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The Khurakan System
Type: World
Mod category: Exploration, Experimental
Tags: survival
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Aug 21, 2022 @ 11:44am
Feb 25 @ 11:10am
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The Khurakan System

The Khurakan System is a beautiful place, but full of dangers. Chose one of 4 different spawns, each with different difficulty, but also different opportunities. This is a scenario with recommended settings, but you can save it and use with different setup of your choice.

Khurakan is one of the two stars in the system. It is a red dwarf and constitutes 95% of the mass of the system. Khurakan is the center of the system, while other planets and secondary star orbits around it. It emits relatively little light, but its large solar flares causes a lot of disruption and magnetic storms in some parts of the system.

This closest planet to the Khurakan is covered with a lot of hot magma, so be careful where you step! The atmosphere is heavy and full of sulfur, so no breathing without the space suit.

First and smallest moon of Erebus with a distinct red hue. Its outer layers have a lot of iron and manganese that causes the ice on its surface to glow with bright red vapors. Despite it's close proximity to the Khurakan, Corum is generally very cold most of the time. There are also very little winds which remains an unexplored scientific mystery. The atmosphere has a lot of oxygen, but also a lot of toxic fumes.

Ryke is the older brother of Corum and the second moon of Erebus. It is the hottest place in the system and the densest satellite with 1.9 g. Magma is very close to the surface, but mostly harmless. It is full of various precious resources. If you can overcome the difficult conditions, you can get rich here.

Jovan is a rocky desert planet. This is the first planet that has some forms of life. It is a habitat for spiders that expand through the universe. This is a hot planet with thin, breathable atmosphere. Jovan also has a ring, which is a potential source of resources.

The first moon of Jovan used to support life but now is a dusty barren. It has some ice lakes and a lot of asteroid craters.

Second moon of Jovan has quite an eccentric orbit. That is why Mora's cobalt core is subject to volatile expansions and contractions, that causes the surface to break open, creating deep canyons.

Aphus is the only gas giant in this system. It has large ring, that is a source of resources. Its enormous gravity will capture everything that gets too close, so be careful.

The first moon of Aphus has a lot of dried lakes covered with salt, deserts and mountains. Its temperature is nicely warm, but high concentration of sodium chloride causes rapid shortness of breath. Suit recommended.

The second moon of Aphus is a place filled with various life forms. Its landscape is similar to the good old Earth. The temperature is cozy most of the year and the atmosphere is breathable. Also has lots of small satellites orbiting around it, that can be mined.

Third moon has a rocky surface with large craters where it formed a thin layer of atmosphere due to the accumulation of gasses in the bottom of these regions. During the night it becomes a very dark and foggy place.

This is the largest particle of Aphus Ring, covered with craters. The latest collision happened here not so long time ago, creating a huge crater, floating debris and a small nebula in the vicinity.

Second biggest particle is a bizarre place. Not only it has no hydrostatic equilibrium, but also its surface gravity is highly affected by Aphus. This is a very difficult terrain to navigate, but maybe it is worth the risk.

New Lagune, often called "Blue Lagune" is an asteroid cluster. It has distinct blue color, due to specific density of the particles, and gases floating around. This cluster of asteroids has been trapped in Lagrange Point of both stars. It's full of asteroids, that most of them are rich in resources. The friction between particles caused by gravity, builds up an electrostatic charge, that causes a lot of storms.

This cluster is the farthest place from the center of the system. While also being trapped in Lagrange, it is rich in resources, mainly extracted by Space Pirates. There are rumors, that a giant uranite asteroid can be found here!

You can remove Weaponcore and Aryx, if you aren't planning to use the Lost Hope respawn. Check out the discussion for mod recommendations.

Special thanks for the awesome mod creators:
thorwin99 for SEWorldGenPlugin V2
Echo for Orion, Erebus, Jovan and Aphus
Gaz for Corum and Mora
MLTMods for Ryke117
Fizzy for Celaeno and Scylla
CaptainArthur for Crait
Almirante Orlock for Object-85
Major Jon for Qun and Kimi
Jakaria for Nebula Mod
Splitsie for Hubblehum Skybox
Frank for Prometheus Encounter
_Nazarov7576_ for Spitter Leviathan
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Dots Jun 11 @ 5:01am 
So you would rather let the world rot in hell until game becomes corrupted on load rather then redoing this?
Rezun  [author] Jun 10 @ 1:42am 
You want me to rebuild the world because you found PAM script on some miner, that doesn't work?
Dots Jun 10 @ 1:40am 
no you did not. that is the thing. you need to update this world and publish it by starting a new game and placing the planets down again. and make sure PAM works for properly this time around.
Rezun  [author] Jun 10 @ 1:38am 
I'm glad I solved your mistery.
Dots Jun 10 @ 1:35am 
yes but i like streamed on twitch yesterday and showcased the problem. al i did was go above your planet Erebus in a asteroid and all i had was a safezone some cargo boxes and a platform with build and repair. then i wanted to use pam but it got broken and nobody but i mean NOBODY in keen discord knows how to fix the problem. Oh and i used your miner that you get from the start. so why would you have a pam scripted miner in there if it doesn't dock properly?
Rezun  [author] Jun 10 @ 1:28am 
PAM can't properly calculate large numbers. When you go too far from the center of the world, it won't work. You will have to use SCAM instead.

Grid AI report to Keen. Could behave weird for a number of reasons, including too big PCU load or the above reason.
Dots Jun 9 @ 1:24pm 
this world might need to be redone from scratch again. the miner you gave is broken. pam goes back and forth in it at docking with a offset position. vanilla AI blocks act weirdly.
Rezun  [author] Jun 2 @ 6:59am 
Yes, just remove it in the entity list.
Dots Jun 1 @ 1:50pm 
can the fake sun - Orion be safely removed from this world after you started the game?
Rezun  [author] May 27 @ 11:24pm 
Nope, you would need a better stone versions of the planets.