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Survival Reborn: Spacewalk
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Survival Reborn: Spacewalk

A survival-oriented overhaul of character movement, suit resources, and the jetpack. Also serves as a balanced anti-hydroman mod for PVP.

Survival Reborn: Spacewalk
While Keen has given us a nice physics sandbox to play with, survival gameplay lacks a certain touch. My Survival Reborn series of mods aim to provide that touch. Spacewalk, the first of the series, revamps and balances character movement and suit resources.

In the vanilla game, your suit battery runs out faster than your oxygen in space, characters experience double gravity, and the jetpack is not balanced for survival. The character's movement speed also affects the game's sense of scale in an off-putting way, and movement feels a little jerky. Worse, the jetpack outperforms any space ship, meaning there's no functional reason to build a scouting craft.

I've balanced the character's suit resources to make them more fun to manage, fixed some annoyingly unrealistic aspects of character and jetpack physics, and balanced the jetpack so that it isn't an alternative to building a vehicle. I also smoothed character movement and reduced the default "jog" speed to something more reasonable, while keeping the convenient 10 m/s sprint we're all used to. I even changed the jetpack's flames so that it actually looks like it runs on liquid hydrogen instead of propane.

For players who enjoy PVE survival, Survival Reborn aims to offer a more interesting experience without being too punishing. For the PVP community, SR:Spacewalk's balanced jetpack and increased collision damage make it an excellent and fair way to deal with the "hydromanning" problem. Movement smoothing makes strafing/dodging in gunfights a little less arcade-like.

  • Suit Resource Balance: Battery use in vacuum is reduced and suit gas stores are balanced. Oxygen is now relevant during EVA. Open your helmet indoors to refill your air slowly.*
  • Jetpack Balance: The jetpack is less powerful, carries far less fuel, is more dangerous to use on planets, and doesn't cheat physics to make you stop on a dime. Jetpacks must be powered off to refuel from bottles and thus can't be used for extended flight.**
  • Character Movement and Gravity Fix: Removed double gravity from characters. Walk and jog speeds are reduced, while sprinting speed is unchanged. All on-foot movement is smoothed a bit to make it feel less jerky and make the jump easier to control.***
  • Custom collision damage: The gravity changes made the characters insanely resistant to fall damage, so I've corrected that by making collision damage kick in at lower impact speed.
  • Yellow-orange jetpack flames: The jetpack runs on hydrogen, so I made it look like it runs on hydrogen. This also serves as a visual indicator that the vanilla jetpack has been overridden.
  • Adds no new blocks or items! This mod is easy to add or remove from your game.

* Air will still refill at a negligible rate with your visor shut. You won't suffocate if you forget to open it.
** Tip: If you're having trouble gaining altitude, remember that 2cos45° = 1.4142... For the non-engineer, this means you get up to 41% more lift by leaning forward up to 45°.
*** Tip: You can take advantage of the run speed ramp-up time to control how far you jump. Try standing still, then jumping just as you start to move forward. Experiment with timing to get the hang of controlling your jump.

Features I may consider adding later (no promises!):
  • Per-world user configuration
  • Adjust jump to be less "floaty" in earth-like gravity
  • A larger suit battery and/or reduced idle drain
  • Right-click hydrogen/oxygen bottles to trigger a manual refill

Compatibility Notes
  • The character gravity fix and movement smoothing are applied per-world and removed on world close. They affect all characters, including custom characters.
  • Custom collision damage is applied to all characters in the world, including custom characters, and should work on NPCs too.
  • The jetpack refueling restrictions work on all characters regardless of what gas their jetpacks run on. If you make a custom character that uses a different gas for jetpack fuel, it should work fine with SR:Spacewalk.
  • The rest of the changes (suit resources, jetpack stats, walk/jog speeds, etc.) are SBC and will not affect custom characters.
If you want to make a character mod specifically to work with Survival Reborn, you just need to start with my SBC files instead of the vanilla ones. From there, just proceed as though you were modding vanilla. Set SR:Spacewalk as a dependency if you want to make sure your custom characters get the smooth movement, correct gravity, etc. from this mod. Please credit me and explain any changes you made if you use my code - see the license for more info.

You can report bugs on my GitHub page[] or the discussion thread right here on Steam. If you run a server, keep an eye out for any caught exceptions or other error messages. Please include your FULL LOG, not just the stacktrace or error message.

Toss a Coin to your Modder
It's pretty hard to make it as an indie developer. If you enjoyed what I made or found my code useful, please consider supporting my work. You can support me on Ko-Fi by credit card or PayPal, or you can send me Bitcoin directly. I will consider accepting other cryptocurrencies by request.
Support Paradox Reborn on Ko-Fi []
BTC: 3PVjFdJBx9PmwAJHtA2oQfe25ztYsvpDEk

Survival Reborn: Spacewalk is ©2022 by Matthew Kern a.k.a. Paradox Reborn. Any intellectual property that is part of the Space Engineers game is not claimed under this copyright and remains property of Keen Software House.

Survival Reborn: Spacewalk is licensed GPLv3[] with the following additional terms in accordance with section 7:
1. You may not claim affiliation with Survival Reborn or its author.
2. You must not represent your work as being part of the Survival Reborn series or use the Survival Reborn name or imagery in any misleading or deceptive way.

You can read the source code directly from the downloaded mod files, or download the Visual Studio solution from my GitHub.[]

For those who asked: There's no problem with streamers or other content creators using this mod in their videos as long as they don't claim to be affiliated with me. You can also use the mod on your server without worry. Doing so just instructs clients to download the mod from this page, so you are not distributing the mod - I am. There are a number of plain-English explanations of GPLv3 online if you're concerned about it. You really only need to understand the license if you're posting a mod that uses pieces of this one.
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Paradox Reborn  [author] Nov 10 @ 9:42am 
This mod is pretty lightweight and shouldn't be capable of causing simulation lag with player counts that the SE server can realistically handle. If you have some indication that it is, please post any information you have on GitHub or a bug report thread.
DryRoastedNutz Nov 3 @ 6:53pm 
Got just about all the physics wrong in a fun cheaty way.
geraveoyomama Nov 2 @ 6:18am 
maybe it would help with the sim speed dropping :)
Paradox Reborn  [author] Nov 1 @ 12:27pm 
I can patch the mod so that these debug messages don't appear in the console. These are not errors. They were necessary for debugging before the mod reached its stable release.
geraveoyomama Oct 31 @ 2:18pm 
Hi, my server keeps spamming
22:17:23.4391 [INFO] Keen: SurvivalReborn: Running SRCharacterInfo constructor for character: 77931850869969425
22:17:23.4391 [INFO] Keen: SurvivalReborn: added to world. There are now n characters listed.
22:17:23.4391 [INFO] Keen: SurvivalReborn: moved. Collision damage enabled.

Your mod was called, AIE is also running. What can I do?
MG Oct 22 @ 3:25am 
I never thought I would need this mod until I was playing a game and I couldn't find hydrogen. No more 110 m/s flying survey trips, and no more flying over regions that are inaccessible by foot. I was forced to build bases with proper walk ways and ladders, and I had a use for ships/rovers for welding and surveying.
Paradox Reborn  [author] Oct 20 @ 12:53pm 
There haven't been any more bug reports for some time now, so I will consider the mod stable now and remove the beta label.

The next steps in development (when I can devote some time to modding again) will be to implement a few configuration options for those who want them. I designed the features of SR: Spacewalk as a single, cohesive whole, but a little extra customization is always good.
cygami Oct 1 @ 2:08pm 
I love the idea of this mod, but I'm finding it a bit harsh balance wise. I will likely wait and see if a way to configure it is added before I actually use it. I'd like to be able to configure it so that you can still get a small amount of lift from the jetpack in Earth gravity (but not Pertam - also I haven't tried that 45 deg angle tip but I wouldn't want that to be a requirement anyway), and so that one hydrogen bottle is still sufficient to explore an entire asteroid in space (You kinda can do this in the base version but it's painfully slow).
Paradox Reborn  [author] Sep 23 @ 6:45pm 
You generally don't want to include another mod that changes Characters.sbc unless it's meant to work with Spacewalk. Putting this mod at the top of your list probably overrides a character definition from another mod, causing Spacewalk to work as intended.

Have fun!
Edorenel Sep 19 @ 10:30pm 
This is so awesome and fun! :steamhappy: Thank you so much for creating this realistic, immersive mod. I've enjoyed it in my gameplay, and it has become a necessary and permanent mod in my collection. Ty! :steamhearteyes: