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Sep 3, 2022 @ 3:25am
Sep 27, 2023 @ 12:40am
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What Is This?

This is another notes mod.

The main difference with this one is that it's open-source and I allow repacking so you have full control over it as a server admin, and it also allows you to select from several different font styles and colors (and you can easily add your own).

It also allows you to blacklist certain words that you don't want on your server. It will log all player notes to a logs folder including player names, SteamIDs and note locations to make it easy to moderate.

It doesn't use the vanilla note system, it uses a custom-made GUI system which allows for a lot more customization and removes some bugs with the other notes mods (such as your character freezing after reading a note). The disadvantage is that it may contain bugs I haven't experienced on my servers, so please report any issues you encounter - or feel free to fix them yourself and repack.

Here is a video showing how the notes work:

And here's a video guide on how to add/change fonts:

Installation Instructions:

Install this mod like any other mod - copy it into your server folder and add it to your mods list. It must be run on both server and client. Make sure to copy the .bikey into your server keys.

Also don't forget to copy over the types.xml into your server types. You can either import my types.xml separately (here's a guide: - OR make sure to only copy & paste lines 3-36 into your vanilla types.xml file.

ZenNote is the written note object - you'll want to set that to be persistent for at least a day, by default it's set to 2 weeks. The pens are all optional and you should adjust their spawn numbers according to your preference (remove any colors you don't want, and set the nominal/min/max values to whatever is appropriate for your map & server setup).

Repack & Source Code:

Unfortunately due to lack of time I can't maintain all of my mods all of the time. I do my best, but these mods are offered as-is. If there's a problem, you have the source code and my permission to fix it yourself and upload a fixed version to the workshop without any credit necessary. It's all free.

You can repack this mod if you like, and do anything else you want with it for that matter. The source code is on my GitHub at

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Thank you for allowing to repack!
If you want to take a look: