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Type 42 Heavy Anti-Equipment Magnetic Railgun-WeaponCore
Type: Mod
Mod category: Block, Script, Character, Other
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Nov 10, 2022 @ 5:03am
Nov 13, 2022 @ 1:25am
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Type 42 Heavy Anti-Equipment Magnetic Railgun-WeaponCore

New Update: Thanks to Klime's help, it now supports the SCOPE framework. You can right-click to use the scope or Ctrl+ Right-click to use the simple sights. While in Scope mode, CapsLock can switch thermal imaging
*The SCOPE framework is not required, but is recommended

The Type-42 Heavy Anti-Equipment Magnetic Railgun is the first civilian defensive weapon designed by Wufeng Heavy Industry for engineers. The gun barrel uses a magnetic rail as the launch tube, with a charging capacitor in the middle, which can be charged within 3 seconds, so it has a good fire endurance. This gun is designed with sci-fi appearance, which is a necessary choice for you to hunt and killing someone; With the help of the Holographic Sight, you can quickly aim at the enemy while you have excellent vision.

Features of the weapon:
1. 3 seconds of ultra short charging time allows you to experience the ultimate shooting fun.
2. One cartridge clip has 3 rounds, and the fire coverage is always happy.
3. 2000m range, the first choice of the assassin; The initial speed of 1500 m/s is quite fast!
4. You will eventually experience the pleasure of extremely high blood pressure.
5. Change the clip animation, you can even see the radiator!
6. Cool explosion effects, very cool!
7. The important thing is to emphasize N time: WeaponCore is needed!
Have a good time!



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Yung Pro#9868 Mar 17 @ 1:48am 
the night vision camera that comes with this mod as a separate block, has no title/name
Razvicoran Mar 11 @ 9:15pm 
I also cannot move forward with the gun out and would like to add that I did not experience that before the last game update in case that helps.
Deathic95 Mar 5 @ 5:53am 
There is a bug where I cant move forward and can only strafe left and right. and upon going in 3rd person the arm is "stretched". Could be related to the movement glitch.

But aside from that, its a pretty cool mod. I bet it would be even amazing once the bugs have been fixed and it is tweaked a little. Cant wait to see if more mods are made like this :)
{ZET} Inflitor Mar 4 @ 3:23pm 
kinda broken? dosent shot where i aim and if i zoom in all players on the server will see the Scope thermal Vision... basicly the first perons whit troll intentions who builds this will just spam rightclick to mess whit the view of all people currently on the server...
colberg Feb 23 @ 6:35am 
The grabby hands mod stops working after i equip the rifle first time.
Squigdude Feb 22 @ 9:26pm 
So i dunno what i did but the weapon did work before i deleted cache and cfg because the game started to crash, anyone else got the issue where it just doesnt shoot but shows the animation?
pumpkinworld1986 Feb 4 @ 4:40pm 
nwm im stupid lol hold shift
pumpkinworld1986 Feb 4 @ 4:38pm 
any way to reduce gun moving around when aiming ? is too much !
The Doctor Feb 3 @ 8:03am 
i can't walk forwards with this weapon in hand. why does this happen?
QualityPen Jan 31 @ 11:26pm 
@Lord Skarra, I don't think this should be in game. Handheld railguns with extreme firepower are a middle finger to Newton's Third Law, and they really don't belong in a game which at least in theory is supposed to be faithful to the basic laws of kinematics.