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VAM Vegan Experience Extended
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Mar 21 @ 6:36am
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VAM Vegan Experience Extended

[VAM] Vegan Experience Extended (now 100% Vegan free)

ID: 2950140572


Use Shift+Home to open the Admin Panel to change settings!

This is a little side project and standalone Mod I been working on.

It is compatible with (probably) all mods and can be used togather with VAM/AOC/EEWA or others if you want to.

General Information
This Mod changes and adds:
  • All craft able Weapons/Tools/Armors from Crafting Stations have now random stats
  • Food and Drink now give temporary health/stamina buffs (yes sort of like in Valheim)
  • Added a 2% drop chance to drop an Token of Death when slaying an enemy
  • Added Indicator for Tools and Concussion Weapons on their Harvest and Concussion Damage
  • Added a Token of Death Shop to buy my VAM Arsenal Weapons
  • All Arsenal Weapons have basic Vanilla Stats for balancing purpose
  • Sorting Chest ( First Item Placed will set the Chest to be only filled with that Item
  • Adds 2 Trader with random Prices that refresh every 2 Hours (Admin Placable)
  • Adds two Pet Display Tables ( don't know if someone will ever use it but thought it's a cool addition)
  • Adds XP Boost Potion and Attribute Potions ( Admin Spawn, XP potion will boost Kill XP for a given time 15/30 or 60 min)
  • Adds Valkyrie Fighter/Works and Archer all with slightly immproved T4 Stats can be found everywhere Nordheimer Spawn and also a Valkyrie Thrall Trader that accepts Token of Death Token to buy Valkryie Thralls.

  • 15 Weapon Arsenals, each with 14 Items (Vanilla Stats and are not craft able).
    • Ancient Copper
    • Ancient Bronze
    • Ancient Iron
    • Ancient Steel
    • Ancient Silver
    • Ancient Nordic
    • Ancient Bone
    • Chitin Scale
    • Lysanthir
    • Unholy Ice
    • Pure Jade
    • Lava Stone
    • Urghat
    • Holy Serpent
    • Vanir Steel

  • Token of Death Shop and Token
    • Every killed Enemy has a 2% change to drop a Token of Death
    • Collect these Token and find the Shop Altar to buy one of the Weapons from my Arsenals
    • Each Weapon costs 100 Token atm, might make the prices more dynamic down the line
    • Admin need to place the Shop Altar if they want to use it or not.

  • Crafting RNG
    • Every Weapon/Tool/Truncheon/Armor that is crafted will have random Stats
    • The values are determined by the Base Stats from the Items
    • There are 5 Tiers of Crafting Quality (Junk,Uncommon,Common,Rare,Epic)
    • The outcomes can vary from Junk = -30% of Base Stat up to Epic = +250% of Base Stat
    • Should work in theory with every Crafting Station even Modded ones (not tested)

  • Food Buffs
    • Food and Drinks will grant HP and Stamina Buffs
    • Depending on the Food/Drink Quality the amount of HP and Stamina will differ
    • The Buff is only temporary and runs out after some time

If you have Questions or want to join our Community here is our Discord:


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Mar 29 @ 5:02pm
Mod Load order
< >
Hentai-sama Apr 23 @ 10:35am 
Nevermind, then there is one last suggestion question. How about some consumable vanilla end game kit for cost like 100 of all vanilla bars or so, that would add random or junk quality to any item without any quality and kit for upgrading quality by 1 rank.
Linhzk Apr 14 @ 12:33am 
I'm looking forward to the Next update
Sarpendon  [author] Apr 13 @ 11:51pm 
will do
Linhzk Apr 13 @ 11:33pm 
I can't enable admin of the mod with shift+Home can you update any more keys that can enable admin
Sarpendon  [author] Apr 13 @ 7:12am 
The mod work by changing the crafting stations them self, spawned stuff, hand crafted stuff or looted stuff won't change and I don't think I will change that because of compatibility with other mods. Basically don't want to cause problems down the line.
Hentai-sama Apr 13 @ 4:16am 
Hello. thx for this awesome mod finally i can craft better non fixed stats items. Also i wanna to ask i you will or will not implement this mechanic to items crafted in your inventory and items from
any lootbox or lootbag? For example items from lootbags u can buy for bounty coins in VAM, or items like in mod Truth Seeker where u need to collect 5 fragment to get random item etc...
KI-Revenant Apr 12 @ 5:39pm 
Eventually is there a way to gain Bonus Powers to your crafted gear like the follower damage or such based on tiers?
CptWesley Apr 8 @ 12:03pm 
There is currently a compatibility issue with AoC. The Soul Ascension weapon has a harvest damage stat, which is changed into health damage when crafted by the quality randomization.
Sarpendon  [author] Apr 8 @ 11:03am 
yeah I will add a button to open the panel in the next update I don't know what could be the problem for the panel not opening but yeah I'll find a solution .
Lirmex Apr 8 @ 9:33am 
Hello, I'm using the VEE mod in the last position of the mod list and I also changed the language of the game to English as you commented and in the same way I can't use the admin panel either.