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Gadget's Kobold Caverns
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Jan 28, 2023 @ 1:25pm
Feb 5, 2023 @ 9:45pm
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Gadget's Kobold Caverns

Kobold Caverns is a thematic and challenge mod for Dwarf Fortress, focused on playable kobolds. They're small, weak, widely-disliked by other civs, don't have easy access to metalworking, and can only eat meat and fish. And you're in charge of keeping them alive!

Plenty of care went into tweaking their gameplay, psychology, and culture, without deviating too far from the weak, thieving, anxious little cat-lizard goblins we know and love. Tweaks are focused on playability, visual and personality variety, and generally encouraging a richer kobold experience in fortress mode, adventure mode, and worldgen.

(I also gave them fur, and made them socially groom each other like cats; I had to throw the cutebold fans a bone, after making kobolds weird and creepy again. You're welcome~)

  • New weapon types, like fast knives, high-impact staves, and stone-throwing slings.
  • Original outfit and equipment graphics, and new fur colors.
  • New creatures, like trainable dog-sized, silk-spitting, shearable Wooly Spiders.
  • Expanded weapon crafting, using wood, bone, leather, stone, and even gems.
  • Unique administrators, who get greedier as your civ grows.
  • A 100% carnivorous diet of meat and fish. Bones, raw eggs, and live vermin work too!
  • Ranchabe lizards, spiders, and cave creatures, to support your kobolds.
  • Milk venom from your spider and reptile pets!
  • Kobolds don't *need* booze, but they like it. Forage for fruits to brew.
  • Bye bye, martial trances! Kobolds may scatter or freeze when a fight turns bad.
  • No metalworking at start. To smith, you'll have to take an anvil from your neighbors.
  • No strange moods. If you want artifacts, you'll have to steal them.

P.S. I'll keep the mod up-to-date as versions change, but let me know if you run into conflicts or issues. Thanks~

Skulking Filth patch (Item thieving hard mode, all civs hostile):
-- Kobold Caverns: Skulking Filth Edition

Alternate Sprites (CGE, with custom weapons and handedness support):
-- Creature Graphics Extended Patch

Gameplay guide:
-- On the Needs and Care of Kobolds

If you appreciate this, toss me a few bucks to help me make more cool free stuff:
--Dev Patreon[www.patreon.com]

I've made this mod with compatibility in mind, using original creature and entity definitions instead of overwriting or cutting vanilla files. This means that mods that target vanilla Kobolds will only target cave-dwelling kobold populations, and not your playable kobolds. When in doubt, put this mod below other mods.

Compatibility patches:
  • Creature Graphics Extended Patch
    Allows playable kobolds to use CGE-style sprites. Adds graphics for additional tools, weapons, fur features, and kobold color variants!

Specific Mod Notes:
  • All Races Playable:
    Should be loaded *ABOVE* Kobold Caverns. Friendly Civil Kobold caravans may show up when playing non-kobolds, and hostile ones may lead ambushes with more formidable equipment than usual, or even siege you riding giant rats and bats, and bring venomous creatures with them. If you play with Skulking Filth module, Civil Kobolds will sneak in and steal items as in vanilla, but more aggressively.

Probably fine:
Kobold Caverns shouldn't conflict with graphics or content mods, since this mod's kobolds don't use vanilla creature or entity raws. If you use other kobold mods that change or replace vanilla kobolds, it shouldn't affect this mod's kobolds either.

Might have issues:
Mods that change creature definitions of any of the kobold's domestic critters may create conflicts, or make certain creatures unavailable at embark. Anything that modifies vanilla materials (stone, gem, wood, bone) may make them unusable as weapons. Mods that change leather, scale, or chitin related definitions might makes them unusable in crafts, or cause unusual behavior. Mods that change eggs may make them inedible to kobolds too.

Local Mod-Tweaking and Mod Support:
If you want to modify the playable kobold civ, or add support for other mods yourself, their civ is [ENTITY:KOBOLD_CAVES]. If you want to edit the thieving vanilla-style kobold civ (who still appear in caves) they're [ENTITY:SKULKING]. If you want to edit the base kobold creature for either civs, they're [CREATURE:KOBOLD_CIVIL].

  • Envenomed weapons and traps. The current DF crafting system doesn't support this, and I've not found a good workaround yet.
  • Edible milk, cheese, and cooked eggs. There's no intuitive, non-clunky way to make this happen in the current DF version.
  • Restore kobolds egg-laying. I've temporarily made them ovoviviparous (they lay and hatch their eggs internally), due to bugs with citizens not being able to lay eggs in fortress mode.
  • Micromods featuring weapons or industries from this mod, without the kobolds.

(Keep an eye out for upcoming content mods, including expanded textile and ceramics industries, more weapon variety, cave-dwelling animal folk civs, and so on and so forth!)

Banner art by the lovely and talented AndroidArts[www.androidarts.com].
Warzagg Apr 25 @ 7:01am 
I absolutely adore this mod. I've always liked DF kobolds, but their inability to communicate with anyone else or integrate with other civs is frustrating.
cyberwar101 Apr 8 @ 4:33pm 
I appear to be having trouble turning the wooly spider silk into cloth or cloth goods, im going to dig into the raws a bit to see if there is something i can do about it.
Akkarin Mar 28 @ 11:41am 
Do you know if this mod is compatible with intro's kobold civ? Their kobolds are technically their own race, but I don't know how exactly they interact with eachother
SalmonGod Feb 29 @ 7:20am 
Just noticed you put this out! Will definitely have to give it a go!
FaithlessZealot Jan 7 @ 11:43am 
I'd like to do a playthrough of this mod once I can actually play the default game x-x
Curious Dec 30, 2023 @ 5:37am 
Skulking Filth edition of this mod is absurdly fun, the struggle is real. Good fun.
Draa Gul Oct 31, 2023 @ 8:29am 
Minor thing: Shouldn't it be hoard keeper and not horde keeper for the second administrator?
Curious Oct 12, 2023 @ 7:27am 
But @joshua, there are kobold specific tools for woodcutting and mining?
stormwolf442 Oct 12, 2023 @ 6:31am 
Any chance of a fix on the adult giant bat sprites?
Joshua Feufeu Sep 25, 2023 @ 6:32pm 
somehow the game starts without proper tools for woodcutting, mining ect. only the kobold only weapons