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[YOG SE] RIP System & Scenario
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Aug 6, 2022 @ 2:11am
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[YOG SE] RIP System & Scenario

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- Overview -

- This is a custom system with scenario.
- Very dark and depressing as the age of light and stars are coming to an end.
- Because it is so dark; you wont see some planets until you are on top of it. So, GPS locations for each has been added with system relevant information added to the description of each.
- The system planets consist of 3x hostile proto planets 1x exotic oasis planet and 1x exotic gas giant. (I tried to find the strangest planet set up that did not compromise the white dwarf lighting to much)
- This system has a dead star/white dwarf star. (Very Dark 24/7) It is awesome if you like good ambient lighting as the daytime illumination from the white dwarf is equivalent to a full moon. So, your builds will need good lighting. Looks great if you have the right settings.
- Do not change settings if you want to play the scenario.
- Highly recommend you change settings to your liking if you want to play in the sandbox. Add NPC/AI mods as needed for your desired difficulty level.


- The RIP System -

The game save settings are set up for the Scenario. So, first thing you will want to do if you want to play/explore the system is modify the settings to your liking. I have set up a secondary spawn point for game start. Less of a scenario and starting you in more of a situation. After initial death in the Scenario, You may join the faction and spawn anew on a hostile planet within the only pressurized building within an older destroyed colony location. There is an alien nest/spawn point near the base, and I recommend your first act is to eliminate the aliens and destroy the spawn nest/location.

- The RIP Scenario -

A quick combat/parkour scenario. The game save settings are initially set up to play the scenario. Do not modify the settings if you want to experience/play the initial scenario.
I originally wanted to set it up without the astronaut’s headlamp. But I could not find away to make that happen. So, if it is too easy; do it again without the headlamp.


- The RIP Scenario and System Back story - (#1 Simple #2 Detailed)

(1) The Simple Back Story: The Universe is old; Dark depressing system with a dead star (white dwarf); Strange/creepy planets and a Combat/Parkour style starting scenario.

(2) The Elaborate and Detailed Back Story (for your amusement): The USC (United Sol Colony) Est 22090/Earthling - Genetically Modified Species (Humanoid Gen 687)/Mission: The Origin Genetics Preservation Division of the USC has approved the execution of the Galactic Distribution Protocol – GDP Execution Order 75787A and UATCS Execution Order 75788A

The advanced Earthling species and all other known intelligent lifeforms/species in the universe have gone extinct, wiped out by an extremely hostile species (Endoparasitoid lifeform). Internecivus Raptus of Xenomorph Prime is now unevaded as it seeks out all remaining biological host species for the past 378 million years.

It is now, 22 billion years into the future… The Execution Order 75787A has had a 99.97% failure rate in seeding the universe with origin genetic humanoids. Most of the extremely advanced technology that had kept the Internecivus Raptus species at bay has been lost.

As the age of light is now coming to an end. The last of the stars are fading into the darkness of an ever-expanding universe / On the doorstep of the big rip; The last of known biological creatures cling to life around a single white dwarf/dead star.

The last human colony has just been overrun and as a result you are now the last surviving humanoid. It is now up to you to manually execute the UATCS order 75788A. You must make it to the final beacon/reach the only advanced technology device capable of executing the final order within the remaining USC colony. It is buried deep within this dead planet. Uploading your consciousness and insuring humanity may yet live on within our creation.

* The Creation: Our genetically modified “Earthling” species knew from simulated outcomes this day would come to pass. Therefore, they developed the UATCS (ultimate advanced technology computing system) capable of preserving the consciousness of all intelligent life beyond the end of the age of light. Running a trillion universe simulations to which all past uploaded earthling/humanoid consciousness now reside. The UATCS is the size of a small planet and sits in orbit near this dead planet.

The simulations had also predicted the outcome provability of the final colony. Thus, keeping this system in motion at speeds unattainable by Internecivus Raptor species is the only guaranteed way of ensuring the safety of the UATCS.
This creation is capable of self-powering itself for 500 Billion years minimum at 87.5% the speed of light. Advanced AI enabled and capable of maintaining/ keeping this system moving.

Now alone and with no chance for survival, you must make it to the final beacon. Upload your consciousness and set the UATCS in motion. Failing to do so will doom the UATCS to be slowly ripped apart by the Internecivus Raptus and insure final and total extinction of all intelligence within our universe.

Good luck!

Note, My backstory loosely used the Alien storyline/my limited understanding with a little creativity twisted into this fictitious backstory for role playing sh**s, giggles, and my personal enjoyment. E for effort. 8-P


Please favorite and rate my build if you like my work; It encourages me to share more of my build blueprints in the future.

I love to study/reverse engineer other builds/blueprints to discover new and alternative solutions. So, feel free to modify, improve and post alternative versions/blueprints of my builds. I only ask that you credit and link the original build blueprint in your description.


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generic Feb 8, 2023 @ 10:12pm 
how are we supposed to get cobalt to advanced in survival? the nearest patch is in an asteroid
TokyoGuy ⛧ ✟ Nov 8, 2022 @ 7:00am 
Oh nice, thanks Yogner ;)
Yogner  [author] Nov 7, 2022 @ 5:46am 
you can see full mod list (including planets) in the game save; the voice welcoming you on board is also in that mod list... the voice is from subnautica.
TokyoGuy ⛧ ✟ Oct 30, 2022 @ 7:47am 
Hello, I have a question.
What is the name of the mod when you sit in the cockpit and there the voice says welcome to the board?

benandcoopersdad Oct 9, 2022 @ 2:21pm 
Can you please post the planets separately? The bioluminescence is very pretty
Parker Posey's Mouth Sep 11, 2022 @ 7:59pm 
Looks fascinating
Yogner  [author] Sep 9, 2022 @ 10:55am 
I agree, that infestation mod and a few others should be added if you plan to play and explore the system. If I remember correctly; It is set up (Mod) so both wolf and spider spawns are aliens. Figured I would leave the difficulty level (added spawn mods) up to each individual.
Yogner  [author] Sep 9, 2022 @ 10:50am 
I suspect the skybox mod is possibly the issue for multiplayer. That or one of the planets. Work is kicking my butt atm; I Haven’t had time to play/troubleshoot what mod is causing the multiplayer issue.
Yogner  [author] Sep 9, 2022 @ 10:49am 
One of my original idea’s for this scenario was to have no sun. Taking place on a wondering/rogue planet. Gas giant with multiple moons. But I could not figure out how to remove the sun. The white dwarf skybox was the next best option for a dark system.
supersquid2000 Sep 9, 2022 @ 9:00am 
Were you able to remove the skybox sun? If so I would very much like to know how so I can do the same for one of my scenarios I'm building. This looks awesome btw!