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DHI Systems: Fusion Reaction systems
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Jul 8, 2023 @ 3:24am
Jul 20, 2023 @ 3:40pm
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DHI Systems: Fusion Reaction systems

The future of energy generation as we know it the power of FUSION

Massive (5x5x7 >175 cubes) Hydrogen Fusion Reactor that provide up to 3GW of power with fuel capacity 3000000

large (5x3x3 > 45 cubes) Hydrogen Fusion Reactor that provide up to 750MW of power with fuel capacity 1000000

Small grid variant (5x3x2) Hydrogen Fusion Reactor that provide up to 25MW of power for a few hours(have not tested) with fuel capacity 5000

(based on my search on internet the theoretical fusion reactor could provide 1gw of power for a whole year and use only 250KG or L of fuel, for obvious reasons i ddint make it that powerfull)

Bioengineered botanic block for large grid that can very slowly replenish hydrogen of ships in space at 0,5L/minit (half of the oxygen farm rate) in form of 1x1x1 block (warning in menu it will show as oxygen is being generated but in reality its hydrogen the msg is hardcoded)(like oxygen farm require sun to produce hydrogen)

Now with LOD for better performance beyond 200m the blocks turns into basic geometrical form
this will make it server friendly special thanks to elachi dance party for showing me easy way on how to do them

Credit for the animation script goes to made by Toughspacehall and Zader

miss_snow Feb 25 @ 3:16am 
hey guys i cant get the hydrogen block to work can any of you help me
Zappy The Floof Jan 21 @ 7:34pm 
Makes sense its using Hydrogen as Fusion isnt 100% effectent
kinngrimm Jan 14 @ 8:14am 
Daniel "Nero" Drake  [author] Jan 14 @ 8:07am 
yes this "reactor" is actualy hydrogen engine on cosmic steroids
kinngrimm Jan 14 @ 6:48am 
just to clarify, this uses H2 that i get from ice as fuel, right? But instead of putting it into the Hydrogin engine this reactor consumes it, yes?
Daniel "Nero" Drake  [author] Dec 9, 2023 @ 7:41am 
do you have any other power sorce type on the ship ?
or does the ship uses hydrogen engine
Tied Dec 8, 2023 @ 8:27pm 
Is it just me or does the 5x5x7 reactor munch away at your power, i have 6 of them on a ship and it dose not like to have more then 30 minutes - 1 hour of power left.
Acirno Oct 27, 2023 @ 5:41pm 
I think I have seen someone use the event control block to do just that. you can set a lot of conditions to power on if.
Taeleus Oct 27, 2023 @ 12:46pm 
I seem to be having the same problem as Kalethras. As long as my nuclear reactors are available the fusion reactors do nothing. Is there any way to set it to prefer to use the fusion reactors first, then use the nuclear reactors when they cap out? I have 3 of the big ones on my station and they do kick on when my reactors run out, but I wanted to convert the base to work off just the fusion reactors and this makes it difficult to have a nuclear reactor as a backup.
Acirno Oct 27, 2023 @ 7:06am 
It does actually appear to be balanced, I would love to see the reactor broken down into functional parts and made modular. could get some nice looking reactor room that way but as is, unless your making a space hulk of a ship its a bit large. still usefull overall.