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BSB : Better Ship Behaviors
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Jan 7, 2023 @ 6:38am
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BSB : Better Ship Behaviors

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BSB : Better Ship Behaviors
BSB is a vanilla-flavor mod that improves the ship behaviors in Stellaris and solves some problems in space combat.
Please check the update log!

UPDATE 20240320

Updated for Stellaris 3.11 Eridanus.

Improved Ship Combat Computers and Behaviors

Improve the behavior patterns of Artillery Combat Computers. Ships now better keep their distance from the enemies at maximum weapon range.

New Sniper Combat Computers. Instead of turning back and gaining distance, the ship stays at the maximum range of the mounted weapon, concentrate on firing its long-range guns at the enemy, with a very large bonus to weapon range.

Change the Carrier Combat Computers. With additional engagement range bonus, allowing carriers to attack with strikecraft while keeping their distance from the enemies. Instead, have a very large penalty to ship speed during combat.

Improvements in AI Empire Ship Designs

AI battleships are designed to be equipped with adequate combat computer, and to have the appropriate ship behavior. AI empire's weapon preference and tech level determine the battleship designs.

Other Changes

New common A-slot parts to Starbases. Gives Starbases a base recovery rate to make them fight more effectively in combat, and fixes an unbalance in Starbase designs.

P-slot weapons are no longer enhanced by repeatable techs or EN/KI modifiers. This indirectly solves the problem that the durability of strikecrafts and missiles/torpedoes is not enhanced by any means, including repeated technologies.

Language Support

BSB supports all Stellaris official languages, powered by Google Translate.
Italian translation patch by Rahl81. Grazie!

Compatibility Information

Fully compatible with CSS, and using together is highly recommended.
Fully compatible with NSC, ESC NEXT, Real Space, all shipset mods.
Compatible with Real Space Ships in Scaling, when used with compatibility patch.
All compatible mods should be ABOVE BSB in the PDX launcher mod lists.

Please enjoy and give me good feedbacks!

NeteriXX Apr 10 @ 5:36am 
@BaBoFantasy Awesome, thanks
BaBoFantasy  [author] Apr 10 @ 12:37am 
IMO BSB is far better than that mod, has better feature for the ship behaviors in many points. BSB Artillery combat coms will use max range of the longest range weapons but if you want X slot spinal battleships stay in range, you should use Sniper combat computers. If you use BSB then you may not need that mod.
NeteriXX Apr 9 @ 5:03pm 
@BaBoFantasy Oh I see nvm. I thought it was just overlooked
Also one question. Does is include fixes to vanilla spaghetti code which is using your middle gun to determine your max range instead of your longest range cannon?

This mod contains those fixes:
BaBoFantasy  [author] Apr 7 @ 6:43am 
Well, that's intended. Of course that is useless, and AI will never use it. It was inevitable to make it so for the maximum compatibility with other mods.
NeteriXX Apr 5 @ 5:25pm 
Reporting that Sniper combat computer is available to pick for Colossus
BaBoFantasy  [author] Mar 28 @ 7:16am 
@PLMMJ I think yes
PLMMJ Mar 27 @ 11:11am 
This compatible with Gigas?
Liquidchan Mar 22 @ 12:28pm 
Thanks for updating! Wouldn't play without your mod
Rage000 Mar 21 @ 8:28pm 
Fixed, Thank you. Its weird that it does not default to a vanilla combat computer on game start and convert over to new computers after day 1.
BaBoFantasy  [author] Mar 21 @ 6:47pm 
Thanks to your efforts and detailed explanations, I was finally able to reproduce the problem. The problem only appeared when starting a new game.
It seems that the version of BSB we tested took a month of in-game time to determine if NSC was enabled - my intention was for it to work as soon as the game started. This probably happens because the NSC's global flag is being set and the BSB is trying to check it at the same time.
I made an update and reduced this delay to one day. After just one day of in-game time, there will be no disruption to gameplay. Unfortunately, it looks like the same problem will occur on Jan 1, 2200. I can't do anything about that part.
I would appreciate it if you could check again. Thank you very much again.