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Valkyrian Arsenal & More (VAM) Public
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Nov 12, 2020 @ 2:22am
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Valkyrian Arsenal & More (VAM) Public

Valkyrian Arsenal & More (VAM)

Mod guide made by Kaali here [].

This is a No Brand Version of the Original VAM Mod so other communities can use it without seeing any branding of our Server.

General Information
This Mod changes and adds:
  • Custom Level Curve up to Level 600 (Careful with the EEWA Ascension System it will be raised to 600 too)
  • Thrall Level up to 100 with additional Perks every 10 Level
  • Custom Weapons and Armor
  • Modified Version of DMT ( see below for more details)
  • Adds Map Parts like a Player Market, Portal Room, Resource Mines and Admin Temple
  • Extends Attribute up to 40 with additional Perks ( Some are Placeholder )
  • Additional Pet's, Thralls and Bosses ( some spawn on the Map some need to be Admin Spawned)

Dungeon Master Tools
DMT is fully incorporated inside this mod!
There are some changes made to fit the idea of this mod, one of them is to enable Tier 1 of most Specializations for all Players to unlock via the feats, also a modified Version of the Eldritch Experimental Smithing is enabled to be unlocked at level 600 with the Elder Forging. It will add also Tools and a set of Armor that can be crafted with random Stats. In addition some Icons and Visual changed been made to DMT. If you don't approve or like these changes you can simply place DMT after this mod to overwrite all changes.
If you like DMT please give them a Like they did awesome work with their Mod and deserve every appreciation.
I decided to add it to shorten the Modlist for my own Server you can still use both mods together!

This Mod adds:
  • 15 Weapon Arsenals, each with 14 Items.
    • Ancient Copper
    • Ancient Bronze
    • Ancient Iron
    • Ancient Steel
    • Ancient Silver
    • Ancient Nordic
    • Ancient Bone
    • Chitin Scale
    • Lysanthir
    • Unholy Ice
    • Pure Jade
    • Lava Stone
    • Urghat
    • Holy Serpent
    • Vanir Steel

  • Custom Armors.
    • Valkyrian Armor (Different Versions) Silver/Gold/Fallen/Desert/Jungle/Moutain/Lava
    • Lava Legion Armor
    • Mythical Crystal Armor
    • Infused Crystal Armor

  • Admin Placeables.
    • Vulcano Froge
    • Frost Smithy
    • Market Stall
    • Server Rule Stone
    • Thespian Book Costume
    • Meteor Spawner

  • 6 Torch Bracelets in different colors.

  • 24 breed-able Rocknoses. (feed the Pebblestone any Metal or Stone)

  • 14 breed-able Dragons. ( heat up the Dragon egg and feed the Hatching meat or fish)

  • Icon Overhaul for all Potions and Ingots.

  • 15 New Resources. (The Nodes are in the Mine below the Market atm)

  • 24 unique admin spawn-able Weapons. ( can be used as Rewards or to be Sold)

  • 7 complete Tool Sets.

  • Dual wielding for all Vanilla Swords.

If you have Questions or want to join our Community here is our Discord:

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need a new armor from GOD OF WAR ( sigrun)
Jp Dec 2 @ 4:07pm 
an option to remove the wings of the thralls would be great! this seems very strange to me to have wings in Conan! a disable option would be nice
Dec 2 @ 11:57am 
thanks.i love your mod ~
Kloin Nov 27 @ 12:59pm 
Hi is this mod compatible with the Savage Wilds mod?
Jp Nov 26 @ 1:54pm 
very good mod! thralls are appearing in low level places like sinner's refuge and this disturbs the beginning of the game a little to get thralls1 is this intentional?
Furious Nov 25 @ 9:13pm 
I love this mod it is incredible... Except... We are having an issue with my mod, though, because the NPCs are way too goat. 16K HP, 80%+ Armor, and 1K damage per swing have us majorly outmatched even at high levels? Are we missing something? I will add this mod at the end of the server's load order and see if that works.
Jp Nov 25 @ 8:14pm 
I'm sorry the lag problem was the ""hosav ui mod"! your mod is great!
Strife Nov 25 @ 9:57am 
Vile Nov 25 @ 5:15am 
Question: where does VAM fit into the wider progression when compared with Age of Calamitous and EEWA? Because I am endgame vanilla and decided to throw on a bunch of expansion mods to give me more content but the valkyries and bounty hunters in virtually every camp are making it impossible to go anywhere near NPC camps without first acquiring better equipment and thralls.
Sarpendon  [author] Nov 24 @ 11:05pm 
@EckHO Mining Permit has to be setup or sold by an Admin
@Chack Kingscourge and Mistress share the spawn so 50/50 chance to get one of them
@Strife sure can do that but first have to adress some other problems first
@Jp I need more details about that problem because it's the first time I hear about that.