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Battleship MSI Salvation
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Mar 26, 2023 @ 7:01am
Feb 23 @ 9:49pm
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You need DLC to use this item.

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Battleship MSI Salvation

In 1 collection by Poanage
Poanage Arsenal - Mining Security and Insurance
11 items
Length: 385m
Mass: 62 million kg
Blocks: 30,799
PCU: 156883

89 x Large Hydrogen Thrusters
14 x Large Ion Thrusters
18 x Jump Drives
3 x Merge Pulse Drives (33 m/s²)
Gravity Gyro System (18°/s)

36 x Permanent Crew
9 x Kingfisher Strike Fighters
4 x Paladin Main Battle Tanks
1 x Alabaster Heavy Miner

2 x Assault Cannon Turrets
20 x Gatling Turrets
39 x Artillery Turrets
56 x Forward Artillery
50 x Forward Railguns
6 x Triple Barrel Railgun Turrets
6 x Rapid Fire Autocannon Turrets
12 x WHAM Guided Torpedo Bays
4 x Piston Cannons

Railgun maintenance zone
Fighter printer, rearm, and refit
Two storey hangar
Reactor engineering zones
Refining and assembling zone
Pulse drive core room
Detention center
Interrogation room
Combat Information Center
Recreational bar
Shooting range
Medical center
Research lab
Atrium and staging room
Entertainment theatre
Mess hall
Crew quarters
Night club/Observation platform

Keep ship upright, do not pitch or roll in atmosphere. The ship relies on a gravity gyro system which becomes useless on planets. Pitching or rolling will cause the ship to list.

Whiplash for all the amazing scripts
Major Jon for the engines that make this ship possible
Dwarven cleric for the best gravity drive script ever
MMaster for Automatic LCDs

This is a very heavy ship, only merge pulse drives would be able to move this thing. No mount of gyros would turn this ship reasonably, so I've set up a gravity drive system that works as a super gyro. This gravity gyro system will cause your sim speed to suffer, so I recommend leaving it off unless you are actually turning or fighting another ship. link:

Check out my other ships at:
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LionHeart Jun 11 @ 1:49pm 
can it land on planets
lmao Jun 6 @ 1:43am 
Are you using any mod when making the ship? Cause I have all dlc but it keep said it missing something and the refinery, assembly can't auto withdraw resource.
Leah the Feeble Mar 26 @ 3:47am 
i own all of the required dlc but i still cant move things into the refineries nor will they auto pull ressources
Poanage  [author] Mar 25 @ 5:44am 
Yes it should all be hooked up, maybe a missing dlc? Should work in survival
Leah the Feeble Mar 24 @ 8:45pm 
kinda dumb question is it supposed to be able to be used in survival? bc none of the refineries are hooked up and the connectors are what feels like somewhat connected but in their own network of pipes?
Poanage  [author] Mar 15 @ 3:24am 
What was the error? Which platform are you on? For XBox you will need to turn off build limits or have a no build limit mod
Judaes Apr 11, 2023 @ 1:04pm 
yup, I feel the same as Manshima. This thing is absolutely magnificent and I subscribed just so that I could study your genius, Poanage. Well done.
Paradox Apr 3, 2023 @ 12:11am 
Tbh with the size of the ship battlecarrier is not really fitting unless it was designed As a carrier, even if it carries some craft it can be argued in a time of space faring most ships even battleships might want a few fighters to ensure it does not get absolutely surrounded by enemy fighters.
GermanGinger Apr 1, 2023 @ 2:36pm 
Beautifully and well built ship but I honestly believe that best classification would be Battle Carrier instead of Battleship
Manshima Mar 31, 2023 @ 7:56pm 
Holy Shit! I'm going to study this so that I can use some of the systems in my own builds. This is a beast of a ship!