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Jun 11, 2023 @ 5:12am
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HopeSeekr’s Better Rimworlds Mods
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Version **v9.0.0: 2024-03-21**

* **[Major]** Upgraded to Rimworld v1.5.
* Fixed a bug where local teleports didn’t work correctly with an offworld team.
* Brought in the new Power-needs code from DeMaterializer.
* **[Major]** Made the Stargate UI gizmos dynamic based on the state of the stargate network.
* Shifted to the BetterRimworld CI/CD system.
* Added sounds to the Stargate.
* Disable power toggle on the Stargate, as it doesn’t make sense.
* Fixed a bug where colonists couldn’t be recalled after a local teleport.
* Make the Stargate require more and more power, 2 kW for every 1 kg in the Stargate buffer over 1,000 kg.

Discussion, Non Steam Downloads is at the GitHub repo.
Ideally Bugs should be logged on GitHub although in the discussion thread is also fine.

The Stargate system allows you to transport materials over the great distances between colonies, both off-world and on.

**ALERT: The transdimensional construction of an Offworld Stargate has *devastating* consequences for all higher
lifeforms on the map!**

WARNING: This mod uses the Rimworld Base Save Functionality in ways that it was never designed to support, mainly saving specific things into a separate file instead of saving everything on the map to one file at once. Because of this there may be adverse effects. The main one that I have found is that after traveling through the Stargate Social opinions relating to that colonist will be lost, they will effectively be meeting everyone for the first time again. At this time I do not know of a practical way to resolve this issue.

Forked from Jaxxa’s ED-Stargate (but only ~100 lines remain of the original code).

**WARNING:** I have not tested this on any DLCs. It is very possible that this is not compatible.

I would appreciate it if someone could donate the Royalty DLC to me, if only for me to test / port the nobility system.
.:CHG:. Hope  [author] Mar 28 @ 9:08am 
You can already do this, @FireMonkeyLord:

1. Build a stargate in your main Hubworld colony (Spacer tech, pre-Glitterworld).
2. Load a save with or without a Starget.
3. Go to the MISC tab and choose “Off-world Gate.”
4. Activate the Transdimensional Stargate. WARNING: Every non-psychically deaf pawn will suffer MASSIVE consequences, including all of the animals.
5. Recall the team from the previous Savegame.

NOTE: You’ll have to build a stargate yourself while on this planet. It helps if you bring the 2,000 gold, etc. with you on your away mission. Usually, the only thing I hunt for in the new saves are the steel, silver, and AI core.
FireMonkeyLord Mar 22 @ 2:45am 
Hi. I was wondering if in 1.5 you could use the new map system to make small quests. Like an SG team going off world and find artifacts or enemies? Is something like that even possible? I've not managed to build a Stargate yet but I will try to test it in 1.5.
.:CHG:. Hope  [author] Mar 21 @ 4:15pm 
Fully upgraded to Rimworld v1.5, and more stable than ever!
.:CHG:. Hope  [author] Jul 28, 2023 @ 7:24pm 
You need two gates. The second gate can be anywhere. On the same map tile, on a different map, or on a different world.

Send stuff through Gate 1. As soon as you hit “Send”, the pawns and items get removed (Destroy.Vanish) from the game.

Hit Recall on Gate 2. Pawns and items will spawn at the current location.

If you just want to teleport in the same Game, then do not hit Send, simply put stuff in the stargate buffer in Gate 1 and hit Recall in Gate 2.
arget03 Jun 18, 2023 @ 5:22pm 
Okay, I tried to use the 'gate to explore, mostly to see if it'd allow me to escape an island. The pawns sent into the 'gate just disappear until you recall them. It's not very user friendly. A user manual would be greatly appreciated.
arget03 Jun 18, 2023 @ 2:07am 
So, no raiders coming through the 'gate?
.:CHG:. Hope  [author] Jun 18, 2023 @ 1:48am 
@argent03: Yes, you can teleport things from one map to another, even on the same map to another location (all it costs is energy).

But, what’s really special is that you can transport between different Planets (e.g., Savegames). Even on different PCs (assuming they’re each running the same Rimworld version and basic mod compatiblility).
arget03 Jun 17, 2023 @ 8:07pm 
So, how exactly does this Stargate mod function? Can you move colonists between settlements? Camps? Outposts? Can it be used for raiding? O can you be raided through it?
.:CHG:. Hope  [author] Jun 16, 2023 @ 1:41pm 
I have a Tribal group with two biofuel reactors @ 500 kw each. It takes them about 2 weeks to fully power up the gate, but it’s so worth it to them.

Think Teeyla’s tribe in Stargate Atlantis.

I -could- add a DHD, but this is all about you yourself discovering how to build gate networks. There’s the ZPM mod that does the equivalent, and you can build that, too. It’s super expensive, but it stores like 2 Million KwH now. I have tribals that tote those things around and have no idea how to produce electricity and it lasts them years. They buy from the Artefact trader for 50,000 silver.
.:CHG:. Hope  [author] Jun 16, 2023 @ 1:38pm 
@Peryn: The Stargate can receive Pawns and Things without any need for power. It needs 10,000 “ZPM Power Units”, which does -not- translate to Rimworld’s kw system. It’s about 100,000 kw.

The Stargate will dynamically test every 250 ticks how much available power is free on the electric grid, and adjust to the nearest 1,000 kw. So if you have 8,653 kw free, the Stargate will use 8,000 giving you a 653 buffer.

If the amount of available power drops below 8,000 kw, then the Stargate’s power circuits trip and the process starts over at 1,000 kw/sec (or powered off until manual power on if less than 1,000 is avialable).

If it detects > 10,000 kw stored in batteries, it kicks into using 25% of the total available battery per 250 ticks. This means it uses less and less batter per cycle (e.g., 50% less every 500 ticks).

A ZPM is capable of powering about 20 Stargate transmissions, in line with the Stargate Universe canon.