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Nov 6, 2022 @ 2:16pm
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SIncLib (or Software Inc. Library) is a bunch of gameplay-enhancing tools. This is the sixth release and now supports Beta 1.7. It has four features currently but I have plans to add more over time.

The first feature in this library is Team Manager. This is a tool that will optimise a software team by pulling staff from other teams if they have staff more suited to the current project.
So, let's say you have a team developing a game that requires System, Audio and 2D specialised developers. If the team doesn't have those skills your game is going to suck. But what if you already have those skills in your company in other teams but don't know where. The game currently doesn't make it easy to manage staff and find the right skills and this is where our tool comes in. Simply select the team you want to optimise, the teams you want to draw developers from and whether you want to adjust the HR settings to match. The tool will now move out developers who are not up to the job and replace them with employees with the right skills and quantities.

The second feature enables out-of-stock notifications for products you didn't develop, such as products acquired in a takeover or products from an IP trade

The third feature is a stock management option. Enabling this option will automatically purchase stock at the start of each day you are running low keeping stock levels at x% * whatever your last months sales were. So for example, if you sold 10,000 physical copies last month and you set the % to 200%, the tool will buy enough stock at the start of the day to have 20,000 copies in stock. As sales dwindle, less copies will be kept in stock. This works well if sales increase or decrease gradually but you can still be caught out of stock if sales spike. Also, if you are entirely out of stock it will not order anything as last month you sold 0 physical copies and 200% of 0 is still nothing!

The fourth feature is a porting manager. This is an automation for porting job. To use it, create a team and hire developers as you would for any normal team. Open the porting manager and assign this team to porting. The menu provides a number of rules for porting:
* How many months do you want to support your software with porting jobs?
* What is the minimum number of users an OS should have before the manager will port your software to it
* How many porting tasks do you want to run synchronously? By default it will be 1 product and one OS at a time.
You can also assign more teams to porting and they will run this many tasks each.

Feedback and ideas are very much appreciated.

GitHub for the project is here:
matthewd3911 Apr 20 @ 2:24pm 
Really useful mod! One thing that would be pretty cool is an option to automatically buy new stocks in companies you have invested in. Maybe also something to automatically make those companies subsidiaries/be absorbed when you have 50% or more?
Goffredson Mar 10 @ 7:58am 
well, you can already let a leader manage post-release marketing using project automation. And yes, you need a 3 star automation leader to do that. So I guess that, for now, you can let the thing "unlocked" without costraints
Otters Pocket  [author] Mar 9 @ 12:16pm 
@Goffredson it's possible. Looking into extending the automation rules. Trying to decide whether just to do it so it "just works" like porting currently or whether it should have gameplay ramifications like the built in automation your lead has to acquire points. I could do something similar and then it feels less like cheating maybe?
Goffredson Mar 6 @ 1:22am 
Hi, I really love this mod, very solid and helpful!

Can you please add the functionality of automatically manage post-release marketing budget based on something like past month sales? I.e. past month I sold 1 million dollars for a game, let's spend the 10% for marketing (100K dollars). The month after maybe I sell 1.2 millions, so let's invest 120K dollars in marketing and so on. All of this without manual change for each product for each month!

Do you think this could be a thing?

PS: how do you guys handle post release marketing? How much marketing budget do you invest??
Otters Pocket  [author] Feb 11 @ 12:45pm 
@Ayı Oğlu Ayı I could take a look at that. Will see when I get time again
Ayı Oğlu Ayı Feb 11 @ 4:53am 
Porting Manager is awesome but I only want to port it specifically to my own company's console and computer software. I don't want to port AI products, is it possible? Can auto support be done similar to auto porting?
ClownsinHollowWeird Feb 4 @ 10:25am 
So last night when plaing when i did optimization it would just kick every one fro my team then hire all new people and wouldnt use them to form groups then had to put them in a group ended up with 200 employees and thought id see if that is happening to any one else and it would start a project keep saying i needed a leader and I had one
KrazyA1pha Feb 3 @ 5:28pm 
Thanks for the quick fix!
torterra2234 Feb 3 @ 2:48pm 
any plans to allow the team management to run automatically to/from set teams? at the moment needs manual intervention, but rebalancing team each morning when told to would be really nice (also, yay button on load! that was unreasonably annoying, despite not really being an issue)
Otters Pocket  [author] Feb 3 @ 12:28pm 
@KrazyA1pha good spot. I've fixed it. Don't know how long Steam takes to approve the update but it shouldn't be long. I also found why the button wasn't appearing on load too so thats fixed too