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Configurable Ores
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May 9, 2023 @ 6:53pm
Jul 6, 2023 @ 6:04am
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Configurable Ores

Favor to ask: If you downvote or don't upvote, please tell me why so I can improve the mod? I'd appreciate it a lot!

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What does this do?
This mod gives players and admins the power to add, remove, and modify ores present on each planet. It supports vanilla and modded planets and ores. It uses a tunable algorithm to determine how much or little of an ore spawns on a planet, as well as the depth at which it spawns and the size of the deposits. It achieves Vanilla-like mining experiences out-of-the-box and can quickly create a unique experience for your game world with a few short chat commands.

Ore settings can be configured at three levels: World, Planet, and Ore.

This mod can be used in place of:
  • Deeper ores mods
  • Scarce/more/balanced resources mods
  • Compatibility "patches" between mods that add planet ores
  • One-off planet re-uploads which can be an intellectual property grey area with modders.
What it does not do:

How Do I Use It?
Read the fine manual:

Notes, Warnings, and Known Issues
  • This mod has mild compatibility issues with planets which have a decorative custom VoxelMaterial with a MinedOre value matching an actual mineable ore. Mars and Cascadia have examples of this phenomenon: Mars with "Ice" and Cascadia with "CobaltCrystal". This mod has a work-around: It keeps a manually-updated list of static VoxelMateirals which should not be touched. However, it cannot know about all the static VoxelMaterials for every planet. I welcome planet modders to send me lists of their mineable VoxelMaterials which should be considered static. A future update to this mod will let the user edit the static VoxelMaterials list.

  • This mod does not work well with mods that dramatically reduce ore slots on planets or change how special purpose voxel materials (such as Iron_01) are used. Industrial Overhaul is one such mod. Depending on how you use Configurable Ores, you might be able to do some changes, but both the Industrial Overhaul and Configurable Ores experiences will be, in my opinion, severely impacted. I am (slowly) working to make Configurable Ores better able to handle Industrial Overhaul, but it will be some time.

  • It's recommended to use this mod on a new world. Loading it on an existing world can cause some weirdness. For example, if ore deposits have already been drilled into, they will appear to be the old ore. They will need to be drilled into again to change to the new ore.

  • Changes to world settings also change every planet the same way. Changes to planet settings also change all of its assigned ores the same way. Yes, this means that changes to world settings affect every single assigned ore the same way. Therefore: Make all world level changes first, then planet level, and finally ore level. If you make changes in this order, you will not lose any changes.

Contributions & Acknowledgements
The Space Engineers modding community is outstanding.

I learned C# so I could write this mod. This is my first C# program and my first SE script mod. I had many questions. Everyone in this modding community has been supremely helpful and very kind. Thank you.

Early Adopters and Testers:
  • StrikeWyrm
  • TechCoder
  • TheFinalEvent97
  • Katarina

Configurable Ores is released under the GNU General Public License. A copy of the license is available with the mod source code[].
Typhon Plume Mar 12 @ 11:52pm 
@spacegame Saddly mods like this have a high chance of not generating visiable surface patches. Espcially if there altering a already saved game world.
SpaceGame Mar 6 @ 8:37am 
is there a reason i see no visual ore patches on the ground
Scorpion King Feb 9 @ 9:25pm 
No madder what I do the rarity does not change. I have Magnesium set to 50 Iron, Silicon, Nickle set to 6 and i will still get just as much Mag as everything else. Does anyone know how to fix this?
Teamson Jan 23 @ 9:12am 
@kinngrimm Sadly i could not even spawn a world with both mods activated. (could also be another mod involved tho). I had to move to another deep ore mod.
kinngrimm Jan 22 @ 5:22pm 
"It's recommended to use this mod on a new world. Loading it on an existing world can cause some weirdness."
so first generating a system with Star System generator
and then apply changes with "Confirgurable Ores" is viable?
kinngrimm Jan 22 @ 4:44pm 
Concerning "Configurable Parameters " Does the load order matter?
Siv  [author] Jan 21 @ 2:11pm 
@Teamson - Some modded planets have errors in their ore mappings which can cause issues with this mod.
Teamson Jan 20 @ 5:07am 
So i use a lot of mods, but sadly i cant start a new game with this mod activated. Any known mods which this one is incompatible with? I need it so bad :D
Siv  [author] Jan 5 @ 9:31pm 
@Sir Stompalot - No, this mod only affects planet ores.
blazha Jan 5 @ 5:58am 
@Sir Stompalot Ores spawn with planets and asteroids. Once they spawn you can't change them. Changes will apply on newly discovered asteroids, but not on ones that are already there.