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VAM - Valkyrian Arsenal & More
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Nov 12, 2020 @ 2:22am
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VAM - Valkyrian Arsenal & More

Valkyrian Arsenal & More (VAM)

Mod guide made by Kaali here [].

General Information
This Mod changes and adds:
  • Custom Level Curve up to Level 600 (Careful with the EEWA Ascension System it will be raised to 600 too)
  • Thrall Level up to 100 with additional Perks every 10 Level
  • Custom Weapons and Armor
  • Modified Version of DMT ( see below for more details)
  • Adds Map Parts like a Player Market, Portal Room, Resource Mines and Admin Temple
  • Extends Attribute up to 40 with additional Perks ( Some are Placeholder )
  • Additional Pet's, Thralls and Bosses ( some spawn on the Map some need to be Admin Spawned)

Dungeon Master Tools
DMT is fully incorporated inside this mod!
There are some changes made to fit the idea of this mod, one of them is to enable Tier 1 of most Specializations for all Players to unlock via the feats, also a modified Version of the Eldritch Experimental Smithing is enabled to be unlocked at level 600 with the Elder Forging. It will add also Tools and a set of Armor that can be crafted with random Stats. In addition some Icons and Visual changed been made to DMT. If you don't approve or like these changes you can simply place DMT after this mod to overwrite all changes.
If you like DMT please give them a Like they did awesome work with their Mod and deserve every appreciation.
I decided to add it to shorten the Modlist for my own Server you can still use both mods together!

This Mod adds:
  • 15 Weapon Arsenals, each with 14 Items.
    • Ancient Copper
    • Ancient Bronze
    • Ancient Iron
    • Ancient Steel
    • Ancient Silver
    • Ancient Nordic
    • Ancient Bone
    • Chitin Scale
    • Lysanthir
    • Unholy Ice
    • Pure Jade
    • Lava Stone
    • Urghat
    • Holy Serpent
    • Vanir Steel

  • Custom Armors.
    • Valkyrian Armor (Different Versions) Silver/Gold/Fallen/Desert/Jungle/Moutain/Lava
    • Lava Legion Armor
    • Mythical Crystal Armor
    • Infused Crystal Armor

  • Admin Placeables.
    • Vulcano Froge
    • Frost Smithy
    • Market Stall
    • Server Rule Stone
    • Thespian Book Costume
    • Meteor Spawner

  • 6 Torch Bracelets in different colors.

  • 24 breed-able Rocknoses. (feed the Pebblestone any Metal or Stone)

  • 14 breed-able Dragons. ( heat up the Dragon egg and feed the Hatching meat or fish)

  • Icon Overhaul for all Potions and Ingots.

  • 15 New Resources. (The Nodes are in the Mine below the Market atm)

  • 24 unique admin spawn-able Weapons. ( can be used as Rewards or to be Sold)

  • 7 complete Tool Sets.

  • Dual wielding for all Vanilla Swords.

If you have Questions or want to join our Community here is our Discord:

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RisingSinn Nov 30 @ 7:17pm 
Hi, I can't learn "Pride of Aesir" recipe until level 600? is that intended or maybe I have a mod conflict?
Zfx Nov 23 @ 8:42am 
since the update of 9/11 there is a problem with the attributes, it is impossible to mount them
infinitetech Nov 20 @ 11:13pm 
heyya Sarp, good to see ya, glad ur okay, sorry that work has been so rough on you of late! i think i can speak for us all in saying that we prefer you take your time and keep your sanity while giving us such an amazing mod, so no rush man.
Cousin Glukhar Nov 20 @ 10:19am 
No biggie, take as much time as ya need, would appreciate them back in but take as long as you need. i was just curious because otherwise me and my friends are enjoying the mod quite alot.
Sarpendon  [author] Nov 19 @ 10:43pm 
It's not they it's just me and I removed some of the DMT stuff couple of Updates ago because it was not really maintened or updated. For stability reasons it was the next best step to do. I can readd the Damage Kits back but I am currently very busy with my Job and can't mod as much as before.
Cousin Glukhar Nov 19 @ 9:59pm 
Did they remove the Mythical Damage Kits? because i don't even see them available to spawn in as an admin.
Tamelon Nov 17 @ 8:09am 
@darktide valks can only be tamed in the rune cage. SHIFT-P, Vitality i think is the recipe.
Lola Nov 17 @ 2:47am 
Bonjour à tous, je suis française et j'ai un peu de mal avec le réglage de mon serveur, j'ai installé le mod VAM et EEWA , je cherche désespérément à faire un warp portail pour y accéder mais je ne trouve pas, quelqu'un pourrait m'aider svp ? merci
infinitetech Nov 10 @ 6:51pm 
to be fair, taming valks has changed multiple times. it has gone through stages where they were purchase only for from mod currency, drop only, mission reward only, special taming, and, currently as far as i am aware, tameable depending on type via special profession tied means. its annoying that pre-profession-unlocking there is not good in game documentation on many things from that unlock method, however, the guide does at least help lead the way. basically, the higher the quality of valk, the better set up you need, but as it stands, its far closer to vanilla than previous methods were. for better or worse.
The Dutchman Nov 9 @ 7:24pm 
@Darktide By reading the guide. Or just paying attention to what the authority tree unlocks...