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Vanilla Fix: Haul After Slaughter
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Apr 29 @ 5:25pm
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Vanilla Fix: Haul After Slaughter

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Vanilla Fix
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Colonist will now haul the corpse after slaughtering an tamed animal.

In Rimworld colonist will:
  • Hunt a wild animal and immediately haul the corpse to storage.
  • Slaughter a tamed animal and leave the corpse on the ground, to rot...

It hurts my heart when I saw those rotten muffalo bodies in my ranch.

This Mod Adds
This simple mod fixed it. Now colonist will haul the corpse after slaughter.

Does this mod affect performance?

Is this mod safe to add/remove mid save?

Is this mod compatible with Animal Harvesting Spot?
Yes. I specifically designed this mod to be compatible with those kind of mods.
Your colonist will now summon the animal to the slaughtering spot, slaughter, and then haul the corpse to the storage.

Credits & Links
Many thanks to the members of the #mod-development channel on the Rimworld Discord server!

If you enjoy this mod, please check out my other Rimworld mods on Steam Workshop!
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MistressTessie Jun 17 @ 2:54am 
@PureMJ Thank you! I will be waiting for such mod while using this :luv:
pureMJ  [author] Jun 16 @ 6:48pm 
While we don't have such a mod yet, you guys can try While You Are Nearby

It won't solve the problem perfectly, but it makes it better, especially if your fields are far away.
MistressTessie Jun 16 @ 8:30am 
v this omg yes! I agree, would be awesome. My pawns will harvest, even everything harvest, and then go do something else, leaving the harvest outside. and i cant always follow them around to take the harvest in :C
?? Jun 16 @ 8:18am 
Cool mod! I would like to request a similar mod but for harvesting crops. So after continually
harvesting x amount of crops the pawn will haul it.
pureMJ  [author] Jun 15 @ 7:18pm 
So glad to see you here!
Your Common Sense mode is one of my favorite!
avil Jun 15 @ 4:30pm 
Finally, somebody else makes common sense fixes so people can stop asking me to do it!
Enclave Tesla Trooper Jun 9 @ 1:03pm 
Fuck yeah brother!

Super cool mod, and super cool mod author!
Kaslana Jun 4 @ 7:17pm 
@Ambi Well, rimworld only has 3 programmers, and compare that to the amount of people making mods.
Major League Infidel Jun 2 @ 5:36pm 
Person May 30 @ 1:20pm 
my pawns did this already