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THYER5 Stims
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Sep 17, 2023 @ 10:42am
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THYER5 Stims

THYER5 Stims

UPDATED 07/05/2024 See below for more information

DMCA will be issued against those that repack without authorisation!

This mod uses Stim Epipens to help deal with ailments in DayZ. Varients are as follows:

Nutrition Stim - Increase Food 1000
Hydration Stim - Increase Thirst 1000
Health Stim - Increase Health 50
Blood Stim - Increase Blood 500
Immunity Stim - Increase Immune System (Same as Vitamins)
Influenza Stim - Remove Cold/Flu
Infection Stim - Reduce Wound Agents -10000
Shock Stim - Reduce Shock -1000
Chemical Stim - Remove Chemical Poisons

Compatible Languages:

V1.1 25/11/2023 Update Includes:
Fracture Stim - Heal broken arms and legs
Food Poisoning - Remove Food Poisining
Salmonella - Remove Salmonella

Armband Stim Case - Wrist band that holds up to 4 Stim Epipens, fits character armband slot

V1.2 07/05/2024 Update Includes:
Brain Prions Stim - Heal the effects of Kuru
iFAK Green/Tan - A bandage kit that can heal up to 5 bleeds at once.
First Aid Kit - Medical only storage container that has 25 cargo slots.

Additional Languages:

Included in this mod:
Dr.Jones Trader File
TraderPlus Config Files
THYER5 Stims_types.xml

Prices have all been set to 10,000, it is up to you to decide what prices you want.

Types files are all set to the same and are as follows, it is up to you to decide if and how you want them to spawn in game.

<type name="Stim_Blood"> <nominal>0</nominal> <lifetime>3600</lifetime> <restock>0</restock> <min>0</min> <quantmin>-1</quantmin> <quantmax>-1</quantmax> <cost>100</cost> <flags count_in_cargo="0" count_in_hoarder="0" count_in_map="1" count_in_player="0" crafted="1" deloot="0" /> <category name="clothes"/> <tag name="floor" /> <tag name="shelves" /> <tag name="ground" /> <value name="Tier3"/> <value name="Tier4" /> </type>

Repacking mods serves no benefit to Server Performance. It only serves to hurt the Mod Creator, repacking diverts attention away from the creator and most mod creators put hours of effort into making them. Subscriber counts on workshop mods help a mod creators workshop profile. As well as this you will miss vital updates to mods, updates which may include additional content, improve aesthetics and even improve server performance. As such repacking will be reserved for special instances, contact me via discord links below to enquire.

If required I can be reached on discord: THYER5 or at the THYER5 Discord[]

Follow my Modding tutorial series here: THYER5 Modding Tutorials

Shout out to Helkhiana, Knaze for the help with this :D

You are allowed to use this mod on a Bohemia Interactive authorised Monetised Server

Copyright 201X [Andrew Thyer.] This item is not authorized for posting on Steam, except for accounts authorised to do so by Copyright Owner.
THYER5  [author] May 7 @ 10:39am 
This mod has been updated please see description for more information
THYER5  [author] May 3 @ 7:43am 
Check/Validate your types for errors if they are not spawning. Just google XML Validator and copy the types file contents into it
nrogers7749 Apr 24 @ 10:15pm 
Can't get them to spawn, however they are really good for putting into cargo drops, and keycard vaults! 8/10. i'll change to 10/10 as soon as i see them on the ground in game lol:steamthumbsup:
THYER5  [author] Jan 3 @ 10:33am 
Copied the types from my Ghillie mod so it is an oversight on my part :S
NATION Jan 2 @ 11:37am 
Hello THYER5,

is the flag crafted=1 a typo or are there crafting recipes?
If so, what are the recipes?
Ra73oR Nov 13, 2023 @ 1:29pm 
Did you check if the xml is valid? Just had an issue pretty comparable to yours where I messed up the syntax of <type ... > and </type>. Also be careful not to introduce an additional <types> somewhere as it will break the xml file. Hence the code will not be parsed correctly and items won't spawn.
THYER5  [author] Oct 4, 2023 @ 3:15am 
.......actually it will not only mess up your economy it will wipe your server
THYER5  [author] Oct 3, 2023 @ 2:50am 
Hey Arsenic, are you adding the stims to an existing economy or are you refreshing the economy with the stims included?

If it is an existing economy then it may take a while for the economy to cycle through the items. Deleting the Storage_1 folder in mpmissions will wipe your economy/types and everything will start spawning again from careful though if it is mid wipe it can mess up your server economy.
Arsenic Oct 2, 2023 @ 8:44pm 
I'm having an issue with getting the stims to spawn. At this point I have everything else on my server spawning, but these don't seem to want to spawn. Any thoughts? All the stims are set up exactly like this in the types.
<type name="Stim_Blood">
<flags count_in_cargo="0" count_in_hoarder="0" count_in_map="1" count_in_player="0" crafted="0" deloot="0" />
<category name="clothes"/>
<tag name="floor" />
<tag name="shelves"/>
<tag name="ground"/>
<usage name="Town"/>
<usage name="Military"/>
<usage name="Village"/>
<value name="Tier3"/>
<value name="Tier4"/>
<value name="Tier2"/>
<value name="Tier1"/>
HuntR Sep 26, 2023 @ 7:06pm 
Great Job Brother