forced to quit the game. I tried looking for a solution but maybe Im dumb and just didn't see it. the mod looks awesome and I would love to mess around with it
Blake81 Apr 20 @ 6:39pm 
Yeah, might have been a glitch on my side. The floor the thing was built on vanished, and so did it. But it wasn't the station's fault.
ChaosRobot Apr 20 @ 5:12pm 
If you are curious, so the wind turbine was at 0% for a few minutes (when i reported the issue) and now it is constantly producing 3450 watts at all times. Weather is 99.9% set to windy (might be from another mod, i thought it was from this for some reason) or a 0.1% chance of hurricane.
NightmareCorporation  [author] Apr 20 @ 5:07pm 
Correct, unless reading the wind speed of a map affects the outcome of the calculations this mod does nothing regarding wind speed.

I'm curious how a wind turbine would behave on a map with that wind speed and what weather/incidents you have going on.
ChaosRobot Apr 20 @ 4:45pm 
yeah, readout. I'm guessing this mod probably doesnt change anything about wind speed, though?
NightmareCorporation  [author] Apr 20 @ 4:41pm 
Assuming you mean the weather station building? Should be just fine across multiple versions? Can you build a new station?

I am assuming you mean the readout on the weather station building? All that does is read the maps windspeed, there is no logic or math involved, some weather or event you are experiencing might be messing with wind speeds?
ChaosRobot Apr 20 @ 2:40pm 
My wind speed is set to -2147483648%?
Blake81 Apr 19 @ 5:07pm 
Hm, weird, my machines disappeared after update. Oh well, no biggie.
NightmareCorporation  [author] Apr 19 @ 2:47pm 
The mod is already compatible with 1.5?