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Solasta: Crown of the Magister

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Temple of Evil
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Temple of Evil

A murder mystery leads to the discovery of intrigue in the Temple of Einar. That intrigue turns out to be connected to a much more sinister plot involving an old Temple of Evil near Witch Mountain with an evil past. Are you strong enough to brave the dangers of the Temple of Evil? You will soon find out as your party gears up for an epic adventure to cleanse Witch Mountain of the Evil that has infected it for centuries.

This Campaign is a Temple of Elemental Evil remake folded into the history and lore of the Solasta Campaign. It is designed to scale and as close to the original as possible barring the campaign differences. All effort has been made to make it feel as close to the old classic 1st Edition as possible. So things like the 0 level monsters have had their hit points greatly reduced to account for the Sleep spell being just as strong as it used to be at low levels. Certain monsters are not available in the Dungeon Maker yet so could not be included and had to be replaced.

Temple of Evil Campaign:
- Total of 26 Maps taking characters from level 1 to level 10-11.
- Beautifully crafted areas, dungeons, and towns.
- NPCs with dialogue
- Merchants for gear and selling
- Customized monsters, NPCs, and Journals,
- Intense combat taking advantage of all party abilities.
- Recommend a balanced party.
- Must own the Lost Valley DLC to play it
-Approximately 25-30 hours of play time.


Defender: The Tank or heavily armored character who stands in front with a lot of hit points and AC. Generally this is read as a Paladin or Fighter usually in Plate with Sword and Shield. Or Life Domain or War Domain Cleric. Though I hear the new Barbarian Stone Path may work here. Life Domain Cleric gets Heavy Armor Feat for free, and can be combined with Lawkeeper background for Martial Weapons. Battle/War domain can cast with weapon in hand, but does not have heavy armor only Medium (Aka Half Plate + Shield)

Striker: The high single target damager. This is usually defined as Ranger, Rogue, or Greatsword Spec Paladin (Smite + Followup Strike Feat and Two Handed Fighting Style). But could include the New Barbarian class as generally Barbarians can put out significant single target damage.

Controller: Battlefield controller defined as Area of Effect Specialist, whether that be a Nuker style mage like a Shock Arcanist, or a Disabler style Mage like the Green Mage. Classes that fit this bill include Wizard, Sorcerer, Battle Cleric, Elemental Cleric, or the new Druid Class with correct spell selection that allows it.

Healer: This is going to be either a Cleric or Druid, as no other class can do it. And in Temple of Evil you’re gonna need healing. Strongest pure healer is the Life Cleric. But all of them can still do the job.

You will need someone who can unlock chests and doors, so make sure you’ve got either a Rogue or another class with the Lowlife background.

PS: For Player Creators who want to take a look at the Internals. You can find the Campaign File here...
Drop it in your campaigns directory and then you can crack it open and look at the internals.

Whenever a change is pushed to fix a bug, it will ALSO affect your saved game and repair the Save as well so you can keep moving on with the new version. But you have to take these steps.

When you recieve an update, you should get a notification when loading the save that there has been an update or a version conflict.
1. Hit the Selection for "FROM DISK"...
2. Do not hit the "From Save" option... or you will not get the update.

If you do not see this, check your STEAM downloads for a Solasta update and pull that down. You should then see that message above.

If this still does not pull it from STEAM... unsubscribe and resubscribe, and you should get the push
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Jun 11, 2022 @ 12:43pm
Campfire Bug
< >
Ceana of the Crags 16 hours ago 
I just found the strangest bug. My Warlock is an academian, but in a dialogue choice, she was labelled as a low-life. I'm obviously just starting your module, but I am very grateful for the translation of it into this game. I still own the original paper module. :hypnospacecool:
graravn May 31 @ 7:17am 
Awesome. I waited a lot since I played this campaign with AD&D (2nd edition of D&D). Only one little bug with some torches but the rest was great. Thanks
Silverquick  [author] May 21 @ 9:44am 
It's in the Immerds Run at the bandit camp.
You do have to have the quest first though.
Ezio619 May 20 @ 11:04am 
How do i find the shipment that went missing
Lord Roquefort May 16 @ 3:45pm 
[quote=Okami]There is no FROM DISK load option.[/quote] I had the same; I joined the Solasta Discord and in its custom campaign chat, I was able to download version 1.29. I replaced my local version (C:\Users\Username\AppData\LocalLow\Tactical Adventures\Solasta\UserContent\Campaigns\Temple of Evil.json) with the downloaded version 1.29. After restarting the game and loading my last save, I was offered the prompt to load from disk and was then able to continue the campaign.
Okami May 13 @ 9:58am 
/solved = Still stuck on level 3 and can`t get to level 4.

Strange that no one mentions the full solution:
- unsubscribe
- go into settings of SOLASTA in your Steam library
- under general settings uncheck the box for Cloud-storage
- subscribe again
- start game and load your save, a message appears to inform you about local saves
(it may tell you about content version, it did for me: 1.29 vs.1.28)
- click local save or harddisc or whatever is there that is not cloud
- go to the entrance to level 4
- message says to leave area (nothing about up or down)
- you arrive on level 4

Hope that helps anybody that has this problem.
[Abyte] Tanek May 13 @ 3:40am 
@Silverquick ouch, that was a huge perception check that I failed :D Or maybe an insight check? I was sure while thinking "this is where it should be" :rfacepalm:
Thank you and again great job!! :cozybethesda:
BGPHughes May 13 @ 3:14am 
Excellent work, recommended.
Silverquick  [author] May 12 @ 3:39pm 
You're at the wrong throne, you want the one in the upper level once you have the complete skull
[Abyte] Tanek May 11 @ 2:02am 
As dangerzone9999, I'm stuck in the late game:
I have the skull and the gem are in it (it was duplicated, so now I have two Periapt of the Master Enchanter), the quest says something like "enter/follow the passageway" but there are no portals in the throne room (the one with the big ritual drawing on the floor). Could it be because the first main quest is completed but still active and something hasn't triggered?

Gamedev here so I'm happy to help debugging this if needed!

By the way Silverquick great job with this mod!! :dl2_diamond: :steamthumbsup: